This is it, the final episode of whats been a great series. If all the episodes in season 2 were written as good as this one then we would not be watching the finale right now. Burcu gives an outstanding performance in this episode. Im so sad to see it end, but look forward to watching Baris, Burcu and Onur in future projects that are handled better by the production teams.

Kumru again in her nosy reporter job goes to Ferman’s offices to speak with him. She comes across Kartal and is shocked he works there. Kartal tells her he will work there until he gets what he wants. She sees Ferman and asks him what was in the letter that his aunt showed her mum. Of course Ferman has no idea.

Firat goes to visit Meryem and shows he he has a copy of the letter. She tells him the reason why she is hiding it from her children is that Ferman killed Yusuf.

Meanwhile Kartal in an opportune moment manages to get access to Ferman’s phone and he places a programme in the phone to listen to Fermans conversations.  However he doesnt know that its all been recorded on CCTV. Ferman knows. Ferman decides to play Kartal and lead him in the wrong direction. Kartal confides in Kumru that he joined Ferman to help Kuzgun.

Dila is now suspicious of Ferman. She realises that he probably hasnt got rid of the evidence in his safe that can be used to tie Kuzgun to Behram’s murder. She meets Ali and he knows that she wont marry Ferman. He warns her that Ferman will go mad, but she says she has 2 days to destroy everything. She asks Ali to help her.

Dila goes to visit Kuzgun. She tells him to leave that Kadir and his men will not stop coming after him. Kuzgun says either he will die or they will. Dilatellshis she wants him to live despite everything. Kuzgan replies that he isnt living when Dila is with that man.

Seda is leaving Ali. She calls Kartal to tell him that she will be staying with Dila. Sermin arrives as Seda is loading the car with luggage. She is happy that she is going and tells her not to come back.

Gunes is a mess and calls Kuzgun. She asks him if she wasnt Ferman’s cousin would there be any chance for them. Kuzgun tells her that he has only ever loved one person, even if she does marry someone else. Gunes is devastated.

Dila confides in Seda that she wont marry Ferman and that he has evidence that can put Kuzgun in prison. Manhile Kuzgun is talking with Kumru and she confesses to him that it wasnt Dila that told the police at the port, it was her that informed them. Kuzgun thinks back to when he had blamed Dila and not trusted her. He messages Dila and asks her to meet him at the tree.

Kuzgun and Dila meet. He tells her he knows it wasnt her who reported the delivery. He also asks her not to marry Ferman. Dila tells him she cant be with him. She knows that he has to carry a gun to protect himself and his family, but she doesnt want that life any more.

Gunes has stolen a knife from the kitchen and locked herself in her room. Ferman and Nese manage to get in and Gunesh tells them that she needs help. They take her to a clinic to stay.

Kuzgun goes to meet Kadir and the other partners of Behram. He has a bomb hidden in the room and tells them to back off or he will detonate it. Kadir agrees that they will leave him alone. As he leaves Cihan hears them say they will still kill Kuzgun. Kuzgun tells Cihan to explode the bomb, which he does.

Kuzgun goes to see Dila. When he arrives she is in her wedding dress. He tells her she doesnt need to worry anymore about Bayrams men. She tells him just to wait and believe in her.

The next day Kuzgun packs a bag, he takes Dila’s photo with him. He is going to the police station to hand himself in. Dila meanwhile has got someone to crack Fermans safe. She gets the gun and the evidence against Kuzgun. She is warned by Seda that Ferman is coming but she manages to act normal when he appears.

Dila tells him that she doesnt want to marry him. She tells him she cant marry him because of what he has done. She tells him she will leave and she wont be going to Kuzgun either she will live her own life.  He gets angry and threatens to end their deal. She tells him she now knows she made the right choice and tells him goodbye. Outside the room she breathes a huge sigh. She goes downstairs and tells Seda she has a flight in 3 hours and for her not to tell anyone.

Dila goes to the tree. She places the evidence inside the trunk of the tree.  Ali arrives and she tells him that she is leaving.She tells him not to go after Kuzgun. To let Seda go and be with who she wants. He promises her he will. This scene is one of the best I have seen, so touching and Burcu is amazing.

Dila messages Kuzgun and tells him to go to the tree. Kuzgun is followed by Fermans men. Back at the house Seda sees that Ferman is organising the men to go after Kuzgun. She tries to call Dila but she doesnt pick up. Meanwhile Kuzgn has arrived at the tree and finds the evidence.

Seda calls Kuzgun and tells him Dila didnt get married and that she is leaving she tells him to call Ali for details. Kuzgun calls Ali. Ali tells him which airport that she is in her own car and the possible way she would go. He tells Kuzgun to bring her back. Kuzgun thanks him.

Kuzgun catches up to Dila and asks her  not to go. She tells him she cant stay. He gives her his gun and tells her he doesnt need it anymore. They hug. Fermans men are recording this live and Ferman is watching. He tells them not to do anything just watch where they go.

While driving bacck Kuzgun notices that they are being followed but doesnt want Dila to know, to worry her. He loses them. They go to  cottage. They sit on the bed and Kuzgun promises her he wont ever use a gun again no matter what. She asks him to marry her.

Firat sends a message to both Kuzgun and Ferman. Kuzgun’s says that Ferman killed his father. And Ferman’s says that he has a brother. They both tell them to go to a meeting place. Obviousy Firat is hoping they kill eachother.

Kumru and Cihan have been sat outside Firats house all night. They see him leave and enter the property. They find the copy of the note and realise what he has been doing.

Meanwhile Kuzgun has got up early leaving Dila and gone to meet Ferman. Dila is worried but sees that Kuzgun kept his promise and didnt take the gun with him.

Ferman has his men all around with their guns trained on Kuzgun. Kuzgun asks him if he killed his father, Ferman cnfirms he did and asks Kuzgun if he wants revenge. Kuzgun shows him that he is unarmed. Dila arrives after tracking Kuzgun. They both turn to leave and walk towards a wall of men all pointing guns at them. They wait for Ferman to give the order to shoot. He doesnt he lets them go. He says he couldnt shoot his brother.

On the way home in the car we see that Kuzgun was informed by Cihan on his way to the meeting what they had found and that he was Fermans brother.

Kuzgun goes to visit his dad’s grave. Ferman arrives too. They have a little respect for eachother as brothers. Ferman asks Kuzgun what sort of dad Yusuf was. Kuzgun replies ” The best “.

The final scenes are of Kuzgun and Dila’s wedding.

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Written By – Rachel Labidi


You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV


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