Orhan meets Leyla on the balcony of a fancy restaurant and tells her he is tired, really tired. He has had some luck, however, in that he’s discovered Nuri Kargi has a “soft spot,” a family from long ago, a daughter. Leyla has a flashback, remembering the night her father left with a suitcase. Orhan says that no matter where Kargi has hidden her, underground or in hell, he will find her.

Standing in the garden of his old home, Nuri Kargi has remembered his wife and young daughter by the pool, but now he must deal with the family he abandoned. He enters the house and surprises his wife Nahide, who is shocked to see him and slaps him resoundingly before hugging him. She begs, “No more lies,” and he answers, “No more lies, Nahide. It was for our daughter’s safety.” When he leaves, he silently gives the housekeeper a knowing look.

Leyla is in her office at the newspaper when she receives a call from an unknown man who says he knows who she is and he will give her an address where she will find the information she seeks. When she asks what information, the caller says information about Orhan Atmaca’s past.
Orhan is pacing in the garage, his “work room.” He’s silently reviewing the past events as he looks at his chalk board of relevant people associated with the crime of Filiz Ertan. When he turns back toward the car, he notices apple peelings that draw his attention to flat tires. Pulling off the tarp, he finds a note which says “We will take you there.”

He goes outside and finds a car and driver waiting with another passenger, Kerim Pasa. Kerim Pasa tells Orhan that he has awakened a sleeping giant for the criminal organization is everywhere, and he has no idea of how powerful or dangerous it is. Furthermore, losing a sibling is nothing to these men. Orhan says he will put Kerim Pasa in prison, but that doesn’t rattle the old man. At that moment, Detective Harun approaches the car. When Orhan steps out, Harun tells him that a body of a man named Hasan was found behind Benyamin’s garden.

The Chief Prosecutor has come because his office received a direct call about the crime. When the body is turned out of the barrel, one of Orhan’s gloves is in the pocket. Rifat has a questioning look, since he was directed to leave Hasan tied up at Nuri Kargi’s door, but, of course, he murdered Hasan and then directed some henchmen to deposit the body behind his father’s restaurant. Now, the glove which Rifat placed on the body makes Orhan look guilty. Leyla has arrived at the address she was given and sees Orhan being treated as a suspect. She leaves immediately.

Orhan, rebuking the Chief Prosecutor and his friend Harun for suspecting him, says he will not stop doing his job. He sees Leyla leaving and goes after her. In a private conversation, he tells her she must help him find Nuri Kargi’s family while he deals with this recent problem. He knows that Nuri was in the security business at the time he left his wife and child, and they probably lived in a better neighborhood. Before Leyla can respond, Orhan walks back to the Chief and Harun.

At the prison, Serdar enters the visitor’s room to find his father, not a welcomed sight since he and his father are estranged. Fahri tells his son that Orhan has a man inside, so he must be careful; Serdar says he knows that and he’s already taken care of him. His father says but there may be another man because Orhan will not let him go. Serdar says he wished his father had been more concerned about his welfare long before, and then he leaves. In the cell, Serdar has become suspicious of every man who looks at him. Soon the door opens and Aydin comes in, followed by a new man named Riza who knows Aydin. Serdar has a new worry because Riza says he grew up in the same neighborhood with Aydin and Orhan who has helped him a lot. Before the guard can leave, Serdar orders him to bring a cold drink, but the guard refuses. Serdar is angry, but before there is trouble, Aydin stops Serdar.

On his waterfront patio, Nuri hosts a meeting with Kerim Pasa and Fahri Onal. Nuri is annoyed that Orhan has discovered his family and he knows Fahri is the source. He shows off a new electric grill imported from Germany where one of his men is roasting his hand. Nuri explains the man is being punished for talking. Onal gets the message and swears vehemently that he didn’t tell Orhan anything. When Onal is dismissed from the meeting, Kerim Pasa agrees with Nuri that he is guilty. Nuri invites Kerim Pasa into his home to meet a real “traitor.”

Rifat waits impatiently in Nuri’s office while the outside meeting takes place. When Nuri and Kerim Pasa enter, Rifat jumps up from Nuri’s desk chair and moves toward the men, eager to be considered an associate. A flashback shows how Rifat set up a camera and took pictures of the second Hasan standing with a rope around his neck and Orhan standing before him. He gives the photo to Nuri Kargi, telling him that Orhan killed the man. Rifat is very proud of himself, but he has overstepped his bounds in the presence of the eminent criminal dons. He hands Nuri a rolled cloth containing the knife (his knife) used to slit Hasan’s throat as evidence of Orhan’s supposed crime. After Rifat leaves, Nuri and Kerim Pasa discuss the next step in framing Orhan; they must find someone to place the knife to incriminate the prosecutor. Nuri has chosen Gulce. Before he exits, Kerim Pasa tells Nuri he must hide his family by sending Nahide to an asylum and leaving Leyla.

Leyla sits at home pondering the nature of the man who intrigues her. In a flashback, she remembers how he shot the man in the hallway of the nightclub when Gulce made her escape, and when Orhan told her he is willing to kill if he is willing to protect. She stares at the envelope that contains secrets of Orhan’s past just as her mother enters singing and setting dishes on the table. Nahide is happy because of Nuri’s visit, but Leyla recognizes immediately that something strange has happened.

Tomris and Benyamin clash when her father tells her she shouldn’t go out after what happened, but Tomris is determined to join her friends in their anti-government protest. They will start a riot at the local prison. In prison, Serdar is nervously watching the new prisoner who brings him tea. He thinks the man may have put more than sugar in his tea and he throws it to the floor. The guards come in and take him away to a solitary cell.
Nuri meets Nahide at a street side café. With sweet words and promises of the family being together again, he gets her to sign a document that will give him guardianship of her. With that document, he can put her in an institution.

Gulce tells her son how she met his father during a fight at music school before she leaves the house. As she walks out the door, a young woman takes her arm and says they should go to the café to eat muhallibi, a milk pudding. Gulce is taken to a hospital where she finds Vural, her lover, who has been beaten up in prison. He tells her “they” want her to do something, but he will agree to whatever she decides about the task. Later, the strange girl puts the bloody knife in Gulce’s purse and gives her instructions of what to do with it.

Tomris visits Aydin in prison to warn him about the impending riot, and Orhan goes to his office to discover it has been pillaged and everything is in disarray. Detective Harun enters with food sent by Zehra and tells him the Chief Prosecutor wanted his office searched. Orhan gives him a file about a business, but says if he checks the address, he will find that there is no business there. After the Chief Prosecutor comes in and tells him he’s a suspect, Orhan takes back the file and leaves.

In the prison yard, Aydin approaches Serdar and tells him Riza, the new man, will do anything for money and he recently received money from Orhan. Serdar is convinced Riza is employed as Orhan’s assassin, but Aydin says he’ll protect Serdar because he wants to spoil Orhan’s plan. Aydin also makes contact with Tomris’s friend Murat who will tell him when the riot will occur.

As Leyla and Cihan leave the newspaper building, a chauffeured car drives up. She knows it’s from her father, so she gets in without explaining anything to her friend. She is taken to her father’s house where he shows her the photograph of Orhan talking to Hasan with the rope around his neck. She then opens the sealed envelope left mysteriously at her door and finds an old document signed by Orhan’s father that cleared Nuri of criminal charges.

When Gulce returns home late, Orhan is waiting for her. He tells her he has a friend in Bursa where he wants to send her for protection. They talk about dreams they’ve had for the future, and finally, Gulce says she will stay and stand by Orhan. Zehra has seen the two talking, so when Leyla arrives, she invites her in to spoil the conversation of her son and her houseguest. In private, Leyla shows the photo and the old document to Orhan. He has denied the crime, but tells her she is afraid to know the truth. She is afraid of being abandoned, so she doesn’t trust anyone, especially him. At that moment, sirens blare as two police cars arrive. The Chief Prosecutor and Det. Harun come with a search warrant and find the knife in Zeynep’s room. Orhan escapes out of the window and gets help from Benyamin. The newspapers the next day proclaim Orhan a criminal on the run.

Orhan has found refuge in his father’s country house. Benyamin comes and tells him he has discovered Kerim Pasa’s hideout in a hill with a secret entrance at the top. Once through the entrance, stairs lead to the bottom where Kerim Pasa has his lair. At that moment, Leyla, who has been congratulated for her front page story about Orhan, has come to face him. She tells him that the cops know about the country house and he needs a new place to hide. She suggests he come to her house because no one would think of looking for him there. When they arrive, Leyla finds her mother packing a suitcase. She keeps asking her mother what she is doing, but Nahide is too intent on going through her clothes. Sultan, the housekeeper, says Nahide is having a mental episode, but Leyla doesn’t believe her. Orhan doesn’t stay. He leaves to find Kerim Pasa. When he leaves, Leyla calls her father, Nuri Kargi, and tells him that Orhan is going to hill Kerim Pasa and she’s telling him this because she wants to protect Orhan.

At the prison, Riza is beaten up. Aydin, followed by Serdar, takes him to a pantry where Riza says Nuri Kargi paid him to “down” Serdar. Serdar is angry and writes a letter to his father, but the letter is intercepted and goes to Orhan.

Nuri is with Kerim Pasa when Leyla calls, so plans are made to avert Orhan’s attempt on Kerim Pasa’s life. Kerim Pasa sends a note to the Chief Prosecutor. A trap is set for Orhan in the mountain sanctuary. When he enters Kerim Pasa’s hidden room, he meets not only the owner, but also Detective Harun and the Chief Prosecutor. Orhan proceeds to explain how they set him up with the knife evidence which actually belonged to Kerim Pasa himself. Harun is still loyal to Orhan, so he makes the arrests. Leyla and Cihan arrive to write the story and take pictures of the culprits.

Later that evening, Leyla comes to Orhan’s home where he’s waiting for her with lots of candles and romantic music. They snuggle on the patio while upstairs Gulce sees a newspaper story about her lover, Vural. In tears, she rushes down and accosts Leyla and Orhan, blaming them for Vural’s death. A new scene shows a suspicious man at the hospital donning doctor’s gear and smothering Vural. His body is taken by ambulance to a remote mountain location where he is directed to get up. Once out of the ambulance, he is directed to a lone figure standing a distance away. When Vural approaches the figure, we see Kerim Pasa who greets Vural with, “Greetings, Hasan.”

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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