Episode 3

The episode starts with Kuzgun driving Dila in her car. He brakes to get her attention but hears a bump from the back of the car, they go to look and in the back of the car is his friend’s body.

We now go back to the day before…

Kuzgun takes Kesik to a hotel and despite him being impressed with Dila Kuzgun won’t reveal anything about her or his past. We see Dila who has been watching them from a distance. She calls her man over to do something for her.

Meryem and her son and daughter are waiting and watching for Kuzgun to return home. Meryem suddenly stands up and leaves telling them she will be 2 hours. Meanwhile, Seref calls Rifat to meet at his restaurant, he tells him to come alone and he agrees. They want Kuzgun to kill him so that Ali his son will take charge of the business.

Kuzgun is outside Dila’s house. When she comes out he asks if she will meet him but she dismisses him and says she doesnt socialise with her father’s employees. At the burnt out garage, Kartal and his sister are clearing up and she notices the empty frame and the picture of their father had been removed from the frame.

Meryem goes to Rifat’s office. We get a flashback that shows she did return the tape to get her son back, but he learns that Kuzgun isn’t there. Meryem gets his gun and shoots him and is going to kill herself but realises that her children are there. Back to the present, she warns Rifat that if he hurts Kuzgun she will kill him this time. Rifat tells her Kuzgun found him and gave him a job. While leaving she comes across Kuzgun, she tells him that she has waited 20 years for him to return. He tries to act like he’s still mad with her but you can see what she said did affect him.

He returns home with Seref and comes across Dila. She tells her father that she wants Kuzgun to be her driver from now on and tells him to wait until after dinner for her. Sermin sees them leaving and goes to Rifat trying to imply that there is something between Dila and Kuzgun. On arriving at the club she tells him to wait for her. She goes in and goes up to the DJ stand and takes over. Kuzgun has had enough waiting and decides to go into the club. He sees her and there is no expression on his face. As she leaves the stand a friend grabs her for a dance. Kuzgun doesnt like this and stands angrily crunching his nuts!

She leaves the room and he follows her. They talk and Kuzgun tells her he hasn’t returned for revenge and that she can always trust him. He gets a video message of his friend who was taken from the hotel room and his sat bound and gagged in a deserted warehouse. He is told to go alone and given the address. When he gets there he finds his friend and starts to untie him. We hear someone clapping. Its Dila she has followed him. Its obvious to him now she knows about his plan to get access to her father through her. She tells him that he won’t get revenge and he won’t hurt her father or her family. She leaves telling him she will be ready early in the morning. Kuzguns reaction is a big sigh and kicks the chair.

Meanwhile, Ali has his own problems. It appears that he isn’t in a happy relationship with his wife and the marriage was forced on him. Meryem has made chorba ( soup ) and left it for Kuzgun at the front of his door. She is in her bedroom and has a box. In the box is his school uniform and the trainer that was dropped when he was kidnapped. As we know Kuzgun keeps the other one. Kuzgun is at the bus terminal where he puts Kesik on a bus to Izmir to go and stay with his girlfriend. He arrives home and sees the chorba but he leaves it outside. On the bus, Kesik speaks with Kuzgun and after he ends the call a car pulls the bus over and three men get on they grab him and take him off the bus.

They take Kesik to an area and tie him up Ali threatens him at gunpoint wanting to know if it was Kuzgun that arranged for his sister to be kidnapped. Up on an adjacent roof, Seref’s men shoot Kesik, Ali is shocked and he and his man escape scared. Meanwhile, Kumru is sat watching the house for Kuzgun to leave. He does and she runs after him giving him a big hug, but again as with his Mum, he is very cool and offhand with her. She goes back into her house and warns her Mum that he will be lots of trouble for them.

Kuzgun is collecting Dila from her house. Ali arrives home looking unsettled they stare at each other an Ali goes inside. While driving Kartal stops the car. Dila gets out to talk with him. Kartal still doesnt know that her driver is, in fact, his brother Kuzgun. He asks her if she saw anyone that night the fire started, she glances at Kuzgun but says she didn’t. After dropping Dila Kuzgun gets a call from Ayhan, Seref’s right-hand hand man asking him to meet. When they meet Ayhan tells him that if Rifat gets out alive from the restaurant then Kuzgun is dead.

Dila asks her assistant to check the police and fire reports from Kartal’s shop. And to see if the family are in trouble. Meanwhile at home Kumru goes across the road trying to get access into the house where Kuzgun lives. She finds a window open and climbs in. She looks around and finds in the cupboard the other trainer that Kuzgun had when he was younger. In contrast to the nice clean trainer his Mum has, this one is all tattered and torn. She also finds the photo of her father that was removed from the frame before the fire.

We now return back to the start of the episode. Kuzgun driving Dila when they hear the noise from the back of the car, open the boot and see Kesik, Kuzgun takes him from the car and sits on the floor with him. He is distraught, Kesik was his family. Dila sees some photos in the car. They show Ali pointing the gun at Kesik she tells Kuzgun that Ali wouldn’t do it. He tells her to leave and tells Kesik that he will kill with his own hands whoever did this.

At home, Dila confronts Ali with their father. Ali tells them he wouldn’t kill him and someone else shot him. They realise someone did it so they would take the blame. Dila says she will find who did this but asks her Dad to make sure Kesik is buried properly. Even though Dila believes Ali there is still that grudge between them both. Meanwhile, Kuzgun has gone to see The Tailor and asked him to look after the body until he returns from getting his revenge. The Tailor calms him down. Kuzgun isn’t stupid he tells the Tailor that he knows it was Seref that killed his friend and made it look like Ali so that he would kill Rifat. Kuzgun gets a text saying the family will take care of the funeral. He agrees after the advice from The Tailor.

At the mortuary Kuzgun cleanses ( Ghusi in Arabic ) his friend’s body ready for burial. A practice in Islam that is usually done an odd number of times by the adult members of the immediate family. Kuzgun is distraught. He comes from the room and Dila is waiting with someone from forensics. She goes to give him a hug. His phone rings, its Fusun, Kesik’s sister. Kuzgun is so upset and says that they have lost him. Again Dila goes towards him but he stops her.

They go outside and sit. Kuzgun explains that when he was young he was with Dila all the time. They were close friends and he loved her. She was his first love. He said that Kesik was his brother he doesnt have a family before that. He tells her what they had is in the past and they have only just met. The forensics guy comes outside and explains that Kesik was killed by a sniper from long range, not how the photo that Kuzgun has shown.

The next day Kuzgun meets Fusun at the bus terminal. He gives her the keys for his house and tells her not to talk to anyone. He puts her in a taxi and says he will be home later. Dila has been watching this from a distance. Kuzgun knows she is there. Dila is sick of being followed by her Dads men so while out driving she loses them. Ali is not happy as he is under strict orders from his Dad to watch her.

Kuzgun meets up with the Tailor in the Bazaar. As they are walking, a young lad bumps into them and takes Kuzgun’s gun. This was set up by the Tailor. He gives Kuzgun advice basically telling him to calm down and be sensible not to rush into things. Kuzgun at the end thanks him and says his father isn’t there but he’s glad Dervish is. Leaving the market Kuzgun calls Ayhan, Seref’s man and tells him he’s ready for Rifat.

Ali calls Dila, she tells him that someone from his circle must have known that they were there with Kesik, he says none of his men would do that. She still refuses to say where she is. Fusun arrives at Kuzguns house in the taxi. Kumru is in the garden and questions Fusun but she ignores her and goes into the house. Kumru is mad and when questioned by Meryem she shows her the photo of her Dad that she found in the cupboard at Kuzguns house. She asks her Mum who does she think burned down the shop?

Rifat arrives at the meeting with Seref and takes a seat. Kuzgun arrives and goes to the bathroom. Seref and Ayhan arrive. Ayhan goes in and informs Rifat that Seref is delayed. Rifat leaves saying he will be late for another appointment.. Ayhan tries calling Seref. He runs back to the car and finds Seref there along with Kuzgun. We see that after Kuzgun left the market he called Rifat and arranged to meet to tell him what was going to happen.

Dila arriving home is met by a man saying we want to talk she tries to go in the house but he pulls a gun and says just for 10 minutes. Meanwhile. Kuzgun has tied up Ayan and put him in the boot of the car. Rifat is holding a gun to Seref’s head asking why? And trying to talk his way out of it. Dila has been taken to a restaurant. The person that wants to meet her is Boru. Seref’s son.

Back with Kuzgun and Ayhan manages to escape from the boot of the car. He has a gun he shoots Rifat in the arm at the same time as Rifat shoots him. Seref grabs the gun from the floor and aims it at Rifat…Kuzgun draws his weapon and shoots Seref in the head.

So that’s how it ended this week. Lots of implications from that ending. Looking at the wound Seref is either dead or very lucky. His son who looks like he knows about trouble has arrived and met Dila without her consent. He is not going to be happy about his father and also when he learns it was Kuzgun that fired the shot. Will Boru show some romantic intentions towards Dila making Kuzgun mad or will he take out revenge on Dila for his father?

Another great episode. This is a well-written dizi with a few twists and turns. Some you can see coming, others not. I’m hoping the ratings in Turkey stay high and this series will carry on. See you next week.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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