Welcome to a brand new season of Kurulus Osman. The last episode of Season 1 tied up so many loose ends. Here is a recap of events bringing to help bring you up to date.

Lets start with the Mongols. We saw Balgay, Cerkutay and Subutay meet their deaths and we learnt that Master Yannis was killed by the Emperor of Constantinople but Sofia escaped execution by killing her captors and to returning to Kuluchaiser Castle.

We lost Osman’s brother-in-arms Konur Alp. He dies by his own brother’s sword. His brother who is Kongar the Mongol was Balgay’s right hand man but is now a loyal turk called Goktug. This name is given to him by his Turkish mother and father. Goktug now protects Osman with his life, a promise he made to his dying brother.

Prince Salvador who was spying for Osman was poisoned by Sofia’s hand and sent to Osman Bey in his fatal poisoned condition as a wedding gift. Bamsi Bey buried him beside his son Aybars as he had great love for Salvador. Osman swore revenge for his death.

The bodies of Balgay and Cerkutay were sent back to Geyhatu in Konya. Sofia hopes that Geyhatu will revenge their deaths by bringing his army and attacking Osman and the Kayi tribe.

Osman’s attack on Sofia and Kuluchaiser Castle was victorious. The Kayi tribe overthrows Kuluchaiser Castle. In an awesome battle Sofia is heavily wounded by Osman’s sword and she falls from the castle ramparts to the ground. She is found and carried outside the castle walls. At this stage we do not know if she survives.

Hazal Hatun has stirred up trouble. She is the first wife of Dundar Bey and the mother of Bahadir, Dundar Bey’s son. She is anxious for her brother to take over the leadership of the Kayi tribe. Hazal Hatun was responsible for killing Zohore who was Dundar Bey’s second wife and mother of Aygul. Hazal Hatun has tried to kill Aygul but was unsuccessful. Aygul on the other hand escaped her captives and made her way back to the Kayi tribe. She attemps to kill Hazal Hatun herself but unfortunately her arrow is misplaced and it finds the heart of Burcin her best friend. We do not know at this stage if Burcin survived.

Osman’s victory in overtaking Kuluchaiser Castle was the first step in Osman’s dream of an independent State for the Turkish people. A dream also which is shared by his father Ertugrul Bey.

Join me as Season 2 of Kurulus Osman continues shortly.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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