Welcome to another awaited episode. I do write my summaries as I watch the episode, adding the images at the end. So my thoughts as we go along are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. 

So last week ended where Kuzgun had come face to face finally with Behram, who in fact is Dervish. He holds a gun to his head and Dervish tells him if he wants revenge then kill him. If he’s looking to go up in the plans then he needs him.

I have a feeling that Dervish is related to Kuzgun, Possibly not his Dad, maybe his Grandad? I did toy with the idea his Dad didn’t actually die in prison as we only saw a flashback from Dervish poisoning him so he could have been lying.

Meanwhile, Dila is at home pacing worried about Kuzgun. Ali arrives and tells her that he will not be partners again with Kuzgun it was only this once to get Behram. He tells Dila she is blinded and is in love with Kuzgun. She denies it.

Kuzgun makes it home. Kumru arrives at the same time. She still doesnt tell him about the bug hidden in Ali’s office. As Kuzgun enters the house Sermin is listening to Dila on a call that makes her suspicious. She calls someone and asks for Dila to be followed. Dila was on the phone to Kudret. Kuzgun and Dila just look at each other. He is remembering how distraught she was when she thought he had been shot. He walks to her and hugs her tightly but Dila manages to stop herself from hugging him back.

Later Kuzgun and Dila are alone. He tells her that everyone he has ever trusted from 8 years old has always let him down. He hasn’t trusted Dila and she is the only one not to let him down. When he leaves Dila is upset, knowing that she is betraying him by working with the police to bring him down.

Bora is in his office when he receives a gift from Kuzgun. Ita a bullet. There is a note which tells him to save it for the right time. Ali arrives and tells him he knows he attacked the family. Bora denies it and tries to convince Ali that Kuzgun is lying. However, Ali warns him to stay away from his family.

Kuzgun goes to his family home wanting to learn more about how his father died. Meryem invites him in but he has difficulty walking into the house remembering the last time he was there at 8 years old and been taken by the men and his Mum telling them to take him. Finally, he gets enough courage to enter although still uncertain. Meryem tells him she was told he died of a heart attack. She shows the letter that refers to Dervish. Kuzgun sees his Dad’s wallet with a picture of all the family in it. He takes it. He also tells his Mum to take the ‘ For Sale’ sign down from outside the house.

Dila meets with Selcuk to take her to Kudret. However, he knows that she is being followed and photographed and tells her to act normally. The photographer is quite happy he has the images of them together. Dila goes to meet Kudret who tells her she needs to get Kuzgun to trust her, get close to him.

Kuzgun is at the factory. Dila arrives and he tells her he needs the paperwork with regards to his father’s death. To help get him to trust her she says she will. She calls Kudret to get her the paperwork and both wonder why Kuzgun wants this. Selcuk drops them off for Dila later that evening. Obviously, he has a soft spot for her and tells her not to let Kuzgun use her again. As he is leaving the house Kuzgun comes home. Sermin is there and tries to put suspicions in Kuzgun’s head about Dila and Selcuk. Kuzgun doesnt appear to take the bait. However, when Dila hands over the paperwork to him he asks her why Selcuk is always around.

Later Kuzgun challenges her to a game of pool. If she wins he will tell her why he wanted the paperwork. Obviously unbeknown to Kuzgun she can play pool. They search for the four people on the paperwork who had knowledge of his death. Two are dead and two they cannot trace. Dila accidentally smashes his watch which was on the table. She is so sorry as it was his fathers watch. She tells him she will get it repaired.

Dila gets a call from her father in prison. She tells him she will get him out, Kuzgun overhears this but Dila isn’t bothered. After Kuzgun leaves the room her dad tells her to forget Kuzgun, Dila says they are married and that’s how it will stay. Kuzgun knows she still is Rifat’s daughter.

Seda’s car breaks down, she calls Ali who is busy and not happy to talk with her. He gives her Kartal’s number to call to help with the car.

At the factory, Kuzgun is suspicious if Cihan knows that Dervish is Behram. Cihan appears not to know anything and says he is loyal to Kuzgun. Kumru arrives and finally, Kuzgun learns of what happened after he was taken. That his mum handed over the tape but he had already escaped, the night he went home and thought they had abandoned him was the night that his mum shot Rifat and was held in custody. This deeply affects Kuzgun. As she is leaving Kumru exchanges numbers with Cihan. Obviously, he likes her however I think she wanted to exchange numbers more for her benefit.

Meryem goes up to feed the pigeons to find Kuzgun sat there. He tells her that he really is trying to forgive her and knows why they weren’t at home that evening when he returned. But he cannot forgive no matter how hard he tries the fact that she said his name.

Both Dila and Sermin want control over the family business. Sermin has visited Rifat in prison to try and persuade him that she and Ali should have it. He tells he can’t do that to Dila and tells Sermin about the drugs he got Dila to plant in Kuzguns home when she was 8 years old getting his father arrested. Sermin you can tell will use this information at some point. So she says why not give her the control while ever Dila and Kuzgun are married. Obviously, Rifat will agree to this as he doesnt want Dila to be with Kuzgun and will hope that her love for her family and its best interests will make her divorce Kuzgun, But as we know the police need her to be with Kuzgun to bring down Behram.

Dila is driving and realises she is being followed. She calls Kudret who sets up a roadblock to stop the car. Kuzgun asks who he is. He quickly spills that he was hired by Sermin to follow and take photos of her. Dila tells him to print them all off and send them to her and she will give them to Sermin herself.

At home, Dila gets the images and confronts Sermin. Kuzgun arrives and sees the pictures. Dila tells him that he is jealous. He gets a call from Cihan telling him the Prison manager who may have information about his Dad’s death will be at a wedding this evening. He advises Kuzgun to go with Dila as it will look better as a couple, There will be heavy security. Overhearing this Dila sends a message to Kudret. After discussing how they will enter the wedding Dila goes to the bathroom and Kuzgun sends one of the images of Selcuk to Cihan.

At the wedding Kuzgun follows the man to the toilet, closely followed by Dila. He finds the man dead in the toilet with his phone ringing. Kuzgun answers and is told by a disguised voice that his father is alive. His grave is empty. If they want proof he should dig up the grave.

Kuzgun tells Dila to go home and not follow him. He gets a taxi and calls Cihan to bring a gun and two men to meet him. Dila stops down the road and calls Kudret to tell her what happened. Kudret tells her that Behram and his father’s death are connected.

Kuzgun is at the graveyard…his fathers grave is empty. He jumps in the grave and claws at the soil, he is distraught. Bora arrives with a message from Ferman. If Kuzgun wants to know details about his father then he needs to do one thing, kill Behram. This was said in front of Cihan. And while we believe he doesnt know Dervish is Behram will he tell him about it, tipping him off what’s happening?

At breakfast, the lawyers arrive with the paperwork. Sermin has great pleasure in informing Dila that her father has signed to say while ever she is married to Kuzgun Ali and she will have the shares and control of the business. Dila walks away. Ali is uneasy about all this but still agreed to go along with this.

Returning to her room Dila finds Kuzgun just sat staring. She notices he is dirty and takes him into the bathroom to wash his hands and face. She removes his shirt and Kuzgun doesnt flinch, not bothered about her seeing the scars. They get very close. Dila pulls away and leaves the room to compose herself. I would be interested to know just how many women would have left at that point!

Dila goes to the jewellers to collect the watch. She sees an inscription Yusuf Avidar. She calls Kudret to meet. Meanwhile, Kuzgun has gone to Dervish. He tells him his fathers grave was empty and he has to kill him to find his father. Dervis gives Kuzgun a box. In it is an ID card of his father. It shows the name as Avidar. Devis tells him that he killed his son and that he is his grandfather. Kuzgun pointing the gun towards his head pulls the trigger twice.

Once again these writer’s like to leave us guessing at the end of an episode. Personally, I think he shot to the side of Dervis, not at his head. Some really good scenes this week. The one with Kuzgun and his mum near the pigeons was very well acted and very emotional. I’m looking forward to seeing the relationships between both Kartal and Seda and Kumru and Cihan develop. 

It’s reported this will go to a second season and is a series that will be made available to the international market despite its lower ratings in Turkey. 

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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