Once again the Kais have been betrayed by Dundar Bey. Togay has ambushed the wedding caravan heading for Sogut. Gonca is wounded and Abdurrahman Ghazi is killed. Bamsi Bey swears when he finds the traitor he will kill him.

Malhun Hatun has also disobeyed Osman. Her father has made a deal with Aya Nickola to provide horses for Geyhatu and his Nokers. Osman and his Alps were drawn away from the wedding caravan to stop Malhun Hatun delivering the horses. Her and Umur Bey’s continued interference in his plans angers Osman.

Osman and his Alps intercept Malhun Hatun on the road and take the horses from her. Osman is not aware that Umur Bey was using the horses to gain access to Inegol Castle to aid in its downfall.

When Osman finds the carnage on the road of what is left of the wedding party and the dead body of Abdurrahman Ghazi. His pain is great. He is told that the legendary Kai warrior has become a martyr at the hands of Togay the Mongol. Osman swears revenge.

Aya Nickola is awaiting the arrival of Kalonos with an army of christian soldiers.

Togay, after seeing Abdurrahman Ghazi die, knows only too well that Osman and Bamsi Bey will be coming after him. He leaves for Konya and sends Camua, who is one of Geyhatu’s warriors, in his place. Camua informs Aya Nickola that the Kai wedding party has been wiped out and Osman’s Turks devastated.

Geyhatu has given Camua orders to hurry up and deal with Osman and the Turks. He tells Aya Nickola that he has been ordered to take Sogut as soon as he can as Geyhatu wants to make Sogut his headquarters.

Malhun Hatun and her father are not welcomed at the Kai nomad as it is known that they were trading with the enemy.

Meanwhile the wounded have been tendered by Bala Hatun and Gonca is recovering. Boran tells her that he will take revenge for them both.

When Umur Bey comes face to face with Osman he finds a man that is angry. Osman tells Umur Bey that Aya Nickola is his enemy and he should be his enemy too. He tells him that there will be a blood bath soon. He forbids him to trade with his enemy. Umur Bey can see what he has done is wrong and offers Osman help whenever he needs it.

Aya Nickola sends a message to Osman. The message tells Osman where to find Togay. Osman knows he cannot trust Aya Nickola and that the message may be trap.

Osman prepares to go after Togay. He doesn’t know that Togay has left and Cumua has taken over in his absence. He splits his Alps in two groups. Gunduz is to go after the Nokers and Osman is to go after Togay. The battle with the Nokers is savage and Gunduz does not show mercy to a single mongol.

Osman on the other hand finds out that he is now dealing with Cumua. His battle is equally as savage and the victory is Osman’s but he is frustrated in not being able to find Togay.

The other issue of concern for Osman is that of Kalonos. His christian army is becoming dangerously too close for Osman. He soon will join with Aya Nickola and is only a day away.

Osman plans on attacking Kalonos before he arrives at Inegol Castle. He calls for all the Beys in Sogut to bring their Alps to help him out. He ignores inviting Umur Bey on purpose.

Dundar Bey receives a letter from Petros and Cumua. They plans to unite with Togay and assassinate Osman. He is still hopeful that one day he will wear the hat of the Bey of all Beys.

Umur Bey finds out that Osman has not included him and his Alps in fighting Kalonos. He is offended by this. He sends Malhun Hatun to tell Osman that his pride is hurt.

Meanwhile the time has come for Osman to lead the Turks into battle. The holy war begins. He runs into Malhun Hatun as he leaves his nomad. She wants to go with him but he tells her that he wanted her and her father’s support before but they have only made his job harder.

Osman learns from his scouts that Commander Kalonos has separated from his army and is riding with a scouting troop to secure his path in the valley. He divides his men into groups ready for the assault. Their goal is to stop Kalonos and his army from ever entering Inegol Castle.

Meanwhile Umur Bey still wants to proceed with his goal of getting into Inegol Castle and showing Osman a thing or two. He believes that the rest of the Bey’s will be thinking that he is a traitor to his own people and he wants to teach Osman a lesson.

At the battle front Osman attacks Kalonos and his soldiers. Osman and his Alps show no mercy to the troops. Kalonos escapes with one of Osman’s arrows in his back. Those christian soldiers that were able to escape were slaughtered by Cumua and his Nokers.

Malhun Hatun feels sorry that she has brought trouble to Osman Bey. She knows she has been unfair to him and he still has a traitor in his camp. Malhun Hatun’s feelings for Osman can be much more than she realises.

Boran Alp asks Osman that when they finally catch Togay he would like Osman to allow him to take his head.

Umur Bey is not aware that Osman has invited the Beys to his tent to thank them for their support. Umur Bey unknowingly has invited them to his tent as well. He thanks them and offers the Beys two chests of gold. Osman has just heard about what Umur Bey has done. He is savagely angry over this act. Osman is the one who should bestow these rewards on his Bey’s.

The next day, Osman Bey enters Sogut. Dundar Bey watches as he and his Alps ride in.

Not long afterwards Umur Bey also enters the Sogut market after receiving an invitation to join Sheikh Edebali for dinner. Little do each other know that they have been set up by the Sheikh to force communication between them.

Sheikh Edebali’s move to get the two men talking is successful. Umur Bey tells Sheikh Edebali that Osman believes he and his Turks are traitors but his real traitor is very close to Osman.

Osman asks Umur Bey to tell him who the traitor is!

Umur Bey gives him the ring that was found on the ground the day that Idris the Potter was murdered. Osman immediately recognises the ring as the property of Dundar Bey.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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