Ahhh, Rifat! You are a “rat” with your beady brown eyes, Brillantine hair, and sneaky traitorous behavior against your own father and Orhan. Killing Haran may save you for the moment, but eventually your day of retribution will come.

Orhan goes to the university where students are organizing a political rally for a free, independent Turkey. In the midst of the rally preparations, he finds Tomris, Bunyamin’s daughter. Although she is fighting for what she believes, Orhan warns her to be careful for the times are dangerous. Orhan meets with one of his former professors to learn the whereabouts of Kirem Pasa, but Professor Irfan says he doesn’t know where he is, and now he no longer has much clout in finding information, but he will try.

Orhan meets with Detective Harun to tell him he must search out information about Kirem Pasa; at just that moment, Professor Irfan calls to give Orhan an address. On the way to that location, Orhan explains to Harun that the Professor used to be in the Corps before he joined the university, and he knew everyone. The address they follow takes them to an old fishing camp. They sneak into a hut and put on fisherman’s gear and boots before approaching a seated figure. With guns drawn, Orhan and Harun approach the man, but when they turn him to face them, they find the dead body of the Professor with a sign pinned to his suit. The sign says, “You cannot find me.”

At the newspaper, Leyla is called into the editor’s office where she is told that the paper has printed fake news for the first time and if that happens again, she will have to resign. The false report had to do with Gulce changing her witness statement about Filiz’s death, something she was compelled to do when Hasan said her imprisoned lover was in danger.
Nuri Kargi sits on his patio with morning coffee when his wife Feraye joins him with a retraction article in the day’s newspaper. Kargi says he told her not to worry, but the pleased smile is quickly lost when a henchman arrives with news that Hasan is dead.

In prison, Aydin is having a tattooed Z put on his arm. When the guard announces a 30 minute break for the men in the cell, Aydin is stopped before leaving the room and given a pocket knife by the tattoo artist from Orhan.

Gulce and her son Ozan prepare to leave Orhan’s home for a new hiding place. Earlier, Gulce went to the prison secretly and told a prisoner that she’s leaving but she loves him, even if she is going to her death. We don’t see who she speaks to, but I would guess it’s someone in Serder Onal’s gang. In her bedroom as she packs, Orhan tells her she can stay at his home if she is brave enough to tell the truth. Gulce receives a call from Serder Onal’s lawyer who tells her Nuri Kargi wants him to take care of her.

Orhan goes to Bunyamin’s with a sealed envelope, a file that belonged to his father but never opened. He is afraid to tamper with it for fear that what is enclosed may bring more heartache and disappointment about his father’s past.

Leyla goes to a couture salon to find Feraye Kargi. She tells Feraye that her past life is being researched. If an article is printed about her, her reputation may be impugned. To avoid that, Feraye should give her an interview so that the truth about her life with Kargi will counteract slurs and false information. Feraye agrees and tells her that she was 16 when she started singing, 18 when she met Nuri Kargi. A flashback shows Feraye meeting Nuri backstage and embracing him. She said she wanted to be a famous singer and every song she wrote and sang was about their great love. When Leyla suggested that maybe there were obstacles to their marriage, Feraye said there were none, but if so, they wouldn’t have mattered.

Nuri Kargi goes to Orhan’s office in the courthouse. He demands to know where Hasan is, but Orhan tells him he doesn’t know since the men named Hasan have said they don’t exist. He also tells Kargi he must be afraid that his past will become known, but Nuri says Orhan’s father had a past that was not clean, although few people knew about it.

Gulce’s son skins his knee playing ball and Orhan’s mother Zehra insists they take him to the pharmacy to have him treated. A man comes in and says something about his friend Vural getting into trouble again, and he surreptitiously slides a photo toward Gulce. Apparently, Vural is Gulce’s lover, the man she visited in prison, and whose life she protected by changing her witness statement in court.

Aydin bribes one of Serder’s lieutenants to help him take down Serder. Shortly after, Tomris comes to visit him, warning him to protect himself and not get in trouble. Later, Rifat visits to ask Aydin if his father knew that he gave Aydin the gun at the courthouse. He’s digging for information that he can use against Aydin and Orhan, but also he’s trying to protect himself from Bunyamin’s anger.

Orhan meets Harun at a posh club. Harun tells him that Kirem Pasa was in the Corps, he was in charge of high level operations, and in 1958 he was accused of disobeying orders. From that point on, his life has been erased. No one knows him, where he lives, or what he does. Orhan asks a young woman, a hostess, to make some calls abroad for help in finding Kirem Pasa because they will not find help in Turkey. Leyla appears and Orhan dismisses Harun. Leyla says the editor has accused her of working too closely with the prosecutor and she really shouldn’t be seen with him. After some romantic talk, the hostess brings a flower to the table with a piece of paper in the flower vase. Orhan takes it and puts it in his pocket without looking at it. Leyla is suspicious that it’s about her father, Nuri Kargi, and she’s afraid that Orhan will discover her secret.

At Bunyamin’s house, Rifat says he’s going out just as Tomris returns from the prison visit with Aydin, but Bunyamin says they are going to talk. Everyone seems to know more about his children than he does: that Tomris is part of a student anarchist group and Rifat is a gambler. When Rifat asks why he didn’t tell them the truth about their mother, Bunyamin says he’s made many mistakes, but his children must be better than he is. Later he tells Rifat, the “rat,” to find the rat in their group.

Orhan comes to ask Bunyamin for help in finding Kirem Pasa. At that moment, Nuri Kargi appears with a folder of information detailing how Bunyamin and Orhan’s father, Prosecutor Metin Atmaca, helped Kargi and his underworld organization in exchange for a gold watch. He warned Orhan that if he kept his investigation going, the truth about his father would be known to the public.

Gulce takes the gas canister to get a refill for Zehra. As she waits in line, she sees the man who came into the pharmacy with the photograph. He gives her a card with a message for a meeting enclosed.
Bunyamin goes to a barber and asks for a “deposit” from his huge depository. The barber sends his apprentice out for tea but the apprentice makes a call to Kirem Pasa to let him know someone is searching for him. While the boy is away, the barber puts a razor against Bunyamin’s neck and threatens him, but Bunyamin said he didn’t come there alone. Suddenly, about twenty men appear outside the barbershop windows. When the apprentice returns, he sees them and keeps walking. He goes into an apartment, then exits with files and drives off. He is followed by Orhan on his motorcycle. Orhan tricks the apprentice and takes one of several files from the car.

At the courthouse later that night, Orhan reads the file about Nuri’s arrest for murder. A flashback shows Nuri stabbing a man named Axim, his first recorded crime. The victim was Feraye’s lover, but the coroner’s report said the man died by his own hand.

At Leyla’s home, her mother discovers Leyla’s notes about Feraye and fears that Leyla is leaving her. She tells Leyla that she will prove what kind of woman Feraye is and rushes upstairs to find something. The mother is observed by the maid as she searches through drawers. Downstairs, Leyla calls Orhan but that complicates the situation because he tells her he will come to her house.

When Orhan arrives, he and Leyla talk about Nuri. Orhan says he found Nuri’s first victim, a man he killed to claim Feraye. He says he will continue to search Nuri’s past and he will treat him the same way Nuri attacks his enemies, by intimidating those close to him even if they are innocent. Leyla says when that happens, she will stand against him. While Orhan is there, the maid calls Nuri to let him know that the prosecutor is in his house. Orhan leaves and Leyla finds an envelope in flowers by the door that says there are stains on Orhan’s past. Will she be able to write about them?

Following the message she was given, Gulce meets a lawyer for Nuri in the park. He tells her she must keep working for him to keep her lover Vural safe in prison. That means she must stay at Orhan’s.

Harun enters Orhan’s office and says he found who altered the coroner’s report of the autopsy on Nuri’s victim. He left his post and is now a member of the Turkish Parliament. . .Fahri Onal. Orhan says he will meet with Fahri in the tavern that he will visit that night. As he leaves the courthouse, a man gives him a note.

Orhan is waylaid on his way to find Fahri Onal by Kirem Pasa’s men but Detective Harun and his men follow Orhan and arrest the men. At the tavern, Orhan interrupts Onal’s dinner with friends and shows him the file. Onal isn’t worried, but when Orhan tells him he has a man in prison close to his son Serder, the implication is evident. Fahri agrees to tell everything. A flashback shows Kirem Pasa telling Nuri that his past doesn’t exist. He is given a passport with his new name and birth date. He will never see his wife and daughter again because from this time on, he will be the “Bull of Istanbul.” Nuri takes photos of his wife and daughter and burns them. Afterward, he goes to Feraye’s dressing room, kisses her and escorts her to the stage before taking his seat in front row center. Orhan asks about Nuri’s family, but Fahri doesn’t know who or where they are. He thanks him for the information, but Fahri wants to know about his son. Orhan tells him his son is probably sleeping soundly in his cell because he, Orhan, doesn’t mess with children.

Serder’s cell is full of men enjoying a singer. Aydin enters with Serder’s lieutenant, the man he bribed. When Serder takes the woman into the bathroom alone, he is followed by Aydin. The lieutenant comes in behind Serder, but Aydin turns the tables on him, telling Serder that his trusted man has a knife and bribe money. The next morning, Aydin is called by Serder and when he enters the room, Serder gives him a knife and orders him to kill the lieutenant.

Kirem Pasa goes to Nuri the next day and tells him that Orhan knows he has a wife and daughter. Nuri goes to his old home. He stands in the garden and a flashback shows his wife and daughter by the pool, the young girl playing happily in the garden.

Orhan meets Leyla for lunch where he tells her he has found Nuri’s past; now he knows that Nuri has a daughter, a vulnerable person whom Nuri will want to protect.

Will Aydin get information from Serder or will he become a victim of treachery? Will Orhan be able to identify Nuri’s daughter? Will Gulce betray Orhan? Why is her lover, Vural, in prison? Will Bunyamin suspect his son Rifat is the “rat?” Will Nuri “erase” his family before Orhan can identify them?

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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