Again this week starts with Kumru typing about past events. She is obviously telling us the story of what happened in the past.

After the confrontation at the garden party, Kuzgun returns to his neighbourhood to a hero’s welcome. Meryem has prepared food for the youngsters that have been released from custody with the help of Gunes. Meryem invites her to their home in the evening to eat dinner. Gunes is obviously happy, and Meryem appears to be trying to push Kuzgun and Gunes together.

Dila goes to Kuzguns neighbourhood not happy with how he is now a partner of Ferman. She struggles to find him and Gunes with Meryem hears she is in the area and narrowly avoids Dila seeing her. Kuzgun is dealing with neighboiurhood business as Dila finds him. She stands watching as Cihan holds a gun to someones head and obviously Kuzgun has beaten the mans friends,

Ferman arrives in the neighbourhood,he sees Dila’s car and he has a flashback to when Dila was on the roof with Behram and Kuzgun. Ferman was there watching in a building opposite ready to kill Behram before Dila so she wouldnt be a murderer. As we know Kuzgun arrived and shot him instead. All this was recorded by Ferman and his man.

Kuzgun visits Kartal in prison. Kartal tells him that Ferman has evidence to get him released from there. Kuzgun tells him to stay away from Ferman, that he is having trouble with him. After he leaves Kuzgun calls the lawyers and tells them to make sure they check all the details. He leaves to go and confront Ferman to see what evidence he has.

At the newspaper offices Kumru sees Nese arriving. She talks to Sermin and tellsher she knows she is behind the newspaper article. She says they both want the same goal, to make sure that Ferman and Dila dont marry.

Kuzgun goes to Fermans home to find out what evidence he has to free Kartal. Ferman has called Kartal and he is listening to their conversation. Ferman tells Kuzgun to choose between his brother and the neighbourhood. Kuzgun chooses his neighbourhood as he thinks Ferman is playing a trick with evidence for his brother. He tells Yilmaz to make sure that Kuzgun does not get to the trial on time.

Dila is suspicious about Gunes. She realises that when she went to the neighbourhood to see Kuzgun the ohone that had been left was Gines. She also learns she is going out for a meal but Gunes is very coy about who it is. Dila follows her taxi to see where she is going.

She arrives at Kuzguns house and sees Gunes sat eating with the family. Kuzgun sees her and asks he what she is doing there? Gunes panics and shakes her head at Dila to stop her saying anything. Gunes leaves and Kuzgun talks with Dila. He tells her she wont marry Ferman as she still loves him.

At home later Dila confronts Gunes. Gunes is adament this has nothing to do with anyone, Dila tells her ” you are in love with Kuzgun, but Kuzgun loves me ”

Its the day of Kartal’s trial. Kuzgun has meetings to try and get companies to work with him. Ferman has arranged it so no one will work with him and also make him late for Kartal’s trial. Kartal is released with the new evidence from Ferman. Kuzgun realises that the only way to win is to make his own waste disposal company as Ferman has stopped all the others working with him. He hires men from his neighbourhood to help.

Kuzgun goes to Fermans offices, and comes across Dila and Ferman talking. Dila agrees to marry Ferman straight away. Ferman moves forward to kiss Dila. She looks like its not something shes going to like… as he is about to kiss her Kuzgun walks into the room.

After Dila leaves Kuzgun tells Ferman he has the business all sorted. Ferman introduces him to his new assistan who will be incharge of the project in Kuzgun’s neighbourhood. Its Kartal. Kuzgun is stunned. He tries to drag Kartal away buit he stands up to Kuzgun and wont leave.

Nese has paid Meryem a visit. She has the letter and asks Meryem to promise she wont tell Kuzgun or Ferman about it. The letter is for Ferman from his mum. It says that Yusuf ( Kuzguns father, Meryems husband ) is his real dad. Kuzgun and Ferman are brothers. Meryem faints just as Kuzgun walks into the house. The letter is on the floor.

The episode ends with Kumru again in the future writing about what has taken place. She says that the contents of that letter changed their lives…

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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