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We are nearing the end of the season and it looks like we will have a second one. 

Last week we left as Kuzgun had a gun to Behram’s head. He had just found out that he was his grandfather and that he had killed his own son…Kuzgun’s Dad. This week starts as Kuzgun has pulled the trigger but aimed the gun above Behram’s head.

As we suspected we see that Behram didn’t kill Yusuf in prison. He poisoned him but then he arranged for the body to be removed and covered up by the doctors and prison staff. He took Yusuf to his home and when he woke Yusuf was adamant he would find Kuzgun. He took Behrams car which exploded after he drove away. Behram tells Kuzgun that Ferman wants them dead, and Kuzgun’s family will be in danger.

Kuzgun calls Bora and tells him that Ferman needs to prove his father is alive and he will kill Behram. Bora speaks with Ferman and is told that Kuzgun will receive the proof he is alive. When Kuzgun has killed Behram, Ferman wants Bora to kill Kuzgun.

I still don’t think Yusuf is dead. I’m sure at some point we will see him return.

Meanwhile, as we know Dila took the watch to be repaired and saw the name etched in the watch. She meets with Kudret to let her know. Kudret realises why Behram had been protecting Kuzgun and suspects that Kuzgun will now become the head of that organisation. Dila disagrees with this but Kudret tells her they will get to Behram through Kuzgun and she will tell Dila how to do this.

Kumru listening in on the conversation in Dila’s office calls Kuzgun to tell him she is speaking with lawyers to get her father out of prison. Arriving home Kuzgun asks about the watch. Dila plays ignorant and says its repaired but hasn’t looked at it to check. They are both keeping the fact who Kuzgun is to themselves. Kuzgun tells Dila not to worry they will soon be divorced. This seems to panic Dila. Is it because she can’t then get to Behram for Kudret, or is it she is in love with him and doesnt want a divorce?

In the office, Kuzgun removes the back of the watch to see the engraving. As Dila enters he hides the tool. Dila questions him why he isn’t scared of Behram if they divorce, He tells her not to worry. After he leaves she sees the tool and realises that Kuzgun knows he is Behram’s grandchild. She messages Kudret to let her know.

Selcuk comes to the house and gives Dila a tracking device to place in Kuzgun’s car so they can follow him to Beyram. Kuzgun sees them together and is suspicious he tells Cihan to follow Selcuk. The next day Cihan has followed Selcuk and sees he is meeting Dila. Kuzgun tells him to send the location.

Kuzgun has taken the hair sample that was delivered to him for DNA testing. So it’s still possible that Ferman has people in the lab working for him and can alter a result. He goes to the restaurant where Dila is. Of course, he is being tracked so Kudret calls Dila. They had already arranged a girl to pose as Selcuk’s girlfriend to convince Kuzgun nothing is happening. He drives away.

Kartel meanwhile at his garage gets a visit from Ali. Ali is reassuring him not to feel bad over killing Teo, he saved his life. Ali’s man is stood waiting as we know he is working for Bora. After hearing this he calls Bora to let him know.

Kuzgun goes to the hospital and collects the DNA results. The paper says that the DNA is a match and that it is his father. Kuzgun is in shock and needs to steady himself. He calls Bora and tells him to tell Ferman that he will kill Behram and that Bora will give him his father in return. Bora is still reeling from the news it was Kartal that killed his man, Teo. Bora gets his men together and they are told to kill both Kartal and Kuzgun.

Kuzgun goes to his Mum and tells her he wants to protect her and will move in with them for a while. He calls Cihan and tells him he wants two men to protect her house plus Kartal’s garage and he also asks Cihan to watch out for Kumru. Cihan looks pleased with this job he is given. As we know he has a soft spot for Kumru.

Dila has put the tracker in Kuzguns car. She follows him to a house. Kuzgun meets with Behram and tells him that he has had a DNA test and his father is alive. Behram shrugs it off and says it may be falsified. Dila is watching from a distance as Kuzgun gets in his car and starts to drive away as the whole house explodes. Kuzgun drives away shocked. Dila calls Kudret and informs her what happened. Kudret thinks that it was Kuzgun that made the explosion and killed Behram.

At home Kuzgun packs some clothes and Dila wants to know why he is going to live with his family? Why does he think they are in danger. Kuzgun won’t tell her. He invites her to go with him. They arrive at the house where Dila’s presence isn’t expected. They have an awkward meal together. Later Kuzgun sits outside and Meryem is making the bed for him and Dila. Dila is reminded its the room where she was told by her father to drop the drug package. As they are talking Kumru overhears and realises that Kuzgun isn’t aware of it. Dila begs her not to tell him. Later Kumru goes outside to sit with Kuzgun. She tells him not to trust Dila. He asks her why but she doesnt tell him. Now that Kuzgun is home Meryem turns the outside light off that she has kept on since he went missing as a child.

In bed which is actually sheets on the floor. Kuzgun gets close to Dila and tries to kiss her, She tells him not to ( a little half-heartedly ) They drop to sleep and the next morning wake up close to one another. Kuzgun pretends he is sleeping and Dila goes very close to his face. Perhaps Meryem and Kumru’s words last night are playing on her mind. That eventually they will break up. Maybe she is protecting herself not to get too involved as when Kuzgun knows she planted the package it will all be over.

Kumru makes it clear at breakfast she isn’t happy with Dila. She isn’t happy that Dila is trying to get her Dad released from prison. After a few words Dila leaves and Kuzgun follows. She tells him she won’t give up on her father. And Kuzgun tells her that it won’t end until Rifat draws his last breath in prison like his father did.

Seda’s car breaks down and she takes it to Kartal at the garage. Meanwhile, Bora calls Kuzgun and asks him to choose who he will kill first. Him or his brother? Bora tells him that they will both die today. Kuzgun calls Kartal but he declines the call. He then calls the men who are watching out for Kartal. We see they are unconscious on the floor.

Seda goes to the bathroom. Bora’s men arrive and grab Kartal shoving him into the back of a car. Seda hears them and goes to look she hears one of the men mention Teo. Kuzgun calls Kartals phone. Seda tells him what has happened and that the name Teo was mentioned. Kuzgun realises it was Kartal that killed Teo and now Bora is after revenge.

Bora calls Dila and tells her if she really loves Kuzgun she will come to his house now. She calls Kuzgun and asks what’s happening. Kuzgun then calls Ali and asks him if Kartal killed Teo. He answers yes and realises who has told Bora…one of his men. He tells Ali to find out where Teo is buried as he thinks that’s where they have taken Kartal.

Bora has Kartal at the site of Teo’s grave. He asks if Kartal has any last requests as they put him in a wooden coffin. He asks to speak with Kuzgun. They start to bury him alive with Teo talking to Kuzgun on the phone. Kartal is scared of the dark but begs Kuzgun not to come as he will die too. Kuzgun tells him he would die 1000 times for his brother. Dila calls Bora telling him she’s waiting at his house. Bora leaves the grave and tells his men to carry on then take a photo for Kuzgun. Kuzgun arrives and fights with Bora’s men. He starts to dig at the grave. He manages to dig an unconscious Kartal out and it’s a few minutes before he comes around. They hug each other.

At Bora’s farm, we learn the reason why he wears gloves all the time. He was inappropriately touched as a young child. He grabs Dila but she wants to leave. He doesnt let her. She pacifies him and asks for a glass of water and uses her second phone to call Kudret for help. Kudret tells her to keep him busy, she will send a team.

Bora catches her on the phone but Dila won’t tell him who Kudret is. He calls the number and Kudret thinking its Dila says the teams are on their way. Bora is furious and grabs Dila. She screams at him to let her go. He knows she has made a deal with the police and asks her of Kuzgun knows about it.

While this is all happening Kuzgun manages to sneak into the house. The police are on their way on what is obviously Turkey’s longest road as it seems to be going on forever to get there. Kuzgun throws a chair through the glass window and points his gun at Bora. Bora tells him if he kills him then he won’t find out what Dila’s big secret is.

Behind Kuzgun and Dila three men enter the room. Bora is pleased and tells Kuzgun he will never have Dila now. One man knocks Kuzgun down and another covers Dila’s mouth with a rag full of chloroform. Kuzgun is semi-unconscious. As he is laid he can see Dila is laid near him. We see a man enter and Bora calls him Mr Ferman. He shoots Bora right between the eyes. He then places the gun he used in Kuzgun’s hand making it look like he killed Bora. And with the police on their way ( well eventually if that road ends ) will he be charged with murder?

So poor Kuzgun does all the hard work and then Mr Ferman walks in and he is in big trouble. There is no one to confirm that he was set up. Kudret got a call from Dila saying Bora was holding her against her will. So as far as she is concerned Kuzgun could have arrived and shot Bora for that. Kartal was told to leave by Kuzgun as he said he had something to do. Finally, Dila was unconscious. The last she saw was Kuzgun pointing his gun at Bora. The only good thing to come out of this is creepy Bora is gone. 

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi




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