Welcome again to what I’m sure will be a great episode. They always leave us with a good ending and last week was no exception.

So Dila and Kuzgun were at Bora’s house. Ferman arrived and shot Bora in the head and placed the gun in Kuzgun’s hand. Dila was already unconscious before all this happened…

This week starts as Kuzgun has come round. He drops the gun like a hot potato and sees the blood smears and the broken mobile phones on the floor. He brings Dila round just as the police arrive. He tells them that Bora was murdered. Dila just looks stunned and confused.

At the garage, Seda has waited for Kartal to return after Kuzgun saved him from the grave. After he gets back, Ali arrives and takes Seda home. On the way, he questions her about why she stayed and waited for Kartal. She said she was worried. Ali gets angry and tells her not to make him kill Kartal.

After being questioned, Dila and Kuzgun are leaving the police station. Kuzgun remembers Bora saying that Dila was a traitor and setting him up. She asks him who shot Bora. He explains about Ferman but he didn’t see his face. He also tells her that Behram isn’t dead. Kuzgun faked his death. Arriving at the factory Kuzgun gets a call. They know that Behram isnt really dead and tell him he needs to die before they let him know about his father.

Kartal returns Kuzgun’s car and tells him he found the tracker under the seat. Kuzgun remembers Dila going out at night to the car, and also remembers being followed. He replaces the tracker and tells Kartal to forget he found it and he will find the traitor.

Cihan and Kuzgun hatch a plan to find out if Selcuk is either working for Ferman or police. They get a young couple to argue near Selcuk and to become violent to see what he will do. He does intervene and shows his police ID. Now Kuzgun says he needs to find out if Dila knows he is police…of course we know she does. Dila goes to visit Kumru and tells her about Kuzgun’s interest in his father, She asks Kumru to investigate into what happened the day their father died.

At home, Sermin is told by Dila that her brother was killed. Sermin doesnt appear very upset about it and blames Kuzgun for killing him. Kuzgun arrives and they are told that Selcuk has come to the house. He has brought a new tracking device for Dila to plant as the police think the other one broke, however, it was Kuzgun who got someone to make it look like that.

Selcuk brings the tracker and Dila manages to hide it from Kuzgun. Whilst she is in the shower he searches the bedroom but doesnt find it. He does, however, find the rucksack that Dila had put all his birthday gifts in. He removes the mixed music tape and puts it in his pocket.

At Meryem’s house. Kuzgun and Dila are staying for a few days. At night Dila sneaks out. Cihan is watching as she sees Selcuk in Kuzguns car. She makes it look like she caught him. Kuzgun appears and tells Selcuk he knows he is police. However, it does appear that Kuzgun thinks Selcuk was being used to get information about Kuzgun.

The next morning Kuzgun borrows a Walkman from Kumru. ( He made me feel old as he appeared not to have seen/worked one before ) He listens to Dila’s message for his 18th birthday. She says that she wrote diaries. Kuzgun goes to her home and looks in the storage room. He discovers four diaries. He reads that Dila was the one to put the drug’s package in his house all those years ago so his father was arrested. Meanwhile, Dila listening to her own recording realises what Kuzgun must be doing. She races over there but its too late Kuzgun has read them.

Dila returns to her old home and in the bedroom discovers that the picture she drew on the bedroom wall of herself and Kuzgun has been painted over. And while Kuzgun is still sat upset over the diaries, Dila is upset to find he appears to have wiped her away.

The music that was playing while Dila was driving there and when Kuzgun discovered the information was a little off-putting. To me, it didn’t match the mood of what was happening. It reminded me of a piece of music Disney would use in a movie.

Kuzgun also returns to Dila’s old home and finds her in the bedroom. She is devastated that he covered their picture. She tells him that its all her fault and all that has happened started with her planting the package. Kuzgun assures her that she was only a child and loved and trusted her father. She asks him if he means it, and does his heart mean it? He gives a nod and then gives her a hug.

The next morning Dila awakes to find Kuzgun has left, but she sees that he has drawn them both again on the wall.

As she leaves she sees Meryem who tells her that Kuzgun loves her and not to hurt or leave him. After doing research overnight with Cihan watching over her, Kumru tells Dila that she hasn’t found anything. However, Dila spots that there were issues in the past between Behram and Ferman’s families. She goes to Kuzgun and tells him. She also realises that there will be another delivery and isn’t happy that she wasn’t informed.

Later Dila visits her father in prison. She tells him that she has done with everything even after he promises her if he gets out he will be clean and in no more illegal activities. She leaves and then Kuzgun visits him. He tells Rifat that Dila will choose him in the end. This makes Rifat mad and tells Kuzgun no matter what Dila will always choose and stay with him.

At home Dila talks with Ali who tells her the day for her fathers hearing is next week. Dila doesnt appear happy and Ali assumes its because of Kuzgun. She tells him Kuzgun won’t ever leave the house and everything as he has taken root in her heart. Ali tells her that one day she will have to choose between her father and Kuzgun. At the same time, Kuzgun is telling Cihan the same. It has come to the choice now for Dila, him or her father.

Dila gets a message from Kuzgun to go to a location that he is sending. When Dila arrives she discovers Kuzgun has decorated a small wooden house as she described in one of her diaries. It is all going so well until Dila says that they have the date for her fathers hearing. They have an argument and Kuzgun grabs and kisses her. They go to bed together. Later Kuzgun gets a call from Behram, Dila tells him she will never betray him again she swears to him. He tells her he is meeting Behram in a hotel room 14 tomorrow. When Kuzgun is sleeping Dila slips outside and checks the phone. Kudret has messaged asking if there is any news. Dila thinks and replies that they should meet tomorrow. It appears at present she isn’t sure whether to inform them of Kuzgun meeting Behram or not.

The next morning Kuzgun leaves and calls Behram to say he has left. Dila calls Kudret and tells her she will meet her. Dila arrives and says she has something important to say. Meanwhile, we see Kuzgun arrive on a hill overlooking Dila’s meeting place and he can see them both stood talking. We see a flashback to when Kuzgun drew the picture on the wall and Dila was sleeping. He sees her bag and thinks back to Bora’s words about Dila’s betrayal. He finds the phone she uses to contact Kudret.

We see the police raiding room 14 the place where Kuzgun was to meet Behram but its empty. Kuzgun gets a call from Behram saying that Dila did let them down. At the same time, Dila is handing her phone back to Kudret ( which Kuzgun can see ) and tells her that she loves him and she won’t betray him. We see that when Kudret gave her the phone she had planted a listening device in the phone as she didn’t trust Dila and she heard them talking about the meeting.  Sadly it looks like its too late and that Kuzgun believes that Dila has given the police information.

So just when we think it’s all going great between them something goes wrong. She has handed that phone back now so she can’t prove that it wasn’t her that told the police. Although Kuzgun does see her hand this back.

Poor Kuzgun looks so dejected and hurt thinking that after last night and the promises that Dila made she has still betrayed him. And Dila when she realises that Kuzgun thinks she betrayed him again when she really didnt…how will she prove she is innocent?

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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