An eagerly awaited episode for me this week. Its series like these that I wish all the episodes are released together for a good binge watch.

Episode 2

The episode starts where Dila is confronted by Meryem. We see a flashback that shows it was Dila who planted the drugs in Kuzgun’s house framing his Dad. Obviously from instructions from her father, and probably didn’t realise what it was or why she put it there. However it begs the question, why didn’t she stand up and say that she had seen Dila plant the drugs? Yes, Dila was only a child but her husband went to prison and her son was kidnapped.

Ali ( Dila’s brother ) has gone to find out what involvement Kuzgun has had in finding her. Kuzgun’s friend who helped him hasn’t left the area as he asked him to do for his own safety.

As we know Kuzgun has moved in across the road from his family. His Mum senses that someone is in the house. Kuzgun watches them eating and the closeness they share. He’s obviously thinking that he was abandoned and seeing them like this they didn’t want him or miss him.

Out at night for a wander, Kuzgun first bumps into Dila. They talk about when they were young. He then meets some street kids and helps them cover a hole in a pair of trainers. Kuzgun sees a warehouse and asks one of the kids whose it is. He realises its Rifat’s and sees someone trying to set it alight. He gives chase and catches his brother. His brother doesnt realise that its Kuzgun and he let him go. The next dau Kuzgun goes to Kartal’s ( his brother) work. Kartal is still unaware who he is but says Cemal is the one who came to him. Kuzgun realises that Kartal still holds that grudge against Rifat and looks like he admires that fight in Kartal.

Kuzgun arrives at Rifat’s home ready for work. Dila greets him but he is very formal with her. Rifat appears and tells Kuzgun that his first job is opening the car door for him. Kuzgun is trying so hard to remain calm. He drives Rifat to work. Kuzgun pulls the car over making Rifat nervous and he reaches for his gun. He tells him that he doesnt want your basic safe job, and wants a more hands-on roll in the company. Rifat agrees on one condition that he stays away from Dilara. Kuzgun agrees without hesitation. Dropping him at work Rifat gets in another car he tells Kuzgun he has the day off until later and may keep the car. I think he is trying to push his feelings away for Dila in order to exact his revenge. She also doesnt appear trustworthy in my opinion.

Kuzgun goes to find Cemal. After a little persuasion with his head down the toilet, Cemal reveals who told him to burn the warehouse, There was 50 million US dollars in there ready to be laundered. We find out that it was, in fact, Seref, obviously trying to get Rifat in big trouble with the council they work with. Seref orders his man to find out who is going after Cemal. Later he is the works cafeteria and Dila tells him she will buy lunch for him.

Kumru, Kuzgun’s sister loses her job as a reporter because of the article she did on Dila. Meanwhile, Kuzgun and Dila are walking along the banks of the Bosphorus. Dila is so playful and childlike remembering when they were young. Kuzgun says he can’t remember and those days were in the past. He really is trying to suppress his feelings and trying to make her believe their relationship isn’t a big thing. After he leaves Dila calls a friend for information on Akca ( Kuzgun ) from his past. She knows there must be a reason why Kuzgun is being like this.

Meanwhile, Kartal has a visit from Rifat’s men asking who hired him to fire the warehouse, he thought that Kuzgun was one of them who he told that morning. Rifat now knows that Kuzgun is keeping information from him. Kuzgun also tries to get the bread crumbs ( recent journeys) from Rifat’s Sat Nav but nothing shows.

We then see a flashback to Kuzgun as a boy. A man who is feeding the stray dogs offers to give him some shoes. We learn that Kuzgun was used as a live donor for his kidney and then left on the street passed out. He was found and taken to the hospital and the report that was taken at the time when he was Akcan is what Dila is now reading. She is so upset as she sees the pictures of him too and realises just what he has been through in his childhood.

Rifat tells Kuzgun that he will contact him to see if he is like his father and throws a lighter to him. He meets The tailor again who knows that it was Kartal that started the fire and Kuzgun let him go. He asks if he’s ready to sacrifice his brother. Kuzgun replies that he has had no family for 20 years.  Meanwhile in the region of Cappadocia which has some amazing scenery we see that his friend…… is being chased by Rifat’s son. They know that the guarantor for his house is Akcan. The catch him and take him back to Istanbul.

On returning home. Dila is waiting for Kuzgun. He tries to turn her away to go home, but she hugs him. He is trying so hard to keep himself distant from her, but he invites her in. We get a couple of tense moments. On the flip of a coin, Dila asks if Kuzgun still loves her. He won’t commit to an answer. Then when leaving they see his brother across the street and he drags Dila back in the house and they end up close together, she reaches out towards his scar from his kidney but he grabs her arm and stops her. He leaves.

His brother was leaving as he has received a call from the man he owes money to. He wants to meet for the money to be paid back. When he arrives he is grabbed and rendered unconscious by Rifat’s men. Kuzgun gets a call from Rifat saying they have found the man who started the fire and its Kuzgun’s job to punish him…of course, Kuzgun realises this is his brother.

Meanwhile, Dila has remained at that house, She is remembering the time when Kuzgun was kidnapped and she asked her Dad if it was her fault he had been taken as she dropped that package in the house. Her Dad reassures her that’s nothing to do with it. She leaves the house and sees Kuzgun walk towards his brothers repais shop. He picks the lock and enters. While looking around he sees a photograph on the wall of his father. He removes it from its frame and puts it in his pocket. We now see why he was given the lighter by Rifat. He sets fire to the petrol r=tank of one of the cars inside. He leaves but stops outside. We see back in the shop his brother is laid unconscious on the floor. Kuzgun hasn’t seen him. He walks away. Dila who has been watching the shop approaches and sees the fire. She calls the fire service. Kartal’s Mum is trying to call him, Dila hears the phone. Kartal regains consciousness and shouts for help. Dila hears him.

At home, a neighbour makes Kartal’s Mum and sister aware the shop is on fire. They arrive frantically screaming as the shop is well alight. Kuzgun who is still walking away overhears neighbours say Kartal was in the shop. He turns and runs back to the scene. As he arrives we see Kartal being helped from the back of the building by Dila. Kuzgun appears to have a mixture of relief and disbelief on his face. In front of his Mum and sister Kartal thanks Dila for saving his life.

Kuzgun has returned home, he has the photo of his father in front of him. Dila arrives and is furious with him, but he doesnt appear to care. He tells her to treat him like any employee and also tells her to leave. She leaves and he is so mad with himself. He places the photograph in a cupboard. I’m sure this will be found at some point.

As he leaves the house he encounters him Mum in the street. At first, she doesnt know but as he passes her she realises who he is. She shouts him and runs to him. Kuzgun is very cool towards her making it clear that he blames her for choosing her other two children and sacrificing him.

Arriving home from her run Dila overhears her father and brother. They are discussing Kuzgun. She hears that they have his friend in a warehouse …she calls to get information where the warehouses are. After collapsing in the street Kartal and his sister are trying to bring her around. She tells them that Kuzgun is back and moved into the house across the road.

Dila arrives at the warehouse. She makes her brother release Kesick he tells her that Kuzgun isn’t the same boy they knew, he has come back for revenge starting with her. Meanwhile Kuzgun has sneaked onto Seref’s property. Seref has learned that Kuzgun has returned and also that he is working for Rifat. Kuzgun gets caught by the man that came to his house when he was young and took him away. He speaks with Seref and they have an understanding to get rid of Rifat together.

Kesick calls Kuzgun and they meet. He tells him what has happened and that Dila saved him and was protective of Kuzgun too. Dila had Kesick followed and is watching them talk. Just when Kuzgun may start to realise what Dila is doing for him, Dila seems to have changed after the information Ali gave her.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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