We left Osman last week after he caught two women in a room where Lord Tekfur’s body had been thrown from a window after being killed by Commander Kalanos and Sofia.

Osman had earlier been seen secretly coming out of Lord Tekfur’s throne room after a meeting together. Tekfur’s body had landed right in front of Osman on his departure from the castle. As he could see the window where the body had been thrown from Osman goes back into the castle to try and find the murderer. It is here that he finds the two women and demands to know if they are murderers. He holds a knife to the throat of a most beautiful girl.

He doesn’t get too far into interrogating his beautiful captive when he is hit from behind . He lies unconscious on the floor after being delivered a heavy blow by a monk. The monk tells the young girl that he is the son of Ertugrul’s. She now knows that Osman comes with a fine blood line.

The two women and the monk continue their search of the room until they find a hidden compartment which leads them to the holy relics. The threesome make haste to escape the room and the castle with their treasure leaving Osman lying on the floor.

Commander Kalanos and Sofia blame Tekfur’s murder on Osman and a search begins of the castle to find him.

Osman wakes from his unconscious state to escape into the safety of his awaiting alps. He wants believes that if he finds the girl she may know who the murderer of Tekfur is.

Sofia is not happy to see her holy relics gone. She sends Commander Kalanos on a mission to take something precious from Dundar Bey in an attempt to get them back. Sofia cancels the Agreement waiting to be signed by Dundar Bey and calls Osman puts out the word throughout the castle that Osman is the murderer.

The two women who are dressed like nuns escape the castle by horse and cart before anyone knows that the holy relics are gone.

Meanwhile back in the tent of Dundar Bey he is advised to call Ertugrul back to the tribe to sort out the Agreement and to take Osman under control. He is not happy for anyone to think that he has failed as leader of the tribe.

Master Yannis is a Sorcerer. He is known to Ertugrul and shows a great interest in Osman. The Sorceress Sofia sends him a letter advising her master of the stolen holy relics. He is told that Osman was responsible for the theft. He leaves his cave for Kuluchaiser Castle.

Osman searches for the two nuns but they are long gone. The monk did not go with the women but stays behind in the chapel. He is surprised when Osman shows up looking for his nun. Osman remembers every detail of her face even down to the small freckles on her nose. The monk tells him that the girl he is looking for comes from Nebudaka. He goes on to tell him that she lives in a chapel outside the city.

Outside of the tribal gates Burcin and Aygul (who is Dundar Bey’s daughter) are washing their clothes. The girls areunaware that they are being watched by soldiers from the Castle. Aygul is taken captive.

Dundar Bey and Bamsi have a meeting with all the outlying tribes at Hisar Castle. This castle is on Sogut land and is owned by the Kayi tribe and flies their flag for all to see. He is seeking a peaceful alliance with the tribes but finds only opposition.

One tribal leader Samsa Bey believes that they should join and fight the ruling Lords instead of making another agreement. Alisar Bey the tribal leader from Itinge lands arrives at Hisar Castle and also attends the meeting. If you recall last week he is also against making the Agreement. Alisar Bey has a high standing and the respect of the tribes.

Before they can complete their meeting Burcin arrives with the bad news that Dundar Bey’s daughter has been kidnapped and the Castle want Osman as trade for her life. Dundar Bey prepares his Alps for battle and takes Bamsi and Samsa Bey with him to try and get his daughter back without creating a war.

Osman on the other hand is hiding with his Alps and sees Aygul being dragged into the castle. He can hear that they want him to surrender or they will kill Aygul.

Aygul begs him not to give himself up. Osman swears to turn the castle into their graveyard.

The Castle atmosphere is tense when Dundar Bey arrives with Bamsi. He demands his daughter immediately. He swears nobody will save them from his wrath if they do not give him his daughter back.

Aygul is dragged into their presence and Sofia tells them all that Osman has to prove his innocence or they will all die. Dundar Bey warns them that should anything happen to him the whole of the Turkish nomadic tribes will go into an uprising to avenge them. Before a fight can break out Osman turns up and is taken to the dungeons to await a court hearing and the opportunity to prove his innocence.

Osman is sure that the murderer of Aybars and the attempt on Dundar Bey’s life plus Tekfur’s murder are all connected. He knows that Tekfur was strangled and tells Commander Kalanos that he will never give up on finding the murderer.

Meanwhile Sofia has a plan of her own. She believes that Osman knows where the holy relics are and knowing he will escape the dungeons she believes he will lead her to the relics. Little does she know that he knows nothing of the relics. The relics are safe in the hands of two nuns from Nebudaka.

Osman’s alps fashion a key to the dungeon door where Osman is being held. They place it in Osman’s food bowl. Using the key Osman makes his escape from the dungeon but is closely followed by Sofia’s guards.

The alps wait for Osman to join them.

They meet Koluralp who has travelled far bringing Osman many maps of castle fortifications. Osman addresses his alps and tells them this is the beginning of his dream. They will fight and take lands and eventually make a whole country for its people. Although he will not do anything until he avenges Aybar’s death.

Sofia’s guards try to remain camouflaged but they are found by Osman and attacked. Osman drives a dagger into the shoulder of his attacker and tortures him until he gives him the name of the one who sent them. “Tell me, who sent you after me?” He spills the beans and tells him it is Sofia. Osman now knows Sofia knew he did not kill Tekfur but still she wanted him followed in the hope he would lead her to the holy relics.

After some travel Osman and his men enter the lands of Nebudaka to look for the two nuns. He doesn’t have to look far. She came in search of him. This time she is not dressed as a nun but rather this time she is dressed as a Turk.

She asks him to ride with her to her village.

She then takes him into a building which has a hidden room. She opens the door and ushers him to meet a man of faith, his name is Edebali. Now Edebali was Ertegrul’s spiritual friend and offered much spiritual guidance to him during their years together. Osman remembers stories told to him by his father. They have an immediate warm meeting. The feeling is comforting. Edebali promises to tell Osman all his holy secrets.

Edebali notices that Osman’s gaze is drawn to the young girl who stands beside him. He tells him that her name is Bala and she is his daughter. He cannot fail to see the look of interest on Osman’s face or on the face of his daughter.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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