Last week ended as Kuzgun saw Dila in talks with the police. We know she was actually telling them she couldn’t do this anymore but to Kuzgun it didn’t.

Kuzgun goes to see Behram and they argue about who will punish Dila. Behram wants her dead but of course Kuzgun cant do this. He decides to get Dila involved in more criminal/illegal doings and try and get revenge that way. They also decide not to let Dila know they know she is working with the police.

Dila is at the factory when Kuzgun arrives. He is having trouble acting like he doesnt know anything. He also looks a little confused as what she is expressing to him she does seem genuine. She tells him they should go away from Behram somewhere different. She asks him if he really doesnt know who Behram is. Kuzgun doesnt answer.

Ali is getting a fake report to help get his father out of prison. Kumru is listening to the meeting via the bug she planted. When Dila returns home she tells Ali she wants to remain neutral and step back with helping her father get out of prison. Her future is with Kuzgun. Ali isnt happy. As they are talking Dila receives one of Behrams invitations.

They get the news that Beyram is sick. Kuzgun knows its fake and thinks that Dila is in with Ali making this all up. Dila doesnt know and goes with Ali and Sermin to the hospital. Obviously, they are trying to get him released due to his health.

Kuzgun and Dila attend the meeting along with other candidates to see who will do the next job for Behram. Of course its Dila. and this time it’s a drug shipment. Obviously, this has been put together by Kuzgun and Behram. Dila is worried she no longer has the police backing like before and knows she is on her own.

At the prison, Rifat tells Ali that once he is free then Kuzgun will be after him. He wants Ali to get rid of Kuzgun before that. Ali sets one of his men watching Kuzgun, finding out his routine and what routes he takes. Rifat wants him to have an accident.

Dila goes to Ali and tells him what Behram wants her to do. She tells Ali they will really have to cover their tracks as she doesnt trust anyone to do with this only Kuzgun. She makes a fake company for the job. Cihan is taking photos of Ali at the shipyard direct some operations there. He takes the information about the company and the photos back to Kuzgun. Cihan is sad that they are doing this with Dila.

At the house in the office, Dila and Kuzgun are discussing the operation. Kumru is listening in and learns the location of where something is happening. She looks online for the name of the person who is in charge of organised crime at the police. She gets Kudret’s name. She goes to the payphone and calls her, telling her that there will be a delivery at the harbour and it will be led by Dila. Kudret gets the police to trace and identify the caller.

That night Kumru calls Dila to meet her at the dockyard. Dila arrives and is being photographed by Kumru out of site. Cihan is also there and sees Dila, he calls Kuzgun but he tells him not to do anything. The police arrive and Kumru thinks its great snapping away. Dila runs but is chased and caught by Selcuk. Cihan gets the camera from Kumru and removes the memory card. When they look again Dila and the policeman has disappeared. Selcuk goes back to Kudret and tells her the woman escaped and he couldn’t identify her. Meanwhile, Kuzgun gave the evidence he had to someone to give the police.

Kuzgun is having real issues with his decisions regarding Dila. He has fallen in love with her and is so confused. He sits with his Mum and tells her to take this heart he has away. Later Cihan takes Kumru to Kuzgun. He sees her photos and is about to drive her home but Dila calls. He asks Cihan to take her. On the way as we know Ali has arranged for Kuzgun to have an accident. A truck heads straight for the car. Cihan manages to release Kumru and pushes her out of the door as the truck hits the car.

Kuzgun meets with Dila and asks her what happened. She tells him she escaped but doesnt tell him how. He gives her several chances to tell him about the police but she doesnt. She is worried as now she will need to face Beyram. In the aftermath of the accident, Cihan is in a serious condition.

Arriving at court Dila sees Kudret. They talk and Kudret gives her a second chance to work with the police which she refuses. She says she will not betray Kuzgun. When she leaves Kudret executes the warrant to arrest Ali, as that’s the evidence they had that Cihan took. At the hospital, Kuzgun sees Behram outside. He is furious about Dila getting away.

Rifat has been released from prison pending trial. At home, Dila sits with him and tells him how much she loves Kuzgun and asks her dad not to touch him. He agrees. However while out driving his car is stopped at gunpoint and he is taken by masked men and taken to a shipping container and tied up.

At the company, Ali and Dila are not having a good time. Firstly the business partners say they won’t be working with them anymore. Then they get the call that Rifat has been kidnapped and just as that is sinking in the police arrive and arrest Ali. Kudret tells Dila you chose your side and you are not under my protection any more.

Dila is stunned as her assistant comes in and gives her a box that has been delivered. In it is a phone. She is given a choice who to kill. Either the two younger girls or her father. As she is panicking Meryem arrives and after overhearing Kuzguns instructions to kidnap Rifat and where to take him she tells Dila.

Dila arrives at the shipyard and frantically runs around looking for her father. She gets a text with the container number. As she runs towards it we see Rifat is sat and a gun has been rigged with a weight.

Dila finds the container and opens the door, the weight drops and the gun goes off shooting Rifat in the chest. Dila is distraught. He tells her she didn’t do this, but doesnt say anything else. In the final scenes, we see Kuzgun stood a distance away listening to Dila screaming for her father to get up and not leave her.

So this has set the cat amongst the pigeons. Poor Dila who is in love with Kuzgun and has stopped working with the police, got her dad to stop going after Kuzgun has now her father has been shot, all down to Kuzgun. 

Is Rifat actually dead? Ok so it was a central chest wound, however earlier on at the trial his new trial date was given as September so I was thinking that will maybe be the opening episode of season 2. Or was that a red herring?

Just what did Meryem tell her? Did she tell her it was Kuzgun that kidnapped him? If so then we will have a big battle between Dila and Kuzgun if she knows it’s him behind it all. Even her father attempting to kill Kuzgun won’t change her mind. She will also probably feel guilty for opening that door and the gun going off. 

Ali is in police custody and the business also has suffered a major blow with the investors all now going with Kuzgun. Will we see Dila now trying to ruin Kuzgun with that spark between them both flickering under the surface?

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Written By – Rachel Labidi



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