Our first scene this week begins with Osman Bey who is searching for Bala Hatun after she and Sheik Edebali disappeared from the Kayi Village.

Osman finds his arch enemy Master Yannis at the Ahis Village Bazaar. Osman is very much surprised to see Yannis as he is supposed to be executed at Kuluchaiser Castle that very same day. Unfortunately an innocent person will be going to the chopping block in his place.

True to his evil nature Yannis has his back covered. He uses the safety of Selcan Hatun who is returning home after a long spiritual journey to use as his tool to get him out of a sticky situation. Selcan Hatun is resting at a Caravan Inn in Sogut where travellers can find refreshment before continuing their journey.

Selcan Hatun is dearly loved by Osman. She is the wife of his father’s eldest brother Gundogdu Bey and the daughter-in-law of his esteemed grandmother Hayme.

Master Yannis in his plan to stay alive has sent Sofia to the Caravan Inn knowing that Selcan Hatun is there. Selcan Hatun is not stupid she knows who Sofia is and has her dagger ready.

Master Yannis threatens Osman with killing Selcan Hatun if Osman does not allow him to get out of Ahis Village Bazaar alive. Osman’s patience wears thin as he has Yannis exactly where he wants him with his sword at his throat.

For his freedom Yannis offers Osman the murderer of Aybars. With Selcan Hatun in danger and with the information on Aybars murderers, Osman is pressured to let Yannis go. He can now carry out his promise to Bamsi Bey and avenge Aybar’s.

Osman leaves Yannis and with a few of his favourite Alps heads to the camp of Prince Salvador and his men.

At Prince Salvador’s camp Osman makes a surprise attack. He is successful in his raid and captures the men he has been looking for. Unfortunately Prince Salvadore escapes but they take captive his right hand man in the hope of making him tell them where Prince Salvador is hiding.

Meanwhile Selcan Hatun meets Bala and Sheik Edebali at the Caravan Inn.

Dundar Bey, Gunduz, Alisar Bey and Sofia gather together and sign a new Agreement in Osman’s absence.

Selcan Hatun arrives in the Kayi Village to a large welcome by the tribe but Zohore Hatun is not too happy to see her sister-in-law. There is no love lost between these two women.

The village drums herald the arrival of Osman. Selcan Hatun watches as her strong proud nephew rides through the camp. Osman is dragging two prisoners after him. He walks straight up to Bamsi Bey with the long awaited gift that he promised him. He proudly hands him the ropes that bind his prisoners together and tells Bamsi Bey that although he hasn’t captured the leader of the Catalonian bandits he has delivered him two of the men who were responsible for his sons death.

Bamsi Bey takes his revenge and with a sword in both hands severs the heads from the two Catalonian men and gives all honour to Osman Bey.

Osman then welcomes his favourite Aunt by wrapping his arms around her in a loving gesture and guides her to his fathers tent.

Zohore Hatun can see that Osman is gaining strength and power amongst the tribe and many will be prepared to follow his leadership. This is a threat to her and Dundar Bey. She has hope that Alisar Bey will marry her daughter and that way keeping the tribal power close to home.

After talking with his Aunt, Osman finds out that Bala Hatun is at the Caravan Inn. This is the best news that Osman could receive. He heads straight to the Inn in the hope of seeing Bala.

Osman is in luck and he finds Bala as soon as he arrives. He tells her that he is going to ask his Aunt Selcan to visit Sheik Edebali and ask for her hand in marriage.

Osman is saddened when Sheik Edebali will not see him and Bala asks him to be patient and to give her father more time. Osman promises her he will wait a lifetime for her if necessary. Bala’s response to Osman is that as long as she has breath she will wait for him also.

On arriving back at the village Osman asks Aunt Selcan to visit Sheik Edebali at the Caravan Inn the next day to claim Bala as his bride. She happily agrees.

Boran Alp begins torturing the Catalonian captive to try and get him to tell where Prince Salvador is hiding out. The information that Samsa Bey’s village will be attacked in the morning by the Prince and his men is forced out of his mouth. This information is relayed to Osman who in turn plans his own attack on Prince Salvador before he reaches Samsa’s Village.

Osman cannot carry out his plan as Prince Salvador has set a trap for him. On the road leading to Samsa’s Village, Osman rides straight into a trap and is ambushed by Prince Salvador.

Osman and his Alps are no match for the Catalonians this time. His Alps are killed in front of his eyes and he and the remaining Alps are placed in bondage ropes. Prince Salvador tells Osman that if he does not tell him where Sheik Edebali is hiding he will kill one of his Alps every day.

The Catalonian captive has given false information to Osman’s Alps leading to a trap. He escapes his torturer. He rests up in the woods and is found by Batur Bey.

Meanwhile Osman and his Alps find themselves in an impossible situation. They are bound and tied and are being heavily beaten. As much as they torture Osman he will not give up Sheik Edebali’s location.

Sheik Edebali has a dream where he sees Osman in danger. He asks Bala to get his Dervishes to go look in the woods for him. It is not long before the Dervishes find a survivor from the attack on Osman. The Alp tells them that Osman has been kidnapped. This information is relayed back to Sheik Edebali.

Osman and his Alps continue to be beaten and are beginning to weaken. If Osman doesn’t tell them where Sheik Edebali is another Alp will soon be dead.

Dundar Bey and Kalonos on the other hand discuss the Kayi tribal crafts. They hope to profit out of developing Bazaars and profiting out of the hand made rugs made by the Kais. At present the Kais weave the best rugs in the land and most are sold in Constantinople (Istanbul.) Sofia is keen on exploiting the hard work of the tribal women.

The drums of the Kayi Village herald the entrance of Abdurrahman Gazi brother to Dundar Bey. He brings the news that Ertugrul Bey is critically ill with a lung disease. He has been hospitalised but his chances of survival is little. He asks that Dundar Bey be his Deputy and that his sons obey him. Dundar Bey is given his brothers ring and seal to cement the leadership.

The Dervishes arrive back at the Caravan Inn with the bad news that Osman has been ambushed and kidnapped. Sheik Edebali asks his Dervishes to prepare his weapons.
Meanwhile a messenger also brings Dundar Bey and Bamsi Bey the news that Osman has been captured.

Kolur Alp is beaten heavily by Prince Salvador. Kolur Alp courageously asks Salvador to kill him, and he warns Salvador that if he doesn’t kill him he will find him and rip his lungs out with his teeth. (Rather strong words for somebody that is tied hand and foot and has no way of defending himself.)

Sofia joins Prince Salvador in the game of torture. She has Osman just where she wants him. He cannot fight back and she has the look of the devil in her eyes.

Join me next week to see if Kolur Alp gets an opportunity to carry out his threat. I believe that Osman may receive some help from Sheik Edebali and the Dervishes. He is otherwise in a sticky situation. Also I doubt he will be happy to find out that his Uncle is now the leader of the tribe and he is expected to kiss his hand and obey him.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



  1. I find it very helpful to read your written summaries along with watching a very complicated series like Krulus Osman. Thank you for doing them. I could not find a written report for episode 3. Did I miss it somewhere? Thanks.


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