Will this be the penultimate episode of Kuzgun? Will next weeks episode be the last? I really hope if it is we get some kind of ending.

Last  week ended as Ferman and Dila discovered Kuzgun and Gunes kissing ( well really Gunes was kissing Kuzgun who just stood there ). Ferman obviously isnt happy and tells Gunes to leave, she refuses. After some verbal communication Ferman leaves followed by Dila. He isnt happy. As he drives away he calls his right hand man and instructs him to attack the gambling house in Kuzguns neighbourhood, he swears he will ruin Kuzgun.

Having no luck finding out whats happening from her mother, Kumru calls Firat who is following Nese’s car.  At the stop sign a boy opens the car door and steals her handbag. Firat gives chase and returns the handbag to her. She checks to make sure the letter is still in her bag which it is. However Firat has taken a photo of the letter. Kumru calls him to see if he has any news. He tells her no, and doesnt reveal anything about the letter.

Dila finds Gunes and tells her to go home. She is going to cause a big issue between Ferman and Kuzgun. She agrees but not before Kuzgun who has overheard their conversation tell her she is welcome to come back there.

Meryem has gone to Ferman’s offices. She is stood outside but decides to walk away. As she does someone shouts her…as she looks its Ferman. She knows that he is Kuzguns brother as helooks like his dad. She asks him to leave Kuzgun and not hurt him. Ferman tells her she needs to speak with Kuzgun and tell him. Even though her words are good he cannot do anything while Kuzgun has a gun pointing at him.

Kuzgun goes to Cevdet who carried out the attack on the neighbourhood. Kuzgun is trying to find out if Ferman was behind it. Thinking they have caught Cevdet by surprise they easily enter the premises. Cevdet escapes and drives off calling Kadir to let him know that he isnt being followed. Kadir tells him to come to him. Actually it was all a set up by Kuzgun and Cihan. They got some neighbourhood girls to follow Cevdet knowing what he will do.

Ferman gets the news that Kuzgun went after Cevdet he isnt concerned he wants to lead him to Kadir an old friend of Behram’s. His man tells him that its all arranged for the police to raid the gambling place in Kuzguns neighbourhood. Firat hears over the radio that there will be a police raid there tonight.

Meanwhile Dila cannot concentrate on anything and keeps playing the scene of Gunes kissing Kuzgun over and over in her head. In a flashback we see that Behrams men attempted a drive by shooting to kill her and Ferman dove infront, protecting her and taking the bullet.

Kumru and Firat are racing to the neighbourhood to warn Kuzgun that there will be a police raid, she tries calling him and Cihan but they dont answer. Gunes has arrived back to Kuzgun, he tries to explain that he doesnt feel the same way about her. He tells her to wait in his room. She does and has a look in his drawer and finds a picture of Dila and their wedding rings. She changes into one of Kuzgun’s shirts and lays on his bed taking a selfie, which she posts on social media. Dila sees it.

The police arrive and immediatly enter the gambling house to find…. Kuzgun and Cihan sat having a cup of tea hahaha. Kuzgun invites them for tea but they decline. We see that Kumru and Firat did arrive in time to warn them of the raid.

We see that Firat is not who we think he is. At home he has a wall dedicated to information on Ferman, Kuzgun and Behram. He picks up a photo and tells it he will get revenge … we see that its the police chief Kudret, and she was his mum.

Cihan and the boys manage to capture Kadir at his home. They tie him up. Kuzgun stops Dila on the road and tells her he wants to take her and show her something. Reluctantly she agrees. Kadir escapes from Cihan and drives away he arranges to meet Ferman. Meanwhile Kuzgun and Dila are having a tense conversation abiut Gues. Dila asks if he loves Gunes. He obviously doesnt but he doesnt reply to her.

Kuzgun and Dila arrive at the garage where Ferman is meeting Kadir, and Kuzgun tells her that this is the true face of Ferman he promised he would show her before they got married. Dila recognises Kadir as one of Behram’s partners.

Dila confronts Ferman. He says that he is only with Kadir as they have a deal not to hurt Kuzgun and that he saved his life. He tells Kuzgun the only reason he isnt in jail is that he promised Dila. Kuzgun is angry, he tells Dila to believe what she wants, but that Ferman is the one who organised the attacks on his neighbourhood so that he would remain armed something that Dila doesnt like. He warns Kadir that if he wants war her will get a war.

Ali confronts Seda after Sermin tells him to watch her as she is close to Kartal. Seda tells him she wants a divorce, Ali says she can leave but she isnt taking their daughter.

Kuzgun tells Cihan that he will not be protected by Ferman… he tells him he will go after Behram’s partners one by one then hand himself into police for Behram’s murder… just what Ferman has been planning all along, he has dropped right in Ferman’s hands.

Written By – Rachel Labidi


You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV


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