Welcome back to the second season of Kuzgun. Its been a long summer waiting to see what would happen to Dila. We also have a few new characters too including Onur Saylak my favourite actor. Alongside my favourite actress, Burcu, this will be a great season. I love the new opening titles by the way.

Last season ended on the rooftop. Behram is dead and even after Kuzgun tells Dila he loves her, she shoots herself in the chest…

The new season starts as Kumru is writing about what has happened. Kuzgun was arrested after he tried to get Dila help for the murder of Bora. He was released from custody when there was no proof he killed Bayram or Bora. On his release he finds out that there is no trace of Dila anywhere. As he is leaving the building a man attempts to shoot him after shouting its revenge for Behram’s murder. No one is injured.

It now jumps to one year later. Kuzgun has been searching for Dila but hasnt found her. We finally get to meet Ferman. He has bought some land that is right where Kuzgun’s neighbourhood is. It also looks like Ali is helping Ferman. Kuzgun has an area of the neighbourhood that he looks after and the people in it. We meet Gumus who is a teacher and helping the younger boys with their education. Its obvious she has a thing for Kuzgun.

Kartal is in prison for 20 years for the murder of Bora’s man. Ali visits him blaming everything on Kuzgun. We see that Ferman has the evidence to clear Kartal, in the meantime Kartal distances himself from his family.

At the court Dila finally gets her divorce from Kuzgun. She doesnt appear at court but Kuzgun who is still searching for her gets Cihan to track her lawyer. They arrive at a house that belongs to Ferman, he knows they are coming. Kuzgun has a look round for Dila who is hiding in a bedroom. Kuzgun and Ferman have words.

Ferman tells him that his father is dead and gives him the address of his grave. Ferman is pleased that Kuzgun shot Bayram and says he now has no issues with Kuzgun. However Kuzgun has to leave as the police have arrived. He tells Ferman he will get Dila back. On the road Gunes passes them in the car and hides from them. We learn that she is Ferman’s sister, and Dila obviously doesnt know that she is working in Kuzgun’s neighbourhood.

Kuzgan finds his fathers grave and starts the procedure to excavate it to see if it is his father. He also learns from Cihan that its Ferman that is behind all the neighbourhood transformation where he lives, making people and businesses lose everything.

That night Kuzgun goes back to Fermans house to get Dila and comes across a party in which Ferman proposes to Dila and she accepts. Kuzgun is watching it all in disbelief. Dila sees him and finds him but Kuzgun takes her from the house, not by force she just tags along. Gunes sees them leave and asks Ferman why he let them go. He says that if she returns then he has won her. Gunes asks him if he is that sure of himself…he leaves and says no he isnt.

Kuzgun takes Dila to a deserted cottage. There she starts by telling him she has missed him. but it all seems too false. She winds him up letting him think that she has missed him and now he saved her. Dila then changes and tells him the old Dila is dead. Its all over between them and her life is now with Ferman. Kuzgun is shocked and tells her of she leaves now its all over. She tells him it already is. As she leaves the cottage Ferman arrives ( he had her followed ) she gets in the car with him and they drive away leaving Kuzgun gutted. Although Dila does still have feelings for him.

We get a flashback of a time during the past 12 months where Kuzgan is at home with Meryem and Kudru. Armed men are trying to get revenge for Behram’s killing. The house was a mess thats why now we see the family living in a different house heavily guarded.

Ferman at home also has a flashback to the night Dila was shot. He went to the hospital with her. Behram’s men came to kill Dila but Ferman had her moved from the hospital in time. He took her from there to a private clinic along with Ali who had been stabbed at the end of last season.

The next morning Kuzgun thinks that Ferman is trying to interfere with his neighbourhood that he looks after by restricting access and getting the police to round up the youngsters. However we see that it is infact Ali who did this knowing Kuzgun would go to Ferman. Kuzgun visits Fermans offices and finds out that he is going to build in his neighbourhood. When hes leaving Dila follows him into the lift. He tells her he knows its over and she can do what she wants with Ferman. Dila is obviously affected by this.

The next day Ferman is holding a presentation in the neighbourhood. He thinks that he has got the old man Zahir’s land, but Kuzgun got it from the old man and now is partners with Ferman, stopping him from doing anything else.

The episode ends when we see Kumru again sat typing. She says that is when Ferman dropped a bomb on their family. We also see the letter on her desk that Nefes has been keeping a secret. The writing on the envelope said ‘My son, Ferman’

We now have the picture of what happened over the past 12 months and how Dila got to be with Ferman. However Im not convinced she is genuine with him and hope its just her getting revenge on him. I think turning against Kuzgun is something she has had to make herself do to convince Ferman. You can tell she still has feelings for Kuzgun.

With regards to the envelope ” My son Ferman ”  the big secret? I think Ferman has been the sort of person that Dila likes, no guns, not being aggresive etc but I feel he has only done this to win her. He may not have come across as such a real bad guy so far but I think that is all going to change.

Onur Saylak plays a great bad guy. In his last series, Carpisma he was a bad guy with a heart and made you feel sorry for him. This time I dont think that will be the case. Onur can play nasty very well. 

Tilay Gunel comes to the series as Nese, Fermans Aunt and Nilperi Sahinkaya as Gunes, her daughter. Obviously Nese is the one with the big secret. Gunes looks like she will be a rival for Dila with Kuzgun. 

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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