The case of Serder Onal is on the docket for this day and Orhan Atmaca, the chief prosecutor, has warned his friends that no one will carry weapons into the courthouse. Aydin, the boyfriend of Atmaca’s deceased sister Zeynep, is particularly warned because Nuri Kargi, the notorious mafia chief who had her killed, will be present. Regardless of Orhan’s warning, Rifat, son of Bunyamin, has encouraged Aydin to take revenge and has a pistol ready for Aydin to use.

The opening scene shows Bunyamin, Rifat and Aydin travelling to the courthouse. Aydin, burning with a desire to avenge the loss of Zeynep, is conflicted by his emotions and his promise to Orhan to refrain from violence. Inside the building, while Orhan holds a brief news conference, Rifat hands the pistol to Aydin and spurs him to shoot Nuri Kargi, but the plan goes astray when Leyla steps in front of her father and Orhan takes the pistol away. Aydin is arrested and Nuri Kargi is quickly taken away by his henchmen, but not before he gets a good look at his assailant. Aydin is taken to jail where we learn he has been arrested five times before.

At Bunyamin’s café, Orhan sits and ponders what happened. Bunyamin tells him that Nuri Kargi will surely retaliate but not to worry because he, the Executioner, will always have his back. Tomris, Bunyamin’s young daughter, accuses Orhan of not protecting Aydin even though he is a “brother” who has always served him well. When Bunyamin tries to appease his pouting daughter, she says she wants them to visit Aydin in jail, but he says they can’t because he has to protect her and Rifat.

At Nuri Kargi’s home, the mafiosa suggests to his wife that they go to Beyoglu tomorrow to buy fresh flowers, but she is upset that her husband was almost shot. Nuri tells her that there was no danger since that threat had been pre-arranged and the gun was empty. But his wife is not mollified. She wants to know about Leyla, the young woman who jumped in front of him. Nuri explains that she was probably someone who wanted fame or hoped for concessions for a jailed lover. A servant interrupts, announcing that Haran has come. When Nuri meets with him, Haran tells him that all is going according to plan, but Nuri wants information about the singer, Gulce Akar, who knows about the murder of Filiz Ertan. Even though Haran tells him that she has no connections in Istanbul, Nuri says she must have someone that she cares about for that is the way he controls people – by threatening the life of loved ones.

At his home, Orhan is changing clothes when he sees an image of his dead sister. His conscience is burning with guilt for her death and the murder he committed, but when he tells her, she says she knows. At that moment Gulce’s little son enters and asks who he’s talking to. When Orhan says he is speaking to his sister in the empty room, the little boy says he talks to his missing father, too. Zehra, Orhan’s mother, answers the doorbell to find Leyla waiting to meet with him. Orhan tells her there was a witness when Filiz Ertan was killed; Filiz and that witness overheard men discussing a list of leading figures in all areas of business and politics, and that was the reason Filiz was killed. She knew too much. Now he has to connect Nuri Kargi to the murders of his father, his sister, and Filiz. Orhan tells Leyla she saved his enemy at the courthouse. Now, if she and Gulce are with him in this venture to stop Nuri Kargi, they have to stay with him to the end. Leyla and Gulce reluctantly agree, and Leyla wants to know when their plan will begin. He tells Gulce she must run away from his house, but he must do something first. Leyla wants to know what she will be in this adventure and he tells her she is someone he is afraid to lose. She says he will be the second man to break her heart when this arrangement is over.

Tomris goes to jail to see Aydin. She tells him she brought some clothes for him and something to remind him of home, a watch that Bunyamin gave him years ago. Aydin refuses the watch, saying he doesn’t have a home anymore. When she says she will bring him anything he wants, he says, “Bring me Zeynep,” and with that, he leaves the room.

Orhan goes to Bunyamin’s to set his plan into action. He wants to set a trap for Nuri that will also expose Nuri’s undercover source in the neighbourhood. Orhan explains that he put Zeynep in the safest place he knew, Bunyamin’s home, and yet Nuri’s killer was able to get to her. That means someone in Bunyamin’s circle is a traitor and exposed her to the enemy. Bunyamin agrees to help. He calls a meeting of his lieutenants and tells them they will send Nuri a telegram stating that they will come after him on the tradesmen street. Bunyamin’s son, Rifat, the traitor, tells Haran the plan and gunmen are waiting to attack Bunyamin’s men.

Leyla is writing an article on Filiz Ertan when the editor stops by her desk and strikes out everything she’s written before telling her she has a visitor. The visitor is Feraye Kargi who has brought a gift. She has come to discover why Leyla “saved” her husband at the courthouse. She implies that perhaps Leyla is romantically interested in Nuri, but Leyla retorts that Nuri is as old as her father and she’s not interested in him for that reason, merely that he’s a human being. Feraye says she was a singer when Nuri met and fell in love with her, but he was married. When the marriage was over, Nuri claimed her and still loves only her, but because Leyla is young, she might not understand that. She invites Leyla to come to her home to talk and gives her address.

Rifat meets with Haran at the shore to tell him the “fish took the bait,” and since he’s doing the “baiting” for Nuri, maybe he should meet the man himself.

That evening in the avenue of tradesmen, Haran walks down the street and shops close behind him. An old man walks alone through the street until he is stopped by Haran who tells him everything is closed. The old man says the man at the soup kitchen always gives him soup. Haran throws him some coins and tells him to leave. The old man goes around the corner and tells Bunyamin that a trap is set because there are men with rifles waiting for him. Rifat comes up to his father and asks if they are going in, and Bunyamin says they will. In the meantime, the old man calls Orhan and tells him there is a “rat” in the neighbourhood. Before the confrontation can take place, sirens alert the gangs and they leave.

When Orhan returns home that night, Gulce is waiting for him. Orhan tells her the plan starts tomorrow. She says she will manage, but if something happens to her, he should tell her son Ozan that even though she did bad things, she did them to protect him. In the prison cell, Aydin is confronted by the under lords and told he has to pay “tribute” but he refuses. There is a short fight before a guard comes in to stop it. Aydin takes back the money taken from him.

At the soup kitchen, Bunyamin asks Orhan if he should tell Rifat that they are trying to discover the traitor, but Orhan says no. He says Rifat is a good boy but he talks too much. Orhan leaves and the gang is on night watch to protect Orhan’s house. Later, Gulce sneaks out of the house with Zehra’s help, but her escape is noticed by one of the men and they chase her.

Orhan drives up to a house in the country where Leyla is waiting. He tells her that this house was his father’s and he had come here only once, the last time he saw his father alive. The lights go out, as pre-arranged, and candles and a fire illuminate the room. They are waiting for Gulce. When she arrives, Leyla gives her a big hat to disguise herself and then takes her picture and records her statement. The next morning, the headlines of the newspaper herald the witness and her statement about the murder of Filiz Etan.

Rifat goes to Nuri’s house to report Gulce’s escape. He wants to meet Nuri but he’s told he has to get naked first. Nuri is getting a massage in a hamam. Rifat tells him that Gulce, Orhan’s witness, escaped but her son is still at Orhan’s home. Nuri tells Hasan to have the men find her, and Rifat is dismissed.

Feraye Kargi reads the newspaper at breakfast the next morning and she’s upset. She can’t believe someone can accuse him, but when Nuri comes to the table, he tells her he knows and she’s not to worry. He writes a message to Leyla on the torn-out article and sends it to her by way of a lottery ticket seller. When Leyla is persuaded to “buy a lottery ticket,” she gets the message which tells her to meet Nuri at a restaurant. When she meets him, he brags of all the famous people who have died or disappeared and never been found, but only she could find the witness to a crime. He also says he had nothing to do with the murder case she is following. She accuses him of “hiding” her because she was not worthy of his sins. Nuri says he never hid her, even though he has committed many sins, but she isn’t one of them. Leyla says he should tell her the truth. She gives him an address and tells him that if he will come, he will leave Istanbul, Feraye, and his men behind.

In prison, Aydin once again confronts the underlord and demands to be taken to his boss. With a knife at his throat, the man leads Aydin to another cell where he meets Serder Onal who knows about his “crime” and that Orhan and Bunyamin have turned away from him. Aydin is offered a place in Serder’s gang.

At Orhan’s father’s house, whose address Leyla gave to Nuri, Leyla, Gulce and Orhan wait for Nuri’s arrival. Gulce puts on makeup because if she dies, she wants to look like a princess. Leyla reads and Orhan goes outside to check the surroundings. Haran shows up in Nuri’s place with plans to take Gulce. Leyla confronts him and makes him admit that Nuri is “on top of everything” and she will regret what she has done. When Gulce reveals that the conversation has been recorded, Haran is prepared to kill her but Orhan appears with his father’s rifle. Orhan tells the women to leave, but not before Leyla makes Orhan promise that he won’t kill Haran. Haran, at the end of Orhan’s rife, gives up all the details of his life, including his real name and his past history. The police arrive to arrest Haran and Orhan takes the recording and all of Leyla’s notes on Haran.

Later in the evening, Orhan meets Detective Harun at the neighbourhood tea café. They talk about old times and the fact that Orhan chased girls. When asked if there is someone Orhan should introduce to his mother Zehra, Orhan says his professional life is too busy for a romantic attachment. Harun gives Orhan all of the details he has discovered about Nuri since he was given the task of researching this mafia king.

The trial of Serder Onal resumes the next day, but before court proceedings begin, Orhan asks Leyla into his office to tell her he wants to get to know her better. She’s surprised but pleased, and even though she says there are things about her he doesn’t know, he says that’s okay as long as she is with him. When the trial begins, Prosecutor Orhan Atmaca calls Gulce to the stand as a witness to the murder of Filiz Etan, but when asked to describe the events of that night, Gulce recants, saying she doesn’t know anything about that night. Apparently, before he was put in the police car, Haran whispered in Gulce’s ear that her son would be killed. Her denial was to protect her son.

Late at night, a guard quietly escorts Aydin from the cell into another hall where Orhan waits for him. He is not very receptive to Orhan, telling him not to come there anymore. Orhan tells him that he has killed Zeynep’s murderer, so he doesn’t have to avenge her death. He tells Aydin that he put him in jail so he could become close to Serder Onal and help them get Nuri Kargi.

The next morning Leyla goes to Zeynep’s grave with flowers where she begs forgiveness for her sins. She says she can’t confess her guilt to anyone but Zeynep because she’s the daughter of a monster. She’s just a girl who wants desperately to love her father and hope he will become human.

Haran is taken from jail in handcuffs, but when he’s placed in the police car, the guard gives him a key to unlock them. He thinks the “Bull” has managed his escape, but when he is taken to the woods and left, he finds Orhan, Bunyamin, Rifat and a noose waiting for him. Bunyamin asks him one last question: “You have a rat in our midst. Who is it?” Rifat is quaking in fear, but Haran answers that the rat could be Tomris who socializes with anarchists at college, or Rifat or even Bunyamin’s wife who died because he didn’t leave work to take her to the hospital. Orhan burns the word traitor on Haran’s arm and says he will leave him trussed at Nuri’s door. Finally, Haran offers that Kerempasa is the man who enlisted him and many others into the dark world, the man who made “the Bull of Istanbul.” Rifat tells his father that he will work on Haran and make him tell the truth. Orhan says to package Haran and return him to Nuri, but when Orhan and Bunyamin leave, Rifat stabs Haran because he’s afraid his father will learn that he’s the rat.

Does Orhan have a romantic interest in Leyla or does he know who she is and he’s using her? Will Aydin become a member of Serder Onal’s gang and learn valuable information? What will happen to Gulce and her son now that Nuri Kargi knows where they are?

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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