Hello again.

I again have been looking forward to this new episode. Presently there is only Kuzgun and Carpisma that are holding my attention each week.

So last week the episode ended where Ali told Bora that Kuzgun was the one who killed his father. We don’t see the reaction just around 20 seconds of them all staring at each other.

The next morning Meryem cooks breakfast and takes some over to Kuzgun’s house. Kuzgun comes outside and tells her to take it away. She wants to hear him call her Mum again but Kuzgun just turns and walks away. I think Kuzgun’s acceptance eventually of these food gifts will come and it will be a big moment in the story. He meets with Rifat and he asks Kuzgun to protect Dila, she is trying to find Seref’s killer and he doesnt want her involved in it all. He also gives Kuzgun car keys and a credit card. Dila isn’t happy that Kuzgun will be with her, but her father tells her that’s how it will be.

Meanwhile, Bora has been doing some digging about Kuzgun. And says that he wants Kuzgun to go through the same as he has with his father, so it looks like Bora will target one of his family members. Ali shows Bora the security video from the restaurant he stole from his Dads office. Bora knows that Rifat was involved in the murder and knows Ali is trying to give them Kuzgun deflecting the investigation from his Dad.

Dila goes to meet Bora accompanied by Kuzgun. Bora tells her he knows his father had a meeting at the restaurant the day he died, obviously trying to send her in the direction of the security videos. As she leaves Bora removes his glove to shake her hand, but before he can move his hand Kuzgun grabs it and shakes his hand. Bora is deeply unsettled by this and Kuzgun knows it. He scrubs his hand until its sore. He knows this was Kuzguns way of declaring war. He tells his man that he will kill Meyem in front of Kuzguns eyes.

Meryem has gone across to Kuzgun’s house. She finds out a little more about his past that he was in a young offenders prison and also that he was in an orphanage. She goes to look in his bedroom and finds the shoe that she has the other one of.

Dila and Kuzgun have gone to the restaurant. She asks the manager for the camera footage he says that the cameras were broken but the waiter slips her a piece of paper, Kuzgun sees him do it. The note tells her to meet someone who has the recordings. Kuzgun tries to find out what the note says by grabbing the guy but Dila stops him. The guy gives Dila the USB with the recording on.

Meryem gets an order for some sewing and is taken to a restaurant or so she thinks to measure the tablecloths. Bora will be there waiting for her as he will use her to get revenge on Kuzgun. If Kuzgun shows up she is dead. Meanwhile, Dila has watched the footage and sees its Kuzgun who enters the restaurant the day Seref was shot. And Kuzgun goes to Rifat to tell him that Bora knows they were responsible for Seref’s death. He proposes that he should partner with Bora, not Ali to make issues for him and he will also deal with Dila finding out what happened. He tells Rifat to think about it. Dila has received Kuzgun’s phone log. It does place him at the scene of the murder. She will take the evidence to the prosecutor.

Bora will need permission to take over his Dad’s shady dealings. Rifat tells him that he will meet The Tailor, and if he is happy that he can take over then he will be measured and fitted for a suit. At the restaurant Meryem is measuring the tables when Bora tells her why she is here, she tries to run but is grabbed by Bora’s thug and knocked to the floor.

Dila meets with Kuzgun. He gives her the murder weapon and explains that he killed Seref to save her father and himself. She goes to her father and he too tells her that’s the truth. She now needs to decide does she go to the prosecutor and hand over Kuzgun or not.

Kumru now knows her mother hasn’t got home and is frantic, she goes with Kartal to Kuzguns house she knows that its something involving him why her mum has disappeared. She seems to get through to him too that they didn’t just give up on him when he was little. This is the first time we have seen any real emotion from Kuzgun as he slumps to the floor behind the door. He thinks back to what Bora had said about taking a member of the killers family as revenge. He leaves the house. In the car, he remembers when he was younger with his Mum. Kumru and Kartal inform the police that their Mum is missing.

Bora goes back to the restaurant where Meryem is. He asks her whether Kuzgun will come to save her, she says no. She tells him that his father sent men and they took Kuzgun so for 20 years she hasn’t been a mother to him. Bora tells her he is sure he will come that’s the good news, however, when he does that will cause her death. She begs Bora to kill her and leave Kuzgun alone. He replies “that wouldn’t be fun”

Kuzgun has gone to the Tailor to ask him for a gun he tells him that Bora has and starts to say his Mum but changes it to Mrs Meryem. Tailor asks him why he’s going he said he has no one to sacrifice that Bora will kill her no matter what, he tells him to forsake his Mum. Kuzgun goes to the mosque and lays down. He remembers when he was young playing with his Mum and we see the young Kuzgun telling him to forgive his Mum.

The next morning Bora arrives at the Tailors. He is taken down a peg or two when the Tailor makes him wait and also won’t shake his gloved hand as the animal that it was made from hadn’t have its permission. Meanwhile, Kuzgun asks Kumru and Kartal what they know about where Meryem went. As soon as they say a restaurant he knows. They want to go with him but he leaves secretly through the window.

Dila takes the guna and the evidence with her like she will inform the prosecutor about Kuzgun, Meanwhile Kuzgun drives like mad. Bora gets a text with a location and then a call we don’t hear what’s been said but he tells the men to take Meryem home and he rushes out.

In the final minutes of the episode, we see Bora arrive at home to find Kuzgun reading a story to his son, Atlas. Kuzgun tells him he has no family and yes he did kill his father but the issue was with him, not his kin. We also see Dila arrive at the prosecutor’s office and hand over the gun, USB and the records that incriminate Kuzgun…

So we have learnt that Kuzgun really does now care for his family although I think we knew that from the start deep down he did. However, he has now got to keep this front going that he doesnt care for them at all, partly to keep Bora away from them. He also obviously does love Dila but again he doesnt want this to be a weapon that can be used against him, although Bora isnt stupid and knows that Dila likes Kuzgun. The remaining questions. Does Dila really hand Kuzgun over or will there be a twist in the tale? And also will Kuzgun take over the business for Rifat instead of Ali, I’m sure he will if Dila hasn’t just sent him to prison.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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