Welcome to the season 1 Finale.

The last episode ended where both Kuzgun and Dila found out some life-changing news. Kuzgun finds a photo of his dad who was supposed to have died in prison, and Dila finds a photo of the Dervis with the name of Behram on the back.

Ferman wants Kuzgun to kill Behram and then he will see his dad. Kuzgun refuses but says he will find his dad. He takes the cup that was left at the house to Behram to get fingerprints/DNA from it.

Dervis meets with Dila outside her home. He tells her that Behram has an offer. Make a deal with Ferman and fool him. If she brings him Ferman Behram will let her walk away from everything. Dila not letting on she knows he really is Behram agrees. Kuzgun’s man is watching Dila and reports back that she has met with Dervis.

At dinner, Dila discovers that they are selling things from the house as the new owner has bought it. The new owner is Kuzgun. Meanwhile returning to his mum’s house Kuzgun finds Dilas wedding ring in the garden from when she threw it. Kumru is waiting for him eager to know what happened. Meryem overhears them saying that Dervis is their grandfather. Meryem tries to dissuade him from having anything to do with Behram but Kuzgun tells them they are now in danger as people know they are related to him.

Dila is unwell and faints in front of Meryem’s. Kuzgun takes her to the hospital. He thinks she could be pregnant but the doctor says she isn’t. After they leave they return to Dila’s old house and spend the night together. The next morning, while Kuzgun is sleeping Dila, takes the divorce paper out and puts it on the bed, but then changes her mind and takes it with her, however, she still leaves the ring.

Meryem goes to visit Behram and tells him to stay away from Kuzgun. Meanwhile, Dila contacts Selcuk and asks him to contact Ferman that she wants to meet with him. He calls back and gives her the time she will meet him.

Ali is being released from prison with the help of Ferman. As he leaves Behram is waiting and he has snipers pointing at Ali. He tells him he knows that Ferman is helping him and unless he doesn’t want to die he needs to kidnap Meryem.

Ali’s men take Meryem from home. Kuzgun gets a text asking if he wants to kill his own Mum? We see Meryem has been taken again like Rifat to a shipping container. She is bound and gagged and there is a timer mounted over the door and also like Rifat the weight attached to the gun pointing at her.

Kuzgun arrives at the harbour. He gets a call telling him which container she is in and also that he needs to open the door within 10 minutes or the gun will go off. He calls Cihan who is on his way with cutting equipment. Kuzgun reassures Meryem he won’t open the door and he knows that it is on a timer. Nadir is watching and reports back to Ali that they are cutting the container open.

Dila meanwhile goes to meet Ferman but its just Selcuk with a phone. She tells Ferman she knows who Behram is so if he wants to know he has to meet her. Dila then goes to Behram still not letting him know she is aware of who he is. She tells him she has set a meeting at 4 pm with Ferman and told him she will give him Behram. Behram says he will keep his promise if this is true and let Dila and her family go. As Dila leaves she calls Ferman and tells him she has given the details to Behram and she wants all the evidence against Behram. Obviously, she is playing one off against the other.

Kuzgun gets into the container with a minute left on the clock. He frantically cuts the ropes that are holding her. Meryem is panicking when Kuzgun shouts ” Mum”. She stops this is the first time he has called her Mum. The clock ticks down and as it goes off Cihan is outside and worries what happened inside.

Inside we see that Kuzgun managed to throw Meryem and the chair to one side so the gun missed them. Kuzgun hugs and kisses his Mum. She is so happy that he called her Mum after all these years. After making sure she is ok he tells Cihan that he knows Dila didn’t do this. He has an idea who did ( Ali ) but wants evidence first and tells Cihan to check all the security cameras. Nadir informs Ali that Kuzgun saved his Mum. Ali is worried and tells Nadir to increase security. Obviously, Behram who did set this up is hoping Kuzgun will think it was Ali.

Seda goes to visit Kartal. He tells her to divorce Ali. She isn’t happy. Seda tells him Ali would never let her take their daughter. Kartal tells her to think about it. Back at home Kuzgun asks Meryem if she knew any of the men that took her. She did see Nadir sat in the car but tells Kuzgun no she didn’t know them. Obviously, she doesn’t want Kuzgun involved.

Kumru is listening in again on Ali’s office. She hears him tell Nadir to take the gun to the police. Its the gun that killed Teo and that it has Kartals fingerprints on it. Kumru tries to call Kartal but he is busy.

Dila arrives home and sees the increased security. Ali tells her that Behram wanted him to kidnap Meryem. Dila is worried but relieved when Ali tells her Kuzgun saved her. She gets Ali to tell her exactly what happened. He tells her and is confident that Kuzgun won’t kill him as Behram made him do it. Dila tells him that Kuzgun is Behrams, grandson, he did it to get Kuzgun to kill Ali. Ali is now very worried. She tells him to leave until tomorrow. As that is when Behram will leave their lives.

Kuzgun is with Behram who shows him CCTV stills of Ali’s men driving towards the docks with Meryem. He tells Behram he will kill Ali, despite Dila. As he leaves Dila calls and tells him that it was Behram who got Ali to kidnap his mum. Kuzgun cuts her off saying none will stop him.

Kumru arrives at the garage and asks Kartal if he has hurt anyone. He tells her about Teo but it was a mistake, he did it to protect himself Kumru is devastated. She tells him that Ali is giving the gun to the police. He leaves telling her he won’t surrender.

At the station, Selcuk gets a call from Ferman. He tells him that Behram will be killed tomorrow then Kuzgun after him. He needs to report where the body of Bora is and also the gun which killed him. We know of course that Kuzgun’s fingerprints are on that gun.

Dila takes the evidence against Behram and his partners to Kudret. Kudret sees that there is no evidence against Kuzgun. Dila tells her that she won’t send Kuzgun to prison. Meanwhile, the police have visited Meryems house looking for Kartal. Meryem is devastated.

Kuzgun had one of his men follow Ali. He arrives the next morning at that house. He breaks in and Ali begs him not to kill him. Kuzgun shoots him in his left hand then shoots him in his right hand too. Ali tells him it was Behram that made him do it. He kidnapped her but he did the rest. Kuzgun believes him as Cihan had already found proof that Behrams men were at the dockyard.

Behram has had the fingerprints on the cup that Kuzgun brought him analysed. They show that they were his son’s ( Kuzgun’s dad ) fingerprints. He is shocked. He calls Kuzgun and tells him the results. Kuzgun tells him that he has killed Ali.

Arriving home Ali brushes of Seda and goes towards his room. ……… comes out of her room and tempts him inside. They are about to kiss when she gets a knife and stabs Ali in the stomach telling him that she knows Kuzgun didn’t kill her brother it was him and now it’s his turn. She rips her clothes and his her own head with a vase. She goes to stab him again but he stops her. He pushes her away and she trips backwards on the carpet hitting her head.

Dila arrives at Behrams place. We see that all his men have been killed. Behram is waiting in the roof. Dila stands behind him pointing a gun. Kuzgun arrives he too sees all the men lying on the ground. Dila tells Behram she knows he is Kuzguns grandfather.

Kuzgun arrives on the roof. He points his gun at Dila and tells her to drop hers. She won’t but he tells her he has found Ali and will kill him. She drops her gun and then Kuzgun aims his gun at Behram. He shoots him in the chest he collapses to the floor and asks him ” what are you doing kid? ” Kuzgun replies “I’m turning into you” and shoots him again in the chest.

Kuzgun tries to grab Dila for them to leave but she points the gun at him. She says she has had enough and is already dead. She points the gun to her chest, Kuzgun begs her not to do it he gets on his knees and tells her he loves her, he loves her so much. She smiles and tells him she said she would kill him from his own heart. She fires the gun and falls to the ground. Kuzgun screams her name and cradles her in his arms.

So that is the end of season one. Such a fast-paced and dramatic episode. It will be returning for a second season in September. No mention as of yet if Burcu ( Dila ) will be in that new season but I’m sure she will be. However, shooting yourself in the centre of your chest at point blank range is a little hard to survive from, especially if Kuzgun just lays there with her.

The second season is now set up. Kuzgun will be top dog. We know his father Yusuf is still alive. Ferman will be after him too who I think is actually his stepbrother. Ali will be laying on the bedroom floor after being stabbed although I’m sure he will survive. Kartal is on the run from an arrest warrant after making his feelings for Seda known. Kumru I’m sure will be back to annoy me next season by butting into everyone’s business.

I have really enjoyed this series and it deserves a second season. It will be interesting to see if any new characters are brought in they usually are for a new season. They have a lot to live up to as this cast is extremely talented.

I will again be doing the episode summaries again in September, thank you all for your support. Please enjoy your summer/winter wherever you are in the world and see you soon.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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