BORN: May 5th 1995.

STATUS: In a relationship

Kubilay was born in Istanbul. After completing his secondary education he graduated from Eskisehir Antolian University with a degree in Airport Managment, His introduction into acting could have been made into a real-life movie. While working at MuglaMilas airport on check-in he attended to Ufuk Ergin a film agent with artist Ozan Dogulu. Unknown to Kubilay they took a note of his name from his name tag. 10 minutes later Kubilay got an Instagram message asking if he would go for a test shoot for the part of Ali Kemal in Vatanim Sensin.

He thought that someone was playing a joke on him. They had a phone call he then went to do some test shots and got the role of Ali Kemal. He says his whole life has changed he gets recognised everywhere, but he takes his new found career responsibly not just for himself but also for the people who believe in him.

Kubilay left Vatanim Sensin for a role in Cukur as the character Celusun last year. His character is popular and he has remained in the cast for another season.

Kubilay is active on social media and has 628k Instagram followers. His photos are mainly professional and work shots. He is currently in a relationship with actress Miray Daner who he met on the set of Vatanim Sensin.

He has been likened to Burak Ozcivit, but in my opinion, he will in the future become a huge success, bigger than Burak. He is so down to earth and so thankful that he was gifted this opportunity. Having read interviews with Kubilay I dont think he realises just how good he is, and that’s the difference. He has said that he will ensure he makes the most of his opportunity. I can see Kubilay having a huge future, it was just nice to watch him from the very first episode of his career.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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