Born: June 4th 1987

Status: In a relationship

Kerem was born in Istanbul, Turkey. From a very young age he knew he wanted to do acting on the screen. At the age of 12 he moved to America with his family. They lived in Texas, Boston and Los Angeles. In high school, Texas he formed a rock band with his friends. Moving to Boston he attended college and took acting lessons. In Los Angeles was where he started acting.

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However every summer he always flew back to Turkey to visit his Grandma. His acting really started in America and he has appeared in several American films
2006 – Thursday (Grauss role)
2006 – Rozar Man (Short film)
2007 – Strawberry Melancholy (Travis role)
2007 – The Architect (Short film)
2008 – Killian (Short film)
2010 – Wendigo (Andy Role)
2010 – Palace of the Damned (Andy Flynn role)

His best role over in the US was the series Sharktopus and got fairly good reviews and a good fan base. In 2013 after moving back to Turkey he appeared in Gunesi Beklerken. In 2014/2015 he was in Seref Meselesi, and more recently in 2017 he played a boxer in the series Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek, and used his fluent English on occasion in the role of Ali Smith.

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Currently, Kerem is in the new series Muhtesem Ikili. Co-starring alongside Ibrahim Celikkol. The series is a remake of the movie Tango and Cash. The first episode has only just aired at the time of this update ( 3/11/18 ) but already there has been a lot of interest.

He has won 10 awards so far, he enjoys acting very much, and he says his dream is to be a successful Turkish actor in Hollywood. He has appeared in ads for companies like Mavi, Nike and Lipton, and very recently Nescafe.

 Kerem is in a relationship with Serenay Sarıkaya since 2015, and they both were the face of Mavi jeans together. He has an Instagram account with 2 million followers but doesn’t post very often. Usually, his images are work-related.

Written By: Rachel Labidi




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