So last week we left the episode with the shoot out.

Kuzgun finally gets revenge on the man who kidnapped him all those years ago. He looks very cool when he shoots him dead. He gets in the car with Rifat and leaves. Meanwhile, Dila is having lunch with Bora he gets a call that his father Seref has been shot but still alive. He tells the men to take him to their hospital. Dila goes with him frantically calling her father and Kuzgun who both reject her calls.

Kuzgun takes Rifat who has been shot in the arm to a doctor friend. He sits outside the home and the shock of what happens finally hits him. He has shot and killed two men, or so he thinks. We then see him imagining the young Kuzgun in front of him, telling him not to forget what he’s been through. Kuzgun’s attitude changes, the uncertainty of what he’s done forgotten. Kuzgun and Rifat learn that Seref is at the hospital, they know someone must have been watching what happened to get help to him so quickly.

At the hospital Seref is in theatre, the surgeon tells them that he has a gunshot to the head. It hit the part of the brain that deals with human behaviour, memory etc. Kumru who was in an interview for a new job overhears that Seref has been shot, she tells the editor she knows where he will have been taken. She gets the job and heads off with another reporter to the hospital. Bora appears to be a little attracted to Dila, obviously mistaking her concern for Seref and her father’s welfare for her caring how he feels. Ali has arrived at the hospital asking why Dila is with Bora. Seref comes out of the theatre and they learn that his life is still at risk and he will most probably be in a vegetative state at best.

At the rear of the hospital, Kumru is trying to get access. She has brought a bottle of alcohol and takes a drink and splashes some on herself. She gets passed Seref’s man at the door acting a little drunk and then collapses onto the floor inside. She escapes from the bed she is put in and goes in search of Seref.

Bora is in the room with his Dad. It’s obvious that they did not have a loving relationship at all. Bora uncouples the breathing tube from the machine, saying he won’t let his Dad crawl. However, this seems to be done more out of hate for his father rather than the concern of his Dad living in a vegetive state. He then calmly walks from the room and informs them waiting that he has died. The police arrive and take Bora for a statement, Ali suggests that Dila go with him. Of course, Bora appears quite happy about that. Meanwhile, Kuzgun realises that Rifat has dropped a cufflink from his shirt. They hope it wasn’t left at the scene of the shooting, therefore, identifying Rifat as being there. As they wait for the lift the doors open and Dila comes face to face with Kumru. Dila pretends they don’t know each other. Kumru starts to question them about the shooting. Bora informs her that he has died but he admires her initiative and gives her his business card. Dila grabs her getting out of the lift. She warns her to stay away but Kumru makes it clear that Rifat will get his punishment. Bora who is waiting for Dila tells his man to make sure they learn where everyone was during the time of the shooting.

Kuzgun can’t find the cufflink and says he will go and hopefully find it at the place where the shooting occurred before the police find it, Rifat says he will go with him. In the car Rifat speaks with Ali but tells him he cancelled the meeting with Rifat and will be home soon. At the same time, Bora and Dila are leaving the police station and Bora says he is going to the scene of the shooting. Dila is with him. Arriving at the scene they find that someone is there ahead of them. Its Dila and Bora and they are searching the ground. They leave and Kuzgun asks Rifat who the guy is, Rifat tells him that’s Seref’s son Bora. They search for the cufflink bit can’t find it. We then go to The Tailors shop, we see that it was his man that was at the scene first and called the ambulance and that he got the cufflink.

At home, Dila and Bora are sat comforting the family when Rifat arrives home. Dila and Ali question Kuzgun about where they have been but Kuzgun won’t answer. Bora notices that Rifat appears to be in some discomfort with his arm. Rifat’s arm has started to bleed and drip on the floor. His wife, Sermin, Seref’s sister sees the blood that has dropped to the floor but doesnt say anything. Later in the bedroom, she sees the wound but Rifat explains it away by saying they got busted by police and it happened then. She doesnt believe him.  Outside Kuzgun and Ali are having a little argument and Dila is trying to stop them. Bora arrives and tells Ali to stop upsetting Dila… Kuzgun isn’t impressed he obviously knows what Bora is up to with Dila.

Ali tells Bora who Kuzgun is and that his sister has a weakness for him. He also explains the history of their parents and that Seref was also Kuzguns enemy. We see Kuzgun back at home, he puts a line through the names Seref and Ayhan he has carved on his chest. This is obviously a revenge kill list. Bora tells his man that the first person they need to check out is Kuzgun. While leaving the prosecutor’s office he encounters Kumru, she asks him if he is covering up his father’s death. He ignores her and drives away but tells his man to also check her out too.

Returning from renovating the garage Kartal comes across Kuzgun for the first time. Kartal is so pleased to see him and gives him a hug, Kuzgun appears to give him a warmer greeting than his sister and his mum. The next morning while leaving the house he comes across Kumru. He tells her that he did set fire to the garage and for them all to leave him alone.

Bora greets his young son. You can see that he has trouble giving his son love just like his father did with him. He tells his son that his Grandfather has died and the little guy asks permission if he can cry…so sad. Bora gets a call from his man who is working with Rifat. He tells him he has seen them cleaning blood from the inside of Rifat’s car.

We see for the first time Rifat meeting with The Tailor. There is some hostility between them and Rifat tells him if he hears anything about Seref’s death to come to him. As he is leaving Kuzgun spots him. He goes to The Tailor and asks him what’s happening with Rifat. After some discussion Kuzgun realises that its The Tailor who has the cufflink and we learn that Kuzgun wants it so that he can effectively save Rifat’s life again by getting him out of trouble, therefore gaining his trust and his access to the family and business. He gets the cufflink but is warned that Bora has now the power his father had. We also see that Bora has got the information about Kumru and also has images of Kuzgun with Dila. He tells Teo to find out if they are in a relationship together.

Dila calls for Kuzgun and takes him out for his birthday. After they have left Ali shows up at the house with the key. He searches around the house and finds newspaper cuttings about the family. Fusun arrives back after shopping, she knows something isn’t right she enters the bedroom and Ali puts a gun to her head at the same time she puts a knife to his throat. After making it clear she isn’t afraid they agree to tell each other who they are. Ali says they appear to be on the same side. He tells her to ask Kuzgun who killed her brother and who was responsible. After he leaves Fusun goes to call Kuzgun but changes her mind.

Bora has got the doctor who treated Rifat. He has dug a grave and is burying him alive waiting for him to confess what happened with Rifat. He tells him that he was shot the same day as his father that there was a guy with him and also about the cufflink. Bora thanks him and gets Teo to shoot him. He warns his men to leave no traces.

Meanwhile, Dila has taken Kuzgun on the ferry. A flower seller approaches and Kuzgun won’t buy her a rose so Dila buys her own. The old lady wants to tell her her fortune too but after looking at Kuzgun the lady just closes Dila’s hand and says that it’s not going to be happy. After getting off the boat they go to drink coffee.

Rifat has a recording of what happened at the restaurant on a USB. He says he is keeping it as evidence against Kuzgun for the future. Ali enters the office. he shows his Dad the newspaper cuttings that he found at Kuzguns house saying its proof that he is out for revenge. Rifat dismisses it. Ali is angry and asks why he shouldn’t go kill Kuzgun. Rifat tells him it was Kuzgun that killed Seref and saved him. Ali isn’t happy saying they are beholden to Kuzgun now…Rifat shows him the USB and says one mistake and he will finish him.

Dila and Kuzgun are sat having coffee. Touchingly Dila has bought a gift for Kuzgun over the years every year for his birthday. She gives him marbles, a Game Boy a cassette which she tells him to listen to sometime. They appear to be remembering the good times but Kuzgun comes to himself and says they need to leave for the last boat. Dila dumps the bag with the remaining presents on the table and leaves.

Returning home alone Dila sits relaxing and hears a noise, she grabs the wine bottle and looks…its Kuzgun. He has come to unwrap the remaining presents with her. They sit together and Dila tells him that she is in love with him. Kuzgun says he doesnt love her. She goes out on to the balcony and we see that Bora has acquired the house next door and is watching her.

Ali visits Kartal at the garage. He offers him the contract for the vehicles in the company. As they are talking Meryam arrives angry to see Ali there. She tells him to leave. Kartal doesnt tell her what Ali offered. Ali goes to his Dad’s office. He gets the USB from the safe and copies it, replacing it back in the safe afterwards.

The next morning Kuzgun is sleeping on the sofa when Dila is leaving. She was going to leave him but decides to grab a throw and cover him. As she is he suddenly wakes and grabs her throat pinning her down. He lets go and seems to come round. He apologises but Dila just quietly leaves. Back at home, Fusun tells him that Ali came to the house and said he was responsible for her brother’s death.

Dila is at her father’s house having breakfast with all the family. Bora has his weird comments towards Dila about being cold last night. Kuzgun comes to the door to speak with Rifat. Kuzgun gives him the missing cufflink obviously trying to gain Rifat’s trust even further. Rifat asks him to join them for breakfast. He announces to the whole family that Kuzgun is now his own personal bodyguard. Everyone looks stunned as Rifat tells them to think of him as part of the family now.

Bora who I’m sure has just thought this up on the spur of the moment given the new situation with Kuzgun says he would like Dila to be his lawyer to help find the killer of his father. Rifat looks uncomfortable. Kuzgun stares at Dila and looks like he will choke on his bread. Dila tries putting her decision off Under pressure, Dila says they can talk about it. She gets the two children and leaves the room to play a game. There are some frosty stares between Kuzgun and Bora. Bora is watching Dila play games with his son and has a weird smile on his face. Kuzgun is watching them both too, he asks to be excused. Rifat tells Ali that Kuzgun brought him the proof so he can no longer be connected to Seref’s death.

As Bora is leaving with his son the whole family are there, Kuzgun is watching from another room. Bora is about to put his glove on but stops and offers his hand to Dila. Sermin asks him if he’s serious as the only other person he will touch without gloves is his son Atlas. Dila sees Kuzgun watching and goes to him. Outside Bora is followed by Ali and says he wants to talk. He says he knows who Seref’s killer is. Kuzgun is telling Dila that Bora is the right man for her in a sarcastic way, she goes to slap him but he grabs her wrist. Ali tells Bora the killer is Kuzgun and does he want to kill Kuzgun or shall he do it?

That’s where this episode ends. Another great week. So we get to know a lot more about Bora, he is obviously a weird guy probably due to the upbringing by his father. He looks after his son like a military operation and shows hardly any affection towards him but you can tell he does love him he just cant bring himself to show it. He now knows that Kuzgun killed his father but he realises that Dila likes Huzgun and vice versa. To start will he make Kuzguns punishment that he tries to steal Dila from him. 

Kuzgun obviously has feelings for Dila but as he has with his family he is trying to push any relationship to the back of his mind. I think Bora and his interest with Dila may change that. Kuzgun has done what he said he would do and that is to get inside the family and as gained Rifat’s trust. 

On social media, there has been some speculation that Kuzgun will come to an end shortly. I hope not. Its a good storyline with a great cast. Why they start series at this time of the year when other series are well established with their own viewers I will never know. As of yet there has been no confirmation as I’m publishing this summary so I hope to be back again next week.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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