Orhan awakens to find an unhappy boy, Ozan, who refuses to eat the breakfast that Zehra has prepared until he’s assured that he will be like Orhan when he grows up. His mother Gulce is still asleep after the trauma of discovering in the newspaper that her lover has died. Orhan looks for the morning paper but Zehra tells him the paperboy had none. After a cup of tea, Orhan walks up the street only to discover that the local store didn’t get the morning paper.

Leyla finds Orhan at the store and tells him that no morning paper was printed. She is upset but Orhan tells her not to worry. She must take care of herself because he needs her help in bringing the gangsters to justice.

At the police station, Kerim Pasa occupies the Police Superintendant’s desk where he talks on the telephone. Nuri Kargi enters with an attorney who presents a file to the Superintendant. There is an implicit understanding that the police will not pursue any charges against either Nuri or Kerim Pasa. In the car, Nuri Kargi is angry, but Kerim Pasa says he mustn’t let his emotions control him because he will surely make a mistake. If they make a mistake, they will have the state against them.

Leyla marches into the editor’s office to accuse him of being cowardly and selling out to the crooks, but he tells her he was fired for opposing the new owners of the newspaper. The reporters are baffled in the central office until Feraye and Nuri Kargi enter to announce that they’ve bought the business, they want to print “magazine” news, and Feraye will be the new managing editor. Leyla approaches Nuri for a private talk, but nothing of substance is discussed. Nuri gives her the file on Orhan’s father for her to write an article for the paper.

At the courthouse, Orhan finds Detective Hasun waiting in his office. He suspects that Kerim Pasa and Nuri Kargi have manipulated the Police Superintendant and nothing will happen to them. Hasun is dismayed, but Orhan is determined. An officer brings in the forensic report on Filiz Ertan and the results indicate that facts have been altered. Immediately after, a strange man enters and Orhan realizes he has been sent to confess to the murder of the young girl. When the man says he killed Filiz because she slept with many men, Orhan is incensed. Only Hasun and another officer stop him from attacking the man. Later, in the Chief Prosecutor’s office, Orhan passes Nuri Kargi’s lawyer who has presented a complaint against Orhan. Because of that complaint, Orhan is taken off the Filiz Ertan case.
Orhan goes to Bunyamin to discuss the recent problems. Bunyamin says there isn’t much they can do since they have found someone to take the blame for Serdar’s crime. That, he says, is not the problem. The problem will come when all of the gangsters have come together as a group to protect themselves, but Orhan has a plan.

Leyla has reviewed the file Nuri gave her and she’s disturbed. Cihan, her photographer, lets her know that he sees her interest in Orhan, but she should write the article. She says she will not write until she discusses the information with Orhan. She tells Cihan to research the person who wrote the profile of the elder Atmaca while she goes to Orhan’s house. There she talks with Zehra about Gulce and losing a loved one, commenting about the mystery of her husband’s suicide. Orhan finally arrives and they have a brief conversation, ending when Leyla probes Orhan’s past and his father’s life.

Fahri Onal joins Kirem Pasa and Nuri at Nuri’s home. Kirem Pasa gives Fahri a letter that his son Serdar wrote to him from prison. The contents are never revealed, but Onal senior excuses his son by saying that he was bored in prison and eager to get out. The entire conversation is innuendo about freeing Serdar and making Onal a minister but with overtones of threat. In prison, Serdar gives his prayer beads to Aydin, saying he is a friend and he will get him out soon. Later that night, Orhan meets with Aydin, saying he wants him moved to a safer place until he can get him out. He’s afraid Serdar will find out that Aydin passed that letter to him, but Aydin says he’ll be safe since Serdar is leaving tomorrow.

The next morning, Bunyamin tells Tomris she needs to stay at home, but she argues that all of her life she’s missed doing things with friends because of his fear for her safety. Now, she says, she won’t give up the things she believes in just to please him and she leaves. Bunyamin tells Rifat to have someone follow her for protection. At the same time, Zehra gets the morning paper and sees the article about her husband’s involvement with organized crime written by Leyla Devrim. She’s infuriated and when Leyla appears to explain that she didn’t write the article, Zehra tells her to get out of the house and never come back. Orhan takes Leyla outside and fusses at her for bringing up the past, but Leyla again says she didn’t write the article and he must trust her.

Tomris is attacked by two thugs at the university. Bunyamin hurries to the hospital thinking that students had hurt her, but she tells him that the two men were in the same profession he was. As Bunyamin checks with Rifat in the hallway, Nuri Kargi and two men approach. Nuri lets Bunyamin know that beating up Tomris was a warning for him to break off his friendship with Orhan, but Bunyamin says he’d better be careful of the Executioner’s ax. Nuri leaves after Bunyamin threatens him with his knife.

On the patio of Nuri Kargi’s home, Feraye, Nuri and Kerim Pasa discuss the article in the paper. Kerim Pasa congratulates Nuri and Feraye and says they have to keep up the story on Orhan and his father so that he will go to jail. Nuri says he has other news about Orhan; he attacked a criminal in his office. Kerim Pasa thinks continually publishing stories about Orhan will secure his indictment with the public. However, they don’t want to overdo it and make him look like a Hollywood star. With Fahri Onal they have to think of some way to make him look good so he can become their toady in the government and protect their smuggling operation.

Leyla takes Orhan to meet a friend of his father’s, a man who worked in law enforcement at the time Atmaca senior was prosecutor. At first Orhan is reluctant, but Leyla persuades him just to listen. The man tells Orhan that the story in the paper is not accurate. He says Orhan’s dad made a mistake but then regretted what he had done because he couldn’t look his son in the eye. He decided to atone for his error by following justice and prosecuting the criminals. According to the friend, his suicide made no sense at all given what he wanted to do. That made Orhan think that perhaps the forensic report on his father’s death had been changed or tampered with, and he left to investigate. When he gets the file, he sees that Fahri Onal, Serdar’s father, signed the forensics report. Suspicious, Orhan orders Hasun to have his father’s grave opened and his remains re-examined.

Serdar gets out of prison the next day and his father is waiting for him. Serdar is confident that the letter he wrote secured his freedom early, but Fahri tells him that the letter was found in the prosecutor’s pocket and blaming Nuri for the attempt on his life was Orhan’s trickery. Serdar is furious; he tells his father to get Aydin out so he can kill him, but Fahri says not to worry, Nuri will take care of him when the time comes.

When Leyla arrives at the newspaper office, she hears her father introducing Fahri Onal as the next candidate for government minister to the staff and reporters. She asks some rather pointed questions of candidate Onal only to be interrupted by Nuri and Feraye, who take Onal away. In a private conversation, Nuri tells Leyla he thinks she’s in love with the prosecutor, and, yes, he wants to separate them.

Orhan tells his mother that he is having his father’s grave opened, but Zehra is opposed to that. She is still angry with Leyla about the article. He goes to the cemetery where Hasun and some policemen wait, but he insists on opening the grave himself. Later he calls Leyla to come to his father’s country house where they spend a romantic night together.

Serdar is at his haunt, the nightclub. He expects to see Gulce singing but he’s told she hasn’t been there in quite awhile. He wants to ask her some questions about Aydin before he kills him.

The next morning Fahri Onal is pleased to see his name and picture on the front page of the paper. His joy is heightened when Kerim Pasa calls to tell him he will meet with the chief deputy who has the power to put him in the minister’s position. Also, at that moment, Orhan, Bunyamin, Zehra and Ozan stand with Gulce at the grave site of her lover Vural. She believes he’s been killed in the prison hospital, but he’s very much alive and being trained as a “Hasan” for Kerim Pasa. As she pours the water on the grave, Vural stands at a distance watching the ceremony. Kerim Pasa appears next to him and tells him that being a Hasan, a “hero” for his country, means Vural and his family are dead.

At the forensics lab, Orhan, Hasun, and Leyla stay through the process of investigation. The technician says the bullet is still in the skull, but Hasun says the report states he died of a shotgun blast. The 7.65 mm bullet proves that his father was murdered.

The next morning Serdar waits outside the prison for Aydin to be put in a police van. His henchmen will kidnap Aydin so that Serdar can kill him. The police van is stopped when it comes upon a stalled truck in the middle of the road. Serdar’s men hold up the prison guards and take Aydin to a deserted house deep in the woods. Serdar is prepared to torture Aydin with a variety of instruments but before he can begin, Bunyamin and his men arrive, capture Serdar and his men, and free Aydin.

At the newspaper office, Fahri Onal waits eagerly to meet with the chief deputy of the government. Nuri and Feraye are expecting Fahri to be appointed as a minister, so when Leyla interrupts Nuri’s anticipation of good news, her father is not happy. She says, however, that she has news which for him may be good or bad. She shows him too different documents: the forensics report about the truth of the death of Orhan’s father, and the second report about the head of forensics, Fahri Onal, who signed the false report.

When Fahri Onal meets with an official of the chief deputy at the hotel that evening, he is told that he’s no longer a candidate for the office of minister because of the scandal. He is given a copy of the morning paper that headlines his crime as Chief of Forensics.

Zehra is giving Ozan warm milk when the doorbell rings. Ozan runs downstairs followed by Zehra to find no one at the door, but Zehra sees a newspaper tucked in the window grating. She takes it into the house and reads the headlines as Leyla walks quietly away.

Shocked and upset, Fahri walks out to the car and directs the driver to take him home, but the driver is Orhan. He takes Fahri to his father’s country house and sits him in the chair where his father was murdered. Orhan calls Bunyamin who is still holding Serdar captive. Serdar calls out for his father to save him, but Orhan hangs up. Fahri threatens Orhan, but Orhan says if he wants to save his son, he will tell him who killed his father.

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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