As most of you will probably know by now it was announced after this episode that Kuzgun would end on episode 21. The ratings have been very poor, even though internationally its a popular series and on social media with fans of Baris, Burcu and Onur watching, its the Turkish public that just arent interested. I hope that we get some sort of closure, although 2 episodes to go which are usually filmed in advance Im not sure. Fingers crossed this hasnt been another huge waste of time…

Episode 19 starts where Nese hands Meryem the letter that says Kuzgun and Ferman are brothers. Meryem collapses to the floor, drops the letter as Kuzgun enters the room. He sees Nese grab the letter and put it away. Despite both Kuzgun and Kumru questioning her about the letter and why Nese was there, Meryem stays silent.

Kuzgun learns that 1/3 of the neighbourhood wont be getting a fair price at auction for their houses. He goes to see Ferman and tells him that he will make sure they do. Dila is also concerned that the people arent getting the true value of their land. She arranges to attend the auction, but first she pays a visit to the neighbourhood.

Ferman is furious and despite being told that Dila is on ther way to the neighbourhood he orders that there should be an attack on the area, reminding Dila just what Kuzgun is and where he has come from.

Ali is with Dila visiting the area when he comes across Kartal. He learns that Kartal will be incharge. He isnt happy when Kartal tells him that he will also take over his life too. Ali calls Ferman who confirms Kartal is incharge.

Fermans men attack with guns. Kuzgun is stood protecting Gunes,she gets a slight injury, after all the shootong stops, Dila sees Kuzgun carrying Gunes to his car. She follows them to the hospital and sneaks in to see Gunes. She tells her that Kuzgun is dangerous but Gunes tells her that she loves Kuzgun. As they leave the hospital Cihan arrives with Meryem, she makes it clear to Dila to stay away from Kuzgun. She then invites Gunes back to their home.

Dila goes to the tree that reminds her of her family and of course Kuzgun. He arrives there too. He asks her why she is marrying Ferman. She tells him that he saved her life. He helped and cared for her. Kuzgun tells Dila that he will prove how bad Ferman is before the wedding day.

Kartal despite becoming an inlikeable character now he is working for Ferman showed a little of the old Kartal when he sneaked to visit Seda he brought her a gift of two tea glasses to remind them of the talks they used to have while drinking tea. Sermin sees them together and is shocked but with the look on her face you can tell she will use this information.

Kumru goes to the office to work late, obviously to work with the reporter guy who she seems to like. Cihan finds out where she is and takes food for her. He arrives to see him holding Kumru’s hands and looking at eachother. Cihan walks away leaving the food with the security guard. He looks devastated.

Things start to get a little close for comfort with Gunes. Nese notices she is acting different and speaks with Ferman, he gets his man to see what shes up to. At the same time Kuzgun learns that Ferman has a cousin called Gunes and tells Cihan to find details about her.

Kuzgun has had the grave opened that Ferman told him about. The proof has come back that it is his father. Kuzgun is also informed that it wasnt the explosion that killed his father as he always thought, he was actually shot. While we are seeing this Ferman is also watching from a distance. He remembers back to when he was young. He was the one that shot Yusuf thinking that he was responsible for the death of his family. He then picked up the shell casing and still has it with him now. We need to remember that Ferman still doesnt know it was actually his own father that he killed.

Nese is meeting with Meryem and she tells her that it was Ferman that killed Kuzgun’s dad and thats why they shouldnt be near eachother as Kuzgun may find out. Unbeknown to them Kumru has followed Meryem and is watching them from a distance. Nese and Meryem agree that Kuzgun and Ferman must not find out that they are brothers and Ferman cant know he killed his own father.  They will both also try to get them to drop the hostility towards eachother. When Nese leaves Kumru sits with her mother and tells her she wants to know whats happening.

Ferman learns that Gunes has been hanging round in the neighbourhiod with Kuzgun. Dila overhears the conversation and rushes to call Gunes to warn her. Gunes seeing its Dila calling ignores the call an turns her phone off. She leaves her a message telling her whats happening and that she is coming there.

Meanwhile Gunes takes Kuzgun to somewhere quiet and tells him about her feelings for him. Kuzgun looks a little uncomfortable. She then goes on to tell him that she is Ferman’s cousin. Kuzgun is shocked. She tells him she loves him and then kisses him. Kuzgun pulls away just in time to see Dila watching them with a hurt look on her face, but behind Dila, Ferman has also seen whats happening, he looks furious.

This season I did notice that some of the characters havent been around as much. Ali, Seda, Sermin, even Kartal. The story has centred on Kuzgun Dila and Ferman. 

I hope as I said before we get a good ending not just stopped at the end of a already filmed episode 21. A good ending would be Dila jilting Ferman and telling him she had done all of this for revenge, and then rides off into the sunset with Kuzgun. However Turkish writers never quite have the same ideas as me.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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