Welcome to this week’s episode of Kurulus Osman. At the end of Episode 6 we left Osman and his Alps in a life threatening situation tied up and being tortured by Prince Salvador and Sofia.

We also learnt from Abdurrahman Gazi (Ertugrul’s brother and Osman’s Uncle) who has just returned home from fighting alongside Ertugrul that Ertugrul has a fatal lung disease which will eventually take his life. Ertugrul hands over the leadership of the Kayi tribe to Dundar Bey.

In the torture room Sofia enjoys inflicting pain on Osman. She demands he tells her where Sheik Edebali is knowing that the treasure she seeks would not be too far away from him. When he does not answer Sofia becomes infuriated. Taking a dagger she plunges it into the body one of his Alps. As she continues her assault on the defenceless man Osman recites scripture and boosts the bravery of his tortured Alps. They are tortured even more for their faith which moves Sofia to an uncontrollable rage when she cannot stop them from praising Allah.

Meanwhile at the Kayi village Bamsi Bey and Selcan Hatun feel Dundar Bey should send all his alps in search of Osman. Dundar Bey gathers them together with a plan in mind. He sends Bamsi Bey and Gunduz to Kulchaiser Castle on a mission to speak with Sofia and to warn her if she has had anything to do with the kidnapping of Osman then he will take his revenge.

The scene in the torture room is gladly watched by Yannis. He has come to personally deliver his own form of punishment to Osman. Yannis fails to break Osman’s spirit even after he brands him with red hot pokers.

Osman’s courage and silence about the whereabouts of Sheik Edebali angers Yannis to the point where he brands Osman over and over again but still he cannot break Osman’s spirit and still he remains silent. Every lash, every burn from the hot pokers drives Osman’s spirit further towards his dream of a country free of infidels.

Batur Bey and his Alps are sent into the countryside to look for any sign of Osman.

Bamsi Bey and Gunduz have an audience with Sofia to make sure she understands that they are nearly at war and if she has had anything to do with Osman’s disappearance she will find the whole Kayi tribe at her castle gates.

A war is not what Sofia . She lies and tries to throw them off their suspicions that she is responsible for Osman’s kidnapping. Bamsi Bey is not fooled by her lies and sees in front of him the evil woman that she is.

Osman hangs unconscious in the torture room along with his beaten Alps. Yannis comments on his great strength. “Like that of a lion,” Yannis says.

Batur Bey still has Osman’s hidden prisoner whom Osman was using to obtain information. This prisoner killed one of Osman’s Alps before he released by Batur Bey and hidden elsewhere. He was the right hand man of Prince Salvador. Batur Bey offers him many gold pieces if he will tell him where Osman is being held and he will offer him many more gold pieces if he will kill Osman and bring him his dead body. Batur Bey then releases him.

Meanwhile Bala Hatun arrives within the Kayi Village. She is not given a good welcome by Aygul (Dundar Bey’s daughter). Aygul blames Bala Hatun for placing Osman’s life in danger. She is put in her place by Selcan Hatun who tells her that Osman and Bala Hatun are promised to each other. There is no welcome mat rolled out either to Bala by Dundar Bey’s wife but Selcan Hatun stands by her side and tells them Bala will find hospitality in her tent.
Priest Marcus brings a message to Sofia from Sheik Edibali. He wants to meet with Yannis. Sheik Edibali tells Yannis that he will give Yannis what he wants if he sees Osman is alive. A meeting place is arranged.

In the torture room the unconscious Osman dreams about Sheik Edibali who visits his subconscious and tells him that God has not forsaken him and with a little faith he can escape. A renewed Osman wakes. With a new strength Osman pulls the leather that binds him to a metal nail which is lodged in the wood where he is tethered. He finds freedom. Although weak, burnt and beaten he quickly unties his Alps. They gain strength and prepare to make their escape.

The first resistance comes from Prince Salvador’s guard that Batur Bey released. He wants his gold. Unfortunately for him today he will meet his demise but before he dies he tells Osman that Batur Bey wants him dead. Hearing of Batur Bey’s betrayal does not surprise Osman. Osman and his Alps fight their way to freedom and are later joined by Samsa Bey and Bamsi Bey to make their escape.

The sad time comes when Osman is presented with the news of his dying father by Abdurrahman Gazi and also updated on the position Dundar Bey now holds in the tribe.
Osman arrives back at the Kayi Village with the tribe thanking God for his safe return.

Osman gives Dundar Bey the respect that he demands and kisses his hand knowing that even by doing so he goes against his own will. He embraces Batur Bey knowing that he wants him dead. He is in a position to do nothing else at the moment.

Bala Hatun waits for Osman to join her in his tent. One look at her beautiful face brings a yearning in his sole to make Bala Hatun his.

Osman tends his own wounds and tells himself that as the more his wounds hurt the more they fire him up to fight for his destiny.

Dundar Bey is pressured by his wife and daughter to get rid of Bala Hatun. At present Bala is the guest of Selcan Hatun and Osman Bey. Dundar Bey arrives in Osman’s tent to confront Bala about her father Sheik Edebali. He makes fun at Sheik Edebali and Bala is offended by Dundar Bey’s attack. Dundar Bey tells Osman that if he continues to befriend Sheik Edebali and Bala he will not be given the support of the Kayi tribe. Bala is offended by his words and walks out of the tent ready to leave the Kayi village.

Osman follows Bala Hatun demanding she tell him where Sheik Edebali is and the reason for her journey to the Kayi village. At first she was not going to tell him but under continued pressure from Osman she tells him that she was sent to his village after her father had ventured out to meet with Yannis. Her fathers aim is to sacrifice himself for Osman’s life. Little does Sheik Edebali know that Osman has freed himself from his captors and his sacrifice however noble, is no longer required.

Osman fires up his Alps and gallops out of the village to try and save Sheik Edebali from Yannis and his Catalonian rebels.

Meanwhile Master Yannis waits at the designated meeting place for Sheik Edebali. The two enemies eventually come face to face.

Yannis of course is not aware that Osman has escaped nor is he aware that he is on his way to aid Sheik Edebali with a troop of Alps but when Osman does turn up he quickly saves the life of his beloved Sheik Edebali.

In the fight Master Yannis takes an arrow in the chest but is quickly dragged off on his horse and makes his escape back to the castle. Osman and his Alps gladly kill as many of Prince Salvador’s men as they can remembering the torture they put them through.

Osman takes Sheik Edebali aside. He is a courageous warrior is our Osman but when it comes down to asking for Bala Hatun hand in marriage he is shy.

Meanwhile Osman and his Alps are becoming stronger and stronger in the fight against the infidels. Osman has many more followers now sharing the same dream.

Aygul hearing that Osman will marry Bala Hatun agrees to marry Aliser Bey.

Bala tells her father later that night that Selcan Hatun will be coming to ask her father if he would give permission for her to become Osman’s wife. It is not long before Selcan Hatun arrives for her meeting. While she is away Osman marches up and down restlessly in his tent awaiting the arrival of Secan Hatun with the answer to his request.

Osman remembers his words to Bala, “A life without you will be like death to me.” He hopes Selcan Hatun will bring him good news.

Unfortunately Sheik Edebali refuses to allow Osman to marry Bala and the news Selcan Hatun brings him is bad news.

On Selcan Hatun’s return to the village Osman can see straight away that she is not happy. When she tells Osman that Edebali did not accept his request to marry his daughter Osman is immediately heart broken and devastated.

How can Edebali refuse him a second time?

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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