We find ourselves at the end of the road, will it be a happy ending or a sad one? In the Turkish dizi world, one never knows what it will get in the bag of endings.  Let’s hope for a happy one.

What’s that, we find Hosyar at Anna’s beautiful piano (a gift from the Sultan) and she’s raging because he dared to give Anna a gift and not her?  Oh poor Hosyar, what will she do.  But wait!! In her crying fit, she realizes that she’s been given many beautiful gifts by the Sultan and what’s a piano compared to this……so she tells herself.

While Hosyar is imploding in Anna’s room, Anna is in the Sultan’s chambers, almost being kissed by him, when she comes to her senses and tells him she needs to go.  Uffff Anna, ufff.  Why can’t you just take pleasure in one simple kiss?  Neyse, she leaves and floats to her room with her head in the clouds.  As Anna opens the door, and reminisces about what could have been, Hoysar comes at her like a big wet super soaker and douses that flame of desire.  She starts spewing her evil and tells Anna that the highest she could ever come in the Sultan’s life is to be the favorite and that even has a limited time.  She also gets one last dig in with Anna telling her that she can see tha Anna doesn’t mind being an odalisque. She knows that this, above all, will break Anna.  Hoysar, the evil witch, goes back to her room and gloats to Gulizar that she hurt Anna so badly with her words, and broke her pride so deeply, that Anna won’t even be able to look at the Sultan, much less get close to him.  Well, we all know Anna’s history of hiding from the Sultan for even the smallest reason…..this will surely keep her away. 

Nicolai is back in Istanbul and ready to take Anna back.  He doesn’t understand why she’s left him and needs to have closure with her.  This is going to be trouble for Anna.

Esma’s mother (the Valide) is still trying to play sick so Esma doesn’t send her from her home (for betraying her with regards to Namik).  Esma is not buying into it but when it comes time for her to leave, she pretends to faint and Esma has no choice but to let her stay a little longer.

The Sultan confides in Namik about Esma wanting Gulfidan to marry Musa.  He asks Namik’s opinion on whether he thinks Musa is ready for such a marriage. Namik and Musa have become really close friends and Namik believes that Musa has a big heart and would be a great husband for Gulfidan. The problem is that he doesn’t know that Gulfidan is in love with him, not Musa.  Poor Gulfidan is being stabbed in the back by Esma and her heart unintentionally broken by Namik.  As they are talking, Namik sees that the Sultan is troubled and he broaches the subject.  The Sultan explains that he can’t understand why Anna shows all the signs of being in love with him, and happy, but yet she runs from him.  He tells Namik that if he doesn’t touch her she will come close, and even her looks towards him are loving, but the minute he steps closer, she’s gone.  Namik tells him that he needs to open up to her and tell her openly what he feels.  The Sultan reminds Namik that a Sultan would never go to a woman and confess his feelings, that he shows her with is actions.  Namik explains that women are different, they think differently, and need to hear this directly and not just with behaviors. The Sultan is not used to having to open up to a woman and for the first time he is actually scared about what reaction he will get in return because for the first time, he’s actually in love. He decides it’s best to open up to Anna.  Sometimes men are so sensitive….but hey, who doesn’t love sensitive men?

While the Sultan and Namik are discussing, and solving, the worlds problems (women), Anna is admitting to Ayperi that she’s in love, that she tried to run and pull herself back but she is completely in love with the Sultan. Ayperi asks her what she thinks the Sultan feels for her and Anna tells her that she thinks the feelings are the same but that the relationship is impossible.  She tells Ayperi that she could never tell the Sultan no and if he ever opens up, she’s afraid she will give in to him.  This is unacceptable to Anna because she won’t be just another woman to the Sultan.  As long as he has the harem, she can’t see herself being with him. Oh Anna, you are in for a fight between your head and your heart.  I for one say, “give in and let the rest fall in place!” 

The next day the Sultan meets with his advisors and Halit tries to give the Sultan a list of people that he thinks would be acceptable to form the new council that the Sultan is putting together between the janissaries and advisors.  The Sultan is not happy with the list and tells Halit that the people he put together were the cause of the problems in the first place and that new blood, and ideas, were needed in this council if true reform were to be reached.  Halit isn’t happy because he wanted an assembly with men he could control.

Nicolai calls on Anna’s father.  He’s happy to see Nicolai and tells him that Anna is alright that she’s working in the palace for the Sultan. Nicolai asks how that happened and he explains that she ran into the Sultan, while he was disguised, and didn’t know it was the Sultan and basically told him how she thought the Sultan’s children should be educated.  After that, the Sultan wanted her to teach his children. Nicolai wants to know when Anna will be home because he wants to see her and her father says, “you misunderstand, Anna lives at the palace now.”  Nicolai isn’t too happy with that bit of information.  He thinks she lives in the harem but her father sets him straight. Nicolai is upset that she broke up with him to move into the palace.  Nicolai, you need to get back on that ship and sail away my friend.

The Sultan calls Anna to start his assault in courting her and decides to take her horseback riding.  She, of course, tries to get away and pretends that she never said she could ride but the Sultan beats her at her own game and reminds her that she said she could even compete with a man.  As they discuss Anna’s horse, Mahmud speaks to Anna softly and gently touches her hand……oh Anna, how can you resist this!!!  She jerks her hand away and tells him they can’t go, that it’s dangerous. (The only thing dangerous is you pouncing on him – or me pouncing on him!!!) He says he can call the guards, and the whole unit, if necessary and asks if she can’t ride a horse and is making excuses.  Well now….he’s got her.  He played the challenge card.  Anna hops on the horse and away they go. He should just keep challenging her, that seems to be the way to get her to do what he wants. Hey, no need to challenge me Sultan….I’m in for the long haul!! They gallop away and race to the river and the Sultan asks Anna to walk with him so he can discuss Gulfidan.  He tells her that Gulfidan told Esma she wants marry and he wants to know if Anna thinks she’s ready for such a responsibility.  Anna thinks if she marries someone who can protect the family, and will show her affection, she is ready.   The Sultan is relieved that Anna thinks Gulfidan is ready but I’m not sure that Anna would agree with the person the Sultan has in mind for her.  The Sultan comes out and asks Anna if she is afraid of being alone with him and she tells him, “No, why would I be.”  He backs her up to the river, asking her why she runs away, getting closer and closer and just as he’s about to move in and tell her how he feels, Anna yells out and fakes something being wrong.  Who does that?  JUST LET IT HAPPEN!

Meanwhile, Gulfidan is anxiously awaiting at the palace, with Saliha, to hear any word from the Sultan about her marriage. She doesn’t realize that he’s already getting advice on this but the wrong advice and the wrong husband.  Namik is also advising Musa on marriage and telling him he might just marry a beautiful Sultan.  I think Musa thinks Namik is pulling his leg.

Dimitri finds Nadia telling Nicolai about Anna and tells Nicolai that he should forget about Anna because it’s impossible to see her and it’s not the life for a husband.  Nadia doesn’t like what Dimitri has told Nicolai and will find a way to get Nicolai in to see Anna.  She brings him a document that the palace is waiting for so that the palace will let him in.  Once he is inside, he can ask for Anna.

The Sultan FINALLY finds time to talk to Gulfidan about her marriage and wants her to know that he sees her as his own.  He confides in her that Esma shared the talk they had about a husband candidate, and the Sultan agrees that he would be a good husband for Gulfidan, but he wants to know what Gulfidan feels about him.  Gulfidan tells him that whomever he sees as suitable for her is her wish, except that she thinks he is talking about Namik Pasha. Poor Gulfidan.

The Romantic dinner is here and Anna heads to dinner with an arsenal of bad behaviors to ward the Sultan off.  Everything is amazing!!  From the candles lining the walkway, to the music being played, to the table itself.  Anna sits down (with her elbows on the table) and the Sultan begins to tell her about a German poet that he likes, with French translations of the poetry.  This is when Anna begins to slurp her soup.  Allah Allah. I’ve never seen his eyebrows raised so high. The Sultan begins to read and Anna starts to get wrapped up and then as he looks at her…..she yawns and acts bored. He’s so exasperated.  Well…..I’m EXASPERATED!!! He continues to read, hoping to turn things around, and when he gets to the subject of “Love” Anna shoves a turkey leg in her mouth.  That does it for the Sultan. That does it for me!  I’m ready to slap her with the turkey leg!!  He knows what she’s up to and tells her that she can’t run forever and bids her farewell for the night. What a perfectly beautiful night you ruined Anna!! 

Esma is having dinner with Valide Mother when a note from Namik Pasha arrives to meet him the next day.  Valide tells Esma that once Namik marries Gulfidan things will change but Esma informs her that Gulfidan won’t be marrying Namik because she told the Sultan that Gulfidan wanted to marry Musa, not Namik.  Valide tries to tell her that her game will be found out when Gulfidan is asked her opinion and Esma reminds her that young girls aren’t asked their opinions about marriage, just as she wasn’t asked her opinion when the Valide gave her away in marriage.

The next day the Sultan tells Namik that Anna wants to keep running away but he’s not going to give up. Nicolai finds his way to the palace and the guards let him in. He is stopped by Amber Agha and he tells Amber that he’s Anna’s fiancée, which knocks Amber Agha off guard. He runs to Anna immediately to inform her that her fiancée is there to see her. Once Anna gets to Nicolai, he demands to know why the sudden change of heart. She just wants him to leave but while this is going on, Hosyar is hiding out and listening to every word. Anna tells Nicolai that they were only childhood friends and that marriage was the wish of their family, not hers, and she doesn’t want to get married. Hosyar confronts Anna, and Anna puts her in her place, but Hosyar won’t let it drop at that, she will use it against Anna. Gulizar finds out that Anna is engaged for Hosyar.

The Sultan officially tells Musa that he wants him to marry Gulfidan. Musa is in disbelief. He doesn’t think he’s a man worthy of marriage.

Esma meets with Namik in the garden, as requested, but Saliha and Gulfidan show up too thanks to the Valide’s interference. Namik accuses Esma of inviting them and Esma tells him that it’s the Valide. Esma warns the Valide she will choke her if she ever interferes again.

Amber Agha asks Anna if she took care of the problem with Nicolai. She tells him that Hosyar knows about Nicolai and Amber Agha tells her that she better go and tell the Sultan before Hosyar does. Anna tries to meet with the Sultan but is turned away because he’s busy. Anna is getting ready to see the Sultan because he’s called to see her to give her the poem he’s written for her. As the Sultan is writing, Hoysar shows up to give the information she’s received regarding Anna and Nicolai. She, of course, ties this in with the welfare of the children and begins her speech “My Sultan, I know you care a lot about your children’s education……”. Then as she’s ready to hit him with the news that Anna is engaged, Anna shows up. Hoysar continues and tells him that Anna was planning to get married and no one knew about it. You can see the devastation on the Sutlan’s face as he asks Anna if it’s true. But he doesn’t let her explain and treats her like the teacher, not the Anna he called there to share a poem with. Anna is torn up about him not giving her a chance to explain and Ayperi tells her that once he calms down he will listen.

Poor Musa tries to talk with Gulfidan about the marriage and he fails miserably. One, because she has no clue she’s marrying him and so she can’t believe he’s talking to her about such things. Two, because he doesn’t know how to speak with her. Poor Musa. Poor Gulfidan. I actually like Musa. Maybe not for Gulfidan but I think that he would probably be a good husband in the end.

Esma finally gets rid of Valide because of her latest betrayal. Valide won’t take it lying down though and stops at the palace to tell Gulfidan that she’s not marrying Namik, that she’s indeed marrying Musa. Now Esma will pay the piper with Gulfidan.

Anna gets called out of class to the Sultan and she thinks it’s for something good, or hopes it is, but when she walks in she finds Nicolai standing there. The Sultan tells her that he called Nicolai there and that she should say goodbye to the children and that he will pay for their wedding. Nicolai is pleased of course and Anna is in shock. As soon as they walk out Anna tells Nicolai that she will meet with him the next day to discuss things. The Sultan is so upset after they leave he knocks everything off of his desk. He’s so in love with Anna, he needs to just tell her and quit letting her run.

Valide shows up at the palace to talk to Gulfidan letting her know that she is going to be marrying Musa, not Namik. Gulfidan is in shock.

Abdulmecit is upset because he thinks Anna is leaving and he asks Anna if she’s going to leave them and the palace. Anna tells him she isn’t going anywhere. As she’s hugging him she asks if he has a fever but he says he’s feeling well now that he knows she is staying. These children love Anna as much as the Sultan does.

Anna tries once again to talk to the Sultan about Nicolai, telling him that they were friends as children but the Sultan won’t hear of it and tells Anna that Nicolai is a good man.  Anna begs him but he refuses and then decides to spend an evening with Hosyar.  Hoysar tries to butter him up and tell him how great his is, but he tells Hosyar that she needs to start reading.  Which basically lets Hosyar know that he loves that Anna reads and is serious about education.  Oh Hosyar, feminine wiles only last so long. Anna is devastated to learn that Hosyar is with the Sultan but that will soon end.  Abdulmecit is ill and the Sultan is called away to be by his side.  Abdulmecit also wants Anna to read to him and the Sultan makes them call for her.  As Anna is there by his side, she has a chance to talk to the Sultan.  She tells him that before she entered the palace she broke up with Nicolai but she didn’t tell him about it because it was in the past.  The Sultan, so cute, says, “but you were engaged.”  Anna replies, “it was at our families insistence.”   She explained that she didn’t say anything to hurt her father and that it’s not possible for her to marry Nicolai because there’s someone else in her heart.  Oh blessed soul….the Sultan is doing backflips on the inside. 

Dimitri finds out that Sergei had his student copy all of his files before he died and the Sultan still has the gun factory in the works.  He’s furious about this development and seeks to end Mahmud. So he tells Zefir to find the best sharpshooter in the area so they can kill Mahmud when he is in public the next time.

Gulfidan and Saliha go and question Esma as to why she betrayed Gulfidan with the marriage to Musa and not Namik.  Esma tells them that Namik is a Cassanova that can’t be trusted and that someone to protect her home is what matters.  Gulfidan tells her that she should have spoken up if she felt that way about Namik because she is now marrying someone she doesn’t love because of her.  Good for you Gulfidan……but Esma is a snake and it won’t matter unless you tell the Sultan!!

Anna breaks the news to Nicolai that she cannot be with him.  That she doesn’t love him and never will and he needs to move on and find someone he can be happy with.  They hug and part ways.  Nicolai is leaving for good now….let’s hope.

There is a competition that the whole palace has been talking about and Anna wants to go. She tells the Sultan but he tells her that it’s only for the men.  Anna is having none of that nonsense, so Anna gets Amber Aga to help her with a disguise so she can attend dressed as a pasha. Ahmet Pasha to be exact!!  Does anyone smell TROUBLE??  Not only does she look crazy but she’s bouncing around like a child with cotton candy. The Sultan has to keep scolding her for acting like a girl and flinching every time it gets a little too exciting.  As the competitions is coming to an end, Anna is applauding and looks to the rooftop, where she sees the shooter.  She doesn’t hesitate, or think, she just jumps in front of the Sultan, to protect him, just as the shooter shoots. The Sultan catches her, and holds her in his arms, ripping off her beard and calling out her name, “ANNA” as she touches his face and says one last “goodbye”.  WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT!!!

Was this the end?  We don’t know.  If it’s the end, it’s not the ending we had hoped and dreamed of….if it’s not the true ending…..we have hope!!

Thank you for sharing your time with this incredible cast and show.

Much love.

All Rights Reserved

Written By – Dawn Meyer



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