At the conclusion of our first episode, we saw Prosecutor Orhan Atmaca catch the murderer of his sister. He places Lawyer Haran in the boot of his car and without remorse acts as Prosecutor and Executioner by placing a noose around his neck and hanging him from a tree.

The following day Nuri Kargi and his wife Feraye are having breakfast overlooking the beautiful Bosphorus. Their tranquillity is broken by Nuri’s guards raising an alarm and rushing Nuri to the home swimming pool where they see the body of Lawyer Haran floating in the water.

Orhan has delivered his message to Nuri. He will not be backing down even if he kills his family. He has brought the Lawyer’s body back as an indication to Nuri that he knows he was responsible for killing his sister.

Leyla, on the other hand, feels guilty. She tells her mother that she knew Orhan’s sister was going to be killed when her father Nuri had given the order to kill Zeynep right in front of her. She wrestles with her conscience whether to tell Orhan in case somebody else gets killed. Leyla’s mother advises her to say nothing but Leyla conscience tells her she cannot remain silent.

It is the day of the funeral and Leyla hopes to speak to Orhan. She is nervous. Aydin grieves heavily for his beloved Zeynep and feels guilty by not being with her and not protecting her. Leyla wants to tell Orhan the truth but she knows that Orhan could not protect his sister let alone protect anyone else willing to give evidence against Nuri.

Leyla watches as Orhan receives a message. She watches him screw up the paper and throw it in the garbage bin. Leyla retrieves the message and reads “I am waiting for you at the Yildiz Night Club.” Orhan leaves the funeral.

Meanwhile, Nuri Kargi meets with Fahri Onal who is a Member of Parliament and Serdar’s father. Fahri demands that Nuri do something to get his son out of prison. (You may recall in last week’s episode that Serdar was arrested by Orhan at the Yildiz Night Club for the murder of Feliz Ertan.) Nuri tells him that he has threatened and even killed a member of Orhan’s family and still, Orhan persists in his prosecution. Nuri assures Fahri that he has Orhan under surveillance and if he finds out that there is a witness he will kill the witness also.

Orhan and Leyla both turn up at the Yildiz Night Club. Orhan slips the night club singer a note which says (meet me backstage in 5 minutes). Gulce, the night club singer, leaves and makes her way backstage. Orhan makes a move to join her knowing that his every move is under surveillance by Nuri’s guards. Leyla waits for him to return. In Gulce’s change room, she waits nervously for Orhan to arrive. In her mind, she recalls how she saw Serdar murder the young girl Filiz Ertan.

Knowing that she did not report having seen the murder Gulce now feels guilty knowing that Orhan had paid the price with his sister’s life. She confesses to Orhan that the men are very dangerous and keep a list. Orhan asks; What list? Who are they? She begs for his protection. They are disturbed by Nuri’s men who attack Orhan just as Leyla arrives backstage. They capture her and place a gun to her head.

In the end, Orhan shoots one of the armed men and sets Leyla free with Detective Harun taking them both to prison. Gulce being frightened for her life escapes through a smashed window in her dressing room and walks the streets in darkness scared that every alleyway will reveal somebody who will try to kill her.

Meanwhile, Nuri and Fahri discuss Gulce’s imminent death. Fahri also throws a photo of Leyla in front of Nuri with his concerns about her involvement in the case. Fahri not knowing that Nuri Kargi is Leyla’s father he asks him to kill her.

In the garden where Zeynep was murdered Bunyamin gathers with Aydin and Rifat. They are personally protecting the neighbourhood and especially Orhan’s home. Bunyamin asks them to be alert. Aydin, on the other hand, wants a personal vendetta against those involved with Zeynep’s murder and Rifat (as we know is working for Nuri) pushes Aydin into wanting revenge.

A woman working for Fahri Onal breaks into Leyla Devri’s office and steals the journalists file on Feliz Ertan whilst Fahri Onal waits outside in a car. He believes Leyla is aware of his son’s connection to the murder.

Leyla has been asked to interview Mr Mumtaz, the owner of the Magical Sirca Casino and also cover the story of the opening of the Casino that evening but during her interview, she becomes aware that Mr Mumtaz has involvement with her father when he asks her about knowing Serdar Onal. He threatens her life and warns her to keep her nose out of the Serdar Onal case. Leyla tells him to get out of her office as she will not back down.

The first investigations of his sister’s murder have begun. Detective Harun presents Orhan with a file showing his dead sister at autopsy. He becomes emotionally distraught viewing her pictures and reading the forensic report. He knows that the Lawyer Haran was only a pawn in a much bigger picture. He stands opposed to his colleagues as they order him to stand down from investigating the case. Orhan swears he will not give up the case until everyone involved with Feliz Erhan and his sister’s murder is caught.

Leyla and her photographer enter the Yildiz Night Club looking for any information about Gulce the night club singer’s whereabouts. She gains access to Gulce’s dressing room. She notices many cards with flowers that have been delivered to Gulce. She takes each and every card which has been sent by a man called Saadettin. Taking these cards she now looks for Saadettin and it is not long before she finds him. She gets him to drive her to Gulce’s home where she leaves her photographer to await any activity.

The next day Leyla is the target of a woman assassin sent by Fahri Onal. Leyla was innocently unaware that the assassin was behind her or that she had a gun to Leyla’s head. The assassin was surprised by two armed men before she could pull the trigger. The assassin was bundled off into an awaiting car with Leyla’s father Nuri Kargi waiting for her.

Meanwhile, after waiting at Gulce’s home, Leyla and her photographer are witnesses to Gulce being kidnapped and driven away. They photograph the kidnapping.

Orhan rushes home after receiving a call at his office. She tells that there is a man at home who tells her that he is an old friend. He uses the name of Hasan. Immediately Orhan knows that this man has been sent by Nuri Kargi as a threat. Hasan waits at home for Orhan to arrive and as they talk Orhan can see a hidden knife which is pointed at his mother’s neck.

With Zehra out of the room, Hasn tells Orhan that he cannot stop the power of the men that killed his sister even if he shoots, hangs or burns them. Orhan is not threatened by the stranger’s presence but he has his mother to protect. Knowing that something is not right, Zehra enters the room with a loaded pistol and points it at Hasan. She asks Orhan, “Is this him? Is he the snake who killed my daughter?” To save his mother’s life Orhan takes the gun away from her and holds her in his arms helpless to do anything about Hasan’s presence. Hasan continues to smirk and threaten his way to the door and then leaves. Orhan feels the strong urge for revenge. He swears to his mother that when the time is right he will make sure he will use the gun.

Nuri Kargi and Fahri Onal meet in the back of a car. Nuri makes it clear to Fahri that he told him to leave Leyla alone and not to do anything else without his permission.

Leyla has contacted Orhan and tells him that she saw Gulce being kidnapped. He arrives to a frightened Leyla and he holds her in his arms. The photographer shows him a photo of Gulce’s kidnappers. Inside the house, Orhan searches the rooms and notices the children’s toys and realises that there is a child involved. His search broadens until he finds a little boy hiding in a wardrobe. Although the child is frightened they use gentle persuasion to encourage him to talk to them. The little boy tells them that he overheard a man talk about Dock 30. This clue sends Orhan to Dock 30 to look for Gulce whilst Leyla takes the child to safety.

Orhan tracks down Dock 30 which turns out to be an old vacant night club. Orhan enters the building and breaks in. He finds Gulce tied up and physically subdues two armed guards. Unfortunately, he is finally caught and tied up along with Gulce. He comes face to face with Hasan who visited him and his mother at home. After telling Gulce that her son is safe she takes the opportunity to tell Orhan what she saw the night Feliz Ertan was murdered.

Gulce was witness to Serdar taking Feliz. Gulce and Feliz were in Serdar’s home when Serdar, Lawyer Hasan and a group of armed men came home. They hid from them but managed to see that they had a file with them. They talked about how there were murderers on the list and also a list of those yet to be killed. The list also included Members of Parliament, Soldiers, Journalists and Labour Union leaders. The last Gulce saw of Feliz was when they dragged her out of the room screaming. Feliz did not give up Gulce’s hiding place.

Hasan returns to the room after talking to his boss. Orhan recognises one of his captors who has a son in prison. He calls to Fuat and tells him that as Prosecutor he has the power to release his son from prison or have him taken care of permanently in jail. He asks Fuat to release Gulce and himself. Fuat wanting his son released turns the gun on Hasan and releases them. Orhan drives Gulce to his home and reunites her with her son. He will join her at Serdar’s court hearing where she will testify.

Hasan, on the other hand, has the task of confronting his boss with the news that Orhan and Gulce got away. The news is not taken lightly and Nuri Kargi now knows that Orhan has a witness to Serdar’s crime. Nuri Kargi and his wife decide to join Fahri Onal at his son’s court hearing in the morning.

Orhan gives Leyla a book by Sevgi Sabuncu. The story is about a brave woman who is raunchy, and kind-hearted. He tells her Leyla that she reminds him of Sevgi. He also tells her to be prepared for tomorrow and court. Orhan plans not only to convict a murderer but also to expose a much bigger game. Leyla will help him with tomorrow mornings headline.

Rifat receives a call from Hasan. At this stage, we do not know what he told Rifat but I think we can feel assured it has something to do with somebody’s death.

Bunyamin tells Orhan that he and his men will have his back at the Court Hearing in the morning. Orhan orders no guns to be brought to Court.

Rifat has been told to get into the ear of Aydin. Rifat tells Aydin that in front of the Court steps Nuri Kargi his girlfriends killer will be standing defenceless and out in the open when he attends court. Aydin has waited for this moment for a long time. He knows that Nuri Kargi killed Zeynep. He is fuelled with revenge for the woman he loved.

The day of the Court Hearing arrives. Leyla watches as her father emerges from his car accompanied by his wife. Security has been alerted at the Court and Prosecutor Orhan Atmaca takes the podium and announces that he has a new witness to the murder of Filiz Ertan but before he can continue Aydin approaches the crowd. He has Rifat by his side who passes him a gun and pushing him to shoot. As Aydin takes aim he mouths the words, “This is for Zeynep”.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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