Last week ended as Dila entered the shipping container and set of the gun that was rigged as a trap to kill her father. She comes out of the container to call for an ambulance and sees Kuzgun stood there. She begs him to help her but he just stands and stares and doesn’t move. She then thinks that its Kuzgun that has done this and passes out. An ambulance arrives and takes her to the hospital.

Kuzgun goes to visit Behram. We see now that it wasn’t Kuzgun who set this up it was Behram. He tells Kuzgun that his revenge is now over and he must start to work his way to the top. Kuzgun isn’t happy as his Mum and Dila will now think he has something to do with this as they knew about the shipyard.

At the police station, we see Kudret and Selcuk being informed that Rifat has been killed. Selcuk we see is one of Ferman’s men. He goes to the interview room where Ali is and tells him of his father’s death. He then says he has a deal for Ali. Ferman wants to get him out of custody.

The next day at Rifat’s funeral. Ali is there escorted by police. He tells Dila not to give up. There is a way out and she needs to get in touch with Ferman. After everyone leaves Kuzgun is watching Dila from a distance. As she gets up to leave she thinks she sees Kuzgun. She shouts that he has won.

Cihan is recovering in hospital from the accident. Kumru is visiting him regularly and bringing him treats. But after he is discharged Kumru tries to question him about her brother and Rifat. Cihan isn’t happy possibly thinking that she only appeared to care to get information from him. As she is leaving Cihan gets a call from Dervis ( Behram ) she overhears his name and remembers that he is the one that sent letters to her father in prison.

Kuzgun goes to visit Rifat’s grave and tells him that he is dead, his son is in prison his men are gone but he still doesn’t feel like he is free to carry on. He says that he didn’t expect something to happen to him…Dila.

Dila gets a call from Selcuk to go to the police station she has some developments in her father’s case. When she gets there Dila asks her who gave the police the information about the delivery. Selcuk won’t tell her but Dila knows that it was Kumru who gave her the information to go to the shipyard. Selcuk shows her images of Kuzgun’s car arriving and leaving at the shipyard around the time her father was there. She tells Dila they both know Kuzgun did this and wants her to take the blame. She also tells Dila to find out who Behram is. Dila doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Behram’s men have kidnapped Selcuk. They have taken him to an abandoned building. Kuzgun arrives and Selcuk tells him that Dila was working for Kudret but quit a while ago. He also tells him she started before they got married and that is the reason that Dila married him. Selcuk also tells them that he was the one to save Dila the night of the raid. On the orders of Ferman. He tells them that Kudret wants her to get close and find who Behram is.

Leaving the station Dila gets a call. It’s Ferman or so she thinks asking her to work together to get Behram. She declines and tells him good luck. Dila goes to see Meryem. She was the one who told Dila where her father was. She asks her if Kuzgun was the one to tell her where Rifat was. Meryem says no she heard it somewhere. She tells Dila that Kuzgun didn’t kill her father. Dila gets in her car. She throws her wedding ring out of the window. She calls her lawyer and tells him she wants to divorce Kuzgun in the fastest possible way.

Kumru is trying to get information on Dervis. She gets an address but as she is leaving Dila arrives. She tells her she knows she was the one to inform the police about the raid. Dila also asks her if she has ever wondered who her grandfather is. Kumru finds Dervis in his shop and tells him she won’t leave until she gets answers to her questions. She correctly deduces that he is in some way related to her father and them. When she leaves Behram looks impressed with his granddaughter.

Kuzgun finds Dila at their tree. She tells him he was the one who took her father to the shipyard and is one of his killers, she is the other. He notices while she is talking that she has removed her wedding ring. Dila is having a good go at Kuzgun until he tells her he knows that she informed the police about him. She looks shocked that he knows. She asks him to tell her who Behram is. He won’t as he knows if he does Behram will kill her. Dila tells him that she will find out who he is on her own.

After Kumru leaves the shop she hides and keeps watch over the shop. At night Behram locks up and leaves. After he has gone Kumru picks the lock to the shop and goes in. After searching she unlocks a box that has letters in from her father to Dervis. She realises that this is her grandfather. Berham in a cafe knows that she broke into his shop.

Meanwhile, Cihan is watching over Selcuk. He drops to sleep and Selcuk escapes. However, this is all a plan devised by Kuzgun so that they can follow him to Ferman. He meets with a man and tells him he has information about Dila. Kuzgun and Cihan are watching all this and Kuzgun tells his man to follow the new guy, hoping he will lead them to Ferman.

Behram sends a text to Kumru telling her to meet him. The next morning Kuzgun has spent the night in his car at the tree. He is woken by Behram knocking on his window. He tells Kuzgun to drive they are going to the place where it all started. Kumru leaves home to also go to the meeting but she doesn’t realise that Dila is in a taxi following her.

Behram takes him to the house where his father grew up and tells him that the house is his now. Kumru arrives, Kuzgun isnt happy that she has found out about Dervis being her grandfather. After a call from Cihan, they leave watched by Dila.

Kuzgun goes with Cihan into a garden they come across a guard dog but Kuzgun appears to be a dog whisperer. They enter the house someone has recently left. Looking round Kuzgun finds a photo.

Meanwhile, Dila has broken into the house where she saw Kuzgun leaving with Kumru and Dervis. She too has found some old photos.

The episode ends as Dila realises that Dervis is Behram and Kuzgun finds one of the photos is of his father taken two years after he was supposed to have been killed.

Another great episode. I love how the scriptwriters are doing this series. Always something to keep us waiting for the following week.

My thoughts are that Kuzgun’s Dad in that photo had a young boy with him. Was he leading a double life and has another son? Could this other son be Ferman? Jealous of Kuzgun and dislikes Behram? We have seen one man who could be Ferman, he shot Bora he looked too young to be Kuzguns father. Is that the boy in the photograph?

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Written By – Rachel Labidi



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