Last weeks episode ended with the shooting in the garden orchestrated by Bora. This week starts as they arrive at the hospital. Dila has been shot.

We finally see Kuzgun’s true feelings for Dila as he is distraught as she is wheeled away down the corridor to the emergency room. He collapses on the floor. Kumru arrives and Kuzgun is trying to make sense of why Dila threw herself in front of him. Kumru tells him that Dila loves him.

Bora has got his men who did the shooting in the forest. He is furious that they injured Dila. All of them are shot dead for their efforts. Back at the hospital, Sermin tries to blame Kuzgun for bringing trouble even though she knows that Bora was behind it all.

Bora meanwhile has gone to a deserted restaurant. A table for one is set. A phone on the table rings. Its a Man called Ferman. He says he is the enemy of Behram and even though the shooting went wrong he is sure that Behram got the message. So we now see that Bora was acting for Mr Ferman. He agrees to help him against Behram.

Kartal and Meryem arrive at the hospital. While Meryem waits Kartal finds Seda on her own in the room. You can tell how they look at each other that this is going to be a very dangerous situation for Kartal. He obviously likes her. And he is helping her and concerned whereas her husband Ali isn’t. Ali asks Kartal if he can take Seda home while he waits for news of Dila.

Kuzgun gets to see Dila who is still unconscious after the operation. He talks to her and replaces her wedding ring back on her finger.

Dervish arrives at the hospital and informs Kuzgun that this wasn’t Behram’s doing. He gives Kuzgun a gun and advises him not to leave Dila alone at all and be careful leaving the hospital.

Dila comes round and finds Kuzgun there. Straight away they are bickering again. When Kuzgun leaves the nurse shows Dila a photo she had taken of Kuzgun sleeping next to her. Meanwhile, Sermin has gone to visit Rifat in prison. She tells him that this is all Kuzguns fault and to split the companies money and power over to her and Ali so Kuzgun and Behram don’t have control.

Bora visits Dila in hospital. He holds her hand. Kuzgun isn’t happy, Dila notices and moves her hand away. Bora looks daggers at Kuzgun. On a second visit a few days later he asks to speak with Dila alone. Kuzgun won’t let him. Leaving the hospital Bora is approached by a man saying that Behram wants to talk with him. When he arrives its the fake Behram we see who Bora thinks is the real Behram. He is about to kill Bora for attacking Kuzgun and Dila but Bora whispers something to him and they lower their guns.

Dila is at home in bed. Kuzgun tells her that it was funny how after they shot her they panicked and left. Like she was ordered not to be killed. Dila still thinks that it may be Behram. Kuzgun goes to visit Dervish. He tells Kuzgun that Bora was behind the attack. Kuzgun wants to kill him but Dervish stops him. He tells him that Behram needs Bora. Kuzgun says a few choice words and leaves.

Seda tells Ali they should divorce as they are both miserable. He tells her he will keep their daughter and she can leave. Seda tells him she will never leave her daughter. Ali tells her there will be no divorce then.

Kuzgun talks with Ali in the office. Kumru is listening in on the conversation after she planted a bug. Kuzgun tells Ali that it was Bora behind the killing and that Behram doesnt want any action to be taken against him. However Kuzgun says he will. Ali wants to know how but Kuzgun won’t tell him. When leaving he sees Fuhsun and tells her she needs to leave. She won’t and blames Dila for getting her brother killed.

Selcuk arrives and asks Dila to go with him. He has something to tell her. She refuses to let a guard go with her. Kuzgun is informed that she has gone and calls her but she doesnt give him any answers to his questions. They arrive at a quiet area and Dila sees the policewoman Kudret, that is helping her. Obviously, Selcuk works for the police. She wants to know exactly what Dila feels for Kuzgun. She asks her can she hand Kuzgun to the police at the end of all this? Dila says yes but not very convincingly.

Kuzgun and Ali meet at the warehouse. Kuzgun asks him if he is supporting his sister or Bora as he will kill Bora. Ali says just for this he will take sides and help Kuzgun. Ali’s man is listening at the door and texting someone. Cihan spots this and tells Kuzgun after they leave. Arriving home from her meeting Dila is met by Kumru. She tells her that Kuzgun is going after the person who shot her. Dila asks who and Kumru tells her its Bora.

Kuzgun tells Ali the plan of what will happen with Bora. He tells him he hasn’t to tell anyone. That night Ali has dinner with Bora and tells him that Kuzgun is after him. That he will set a trap to kill him despite what Behram says. Ali asks Bora if he can be the one to kill Kuzgun. Bora agrees. Kuzgun messages him to meet the following day and sends him a location.

Kuzgun is making Dila some pasta and talking on the phone to Cihan. Dila overhears him say about Bora. She tells him not to kill him. Kuzgun thinks she is protecting Bora but she means she is protecting Kuzgun. She tells him he may get married to a woman he loves and have children after they divorce so don’t ruin his life. She leaves the room and calls Kudret informing her that Kuzgun is going to do something to Bora. Kuzgun sees her phone on the table but again knows she has a second phone.

The next day Dervish visits the warehouse and again warns Kuzgun not to kill Bora. Kuzgun asks why Behram isn’t killing Bora if he is protecting him. Why is Bora protecting Kuzgun? After leaving the warehouse, Kuzgun is driving and notices he is being followed. He loses them. We see its Selcuk and he calls Kudret and tells her that Kuzgun saw him.

While listening in to Alis office using the bug, Kumru hears Ali telling his man that they are going to kill Kuzgun and to meet in one hour. She immediately calls Kuzgun but he doesnt answer. She leaves a message telling him what Ali is doing. She goes to Dila and tells her what’s happening. Dila leaves but won’t let Kumru go with her.

At the warehouse, Ali meets with Kuzgun while Bora is getting a live stream from his man who is there filming what’s happening. Dila arrives just as Ali and Kuzgun are pointing their guns at each other. She begs of them both not to do it. Kuzgun starts to lower his gun and Ali shoots him twice in the chest. Dila is frantic but Ali holds her back. Ali knocks her out and carries her away. Bora has been watching all this live. He seems relieved and happy thinking Kuzgun is dead.

Behrams men arrive and take Kuzgun away. They take him to Behrams place. When there Behram arrives in the room to find Kuzgun pointing a gun at him. Kuzgun is shocked to see that Dervish is actually Behram. We then see how Kuzgun had planned with Ali his fake death for Bora and to get into the same room ad Behram.

Dila contacts Kudret and tells her that Kuzgun has found Behram and she begs her to save Kuzgun. Meanwhile, Kuzgun learns that it was Behram that killed his father. However, Behram tells him if he pulls the trigger then Meryem, Kudru. Kartal etc will all die.

That’s where this weeks episode ends. I did see the fake death plot coming it was pretty obvious that is what Ali and Kuzgun were up to. So what will happen now? Bora thinks that Kuzgun is dead leaving the way for Kuzgun to get Bora. However, what will Kuzgun do with Behram?

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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