Welcome to the summary for the new series that has started on StarTV, Kuzgun. This is one I have been looking forward to as Burcu Biricik is a favourite actress of mine and was wonderful in Hayat Sarkisi. She takes the lead role alongside Baris Arduc again a very popular actor.

Episode 1

In the opening scenes, we see Kuzgun. He’s currently a loner living in Cappadocia. He has moved away from something a long time ago. We get a flashback to when he was a young boy. He lives with his family including his younger brother Kartal in Istanbul. He has a friend Dila who lives across the road. both their fathers are police officers. Kuzgun and Dila sneak out at night to ” help protect ” their fathers while they are on duty by lighting candles next to their photos.

Whilst on an operation they bust a large drug deal. The boss of the gang Seref Dagistanli obviously has some help from inside the police. They arrest Seref but they don’t hand in the video taken of the bust as they feel that there is someone corrupt at the station. At a meal with the two families, we learn that Dila’s mum has an illness that they are struggling to get medication for.  Yusuf, Kuzgun’s dad is arrested for killing one of his colleagues during the raid, they also find a package in his house, obviously all false allegations but they take him away.

Rifat ( Dila’s dad ) has taken a bribe from Seref. Obviously desperate to buy his wife’s medication. In prison, Yusuf tells his wife Meryem to leave the area as he has a plan but she needs to take the children and go. He knows that Rifat is partners with Seref and tells his wife not to tell them they are leaving. Arriving home, Seref’s men are waiting for them. They kidnap Kuzgun as Meryem doesnt say where the tape from the raid is. He never went back to his family since then.

Back to the present day. Kuzgun is working as a hired hand. We see he can handle himself after he takes out four armed men in a nightclub. The boss of the club asks Kuzgun to watch over an important visitor to Cappadocia, She is from Istanbul. It’s Dila. Her father Rifat is still around, looks like he’s a big man now with some shady dealings. His son also works with him and looks like he likes to get blood on his hands. We learn that Meryem handed back the tape to Seref in return for Kuzgun, but he has never returned home since that day. His Dad has passed away and his Mum, brother and sister still hope that he will return home one day.

Kuzgun has made the connection that its Dila from his childhood, although she doesnt to appear to have done the same. She does think that he is familiar. Her father is still working for Seref and his underhand dealings. Kuzgun’s mum, Meryem still every night watches out for her son returning to them, twenty years later, she is convinced he will, whereas his brother and sister appear to think he never will come home. His brother Kartal is having money issues too. He seems to be getting in trouble.

After a little too much wine Kuzgun escorts Dila back to the hotel, she is slightly tipsy and grabs Kuzgun and kisses him. He rejects her and says he doesnt like to do it the easy way, he gets a slap for his trouble. After leaving he goes to a woman who he has obviously been with before. He has a flashback to when he was held captive, he escaped from the house in the woods and ran to his home. There he finds his family have left.

Dila decides to drive on her way to the airport. They get followed by masked men who are trying to take her for something her father has done. Kuzgun gets them out of the situation by beating the guys up and then hitting a police car so they get to the safety of the police station. When there Dila speaks to her Dad and he asks her not to say who or why they were following her. Reluctantly she agrees but Kuzgun can sense something wrong. Leaving the police station her fathers men have come to escort her to the airport. Kuzgun gets a call from her father saying that he owes him for saving his daughter’s life.

Kuzgun boards a bus to Istanbul. Dila arriving home immediately takes a car. Another flashback shows us Kuzgun escaping Istanbul in the back of different delivery vehicles and the luggage compartment of a bus.

In Istanbul, Kuzgun goes to the cemetery and visits his Dads grave. While there he receives a note from someone saying he has something from his father. He goes to see the man who knew his father. He knows that he has returned to take revenge on Rifat and is going to go and work for him. Meanwhile, Dila has told her father she cant stay in Istanbul and doesnt like or want to be involved in his shady dealings. She tells him she will be going back to London. Kuzgun’s sister is a reporter for the newspaper and obviously is also out to get Rifat and his family by publishing articles about them.

At a strained family dinner, Dila tells all the family she is going back to London. Seref is there, his sister married Rifat, Dila’s dad. He appears to want Dila to get to know someone called Dora but she is not interested. The next morning Kuzgun goes to get his suit from the Tailor. He has also got him an ID in his real name. The tailor advises him not to hide and be the real him while going to the interview. When he leaves we see the tailor appears to have several letters from his father and a picture of Kuzgun when he was younger.

Dila is sleeping and gets woken by a call. She sees lights flashing at her window and she thinks about when she and Kuzgun flashed lights at each other. She gets a text message with a picture of a hand and written on it is ” Are you in? ” She knows that this was what she and Kuzgun used to say. She goes outside and sees a car, in the car the same message is on the dashboard. She gets in the car. The Sat Nav has already been programmed with the destination. She arrives at the park. Kuzgun reveals himself but she doesnt believe its him. She looks for the scar on his hand and realises it is him. They hug and he tells her he has come back to take things that are is.

The next day he confronts Rifat outside his office and tells him who he really is. Rifat tries to act cool and says he will keep is promise to give Kuzgun a job, however, when he gets in the car he calls Dila and it becomes clear that she had already told him that Kuzgun was back. She had asked him to give Kuzgun a chance, her father agreed on the condition she didn’t return to London. I think that was quite an easy decision for Dila she will be quite happy now to stay. Rifat tells his son Kuzgun is back and tells him he needs to leave immediately to find out who was chasing Dila.

In the final minutes of the episode, we get to see that all the events were orchestrated by Kuzgun from organising Dila to go to the school so he could meet with her right up to him getting friends to help stage the car chase. He has been wanting revenge for years. The final scene is of him in the shower where he has all the names of the people who matter to him, good or bad. Dila is above his heart. But is his feelings for her going to be real or will he be faking them going forward?

So that’s it the first episode. It was amazing, I was totally hooked from beginning to end. Let’s hope that it gets the viewer ratings it really deserves. I can’t wait for the next episode.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



  1. This was a great summary and very well-written. You can tell you know and understand english – not just doing ‘google translate’. Thank you!


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