Amber Aga starts the episode off, with his big mouth flapping to evil Hosyar, and we all know how that’s going to end because her mouth is bigger, and more evil, that Amber Aga’s.  Ufffff Amber Aga…..Ufffff!  So Hoysar, finds out that Anna has been giving French lessons to the Sultan and goes and tells her handmaiden, Gulisar, to spread it throughout the palace making sure to embellish that Anna has been boasting about it (and herself).  What Hoysar doesn’t realize is that she’s not only tarnishing Anna, but she’s making the Sultan feel like a fool.

At a meeting with the Sultan, Sergei (the Russian engineer) informs Mahmud (and the council) that he is unable to find some of the parts needed to make the weapons for the Sultan.  He’s told by the council that the parts will have to be brought by ship via trade.  Sergei assures the Sultan he can make the weapon and the Sultan directs Sergei to enlist the best students and craftsmen to help.  As the meeting ends Sergei begins to cough, and the Sultan dismisses him thinking he is ill. At the same time, Anna’s uncle Dimitri is meeting with his partner/friend, Jean Pierre, and informing him that the Engineer will not be surviving long. Halit, who is trying to disturb the peace in the palace for Esma, gives advice to the Sultan to cut the Janissary paychecks. These checks are being issued for Janissaries who are either deceased, or no longer fighting as Janissaries. Namik Pasha advises against it, but the Sultan refuses to bow down to the Janissaries and Halit knows that this little piece of advice will definitely cause and uprising.

As Anna makes her way through the palace, she gets the strange feeling that people are looking at her and talking about her but she’s not sure why.  She questions Amber Aga about it but he just brushes her off. She doesn’t realize that Amber Aga has told her secret and the whole palace is talking about it.  Meanwhile, a group of teachers/viziers appear before the Sultan and tell him that they’ve looked the other way when the female teacher took over teaching the children and helping to heal the wounded but that it hurt them that she teaches the Sultan French and boasts about it.  The Sultan asks them why they care about what he does in his private chambers and tells them to mind their own business and quit worrying about the female teacher.  He, of course, isn’t pleased to find out that Anna has betrayed his trust and insists that Zahir get Anna to his chambers.

Anna is excited to see the Sultan, because she’s been working on her calligraphy, but little does she know she’s in for a big slap of reality.  When she arrıves to the Sultans chamber, she shows Mahmud her work and instead of being able to share in her excitement, he questions her about sharing the secret of their lessons, hoping she will say she’s hasn’t told anyone. She tried to explain to him that it was only in defense of her feelings, and to keep Amber Aga from thinking they had a relationship, but he wouldn’t listen and told her that there would be nothing more between them.  She’s crushed but he dismisses her.  When she leaves the Sultan, Amber Aga lets her know that it was Hoysar that he told.  Anna confronts Hoysar and lets her know that she will eventually pay for all of her evil deeds.  While she’s confronting Hoysar, the Sultan has Cevri Kalfa move Anna out of her room and back in with the harem. Just one more blow for Anna but when will she learn?  And when will Amber Aga learn to keep his mouth shut?

The next day Anna tells Ayperi that she will not give up on the Sultan until he listens to her. We’d expect nothing less from our stubborn Anna. Namik and Musa head to Janissary headquarters to carry out the command of the Sultan to stop the unnecessary Janissary paychecks. The Janissary rebels try to start a fight with Namik and Musa, and they are outnumbered, but luckily one of the Janissary leaders puts a stop to the standoff.

Anna goes on a mission to see Mahmud, and get him to forgive her, but Zahir informs her that he doesn’t want to see her.  She waits for hours but he refuses to let her in.  He finally leaves but won’t listen to her, even though she yells out, so she tries hunting him down wherever he goes until he finally decides to listen to what she has to say.  He stubbornly tells her that he can’t forgive her this mistake.

Saliha has decided to become Gulfidan’s mentor, in matters of the heart, and urges her to write a letter to Namik Pasha confessing her love. In the letter she tells him she would like him to meet her in the garden, if his feelings for her are the same, then places the letter in his office. The only problem is she forgets one important piece of information…….her name.  Namik will only assume the lettercam from Esma.  Girls….girls…girls.

Well Anna has decided that if she’s going to be stuck in the harem, she’s going to make the best of it and she’s also going to help the girls out.  She has decided that things need to be changed because she’s not sure what’s worse…..the food or the mattresses.  So she thinks it’s about time to teach these girls about fighting for your rights and going on strike if necessary.  They tell Cevri Kalfa that the food needs to change, but that stubborn gal doesn’t want to give in easily, so Kalfa tries to bribe them with baklava until Anna tells them NO WAY, things won’t change if you give in to that!!  Cevri Kalfa isn’t happy, so she goes to the Sultan and he is amused that Anna has been there a short time and already stirring up the harem.  He tells Cevri Kalfa to figure it all out.  Cevri Kalfa goes back and goes into negotiations with Anna.  Anna may have a backup gig if she ever loses her teaching job.

Civan Mert comes back to the palace, at the urging of the Sultan, to discuss being a spy among the ranks of the Janissaries.  Saliha cannot believe her eyes when she sees him walking up to her.  She touches him, just to make sure he’s not one of her daydreams she’s been having.  He thinks it’s funny.  She, of course, starts acting like the old Saliha that needs a thorough spanking.  So he asks for directions to the palace entrance and she calls him a jerk and he calls her a witch.  Civan…..just kiss her already and stop that nonsense coming out of her mouth.  I wonder if the Sultan would punish him for kissing her?  Hmmmm.  The Sultan tells him that he wants him to infiltrate the Janissaries and badmouth the Sultan…..well, loyal to the core Civan tells the Sultan, “I can’t do that Hunkarim, I can’t be unloyal to you.”  So cute.  Neyse, the Sultan tells him that he has faith in his abilities to do his work and be his faithful and loyal man on the inside.

Civan Mert, while spying for the Sultan, is saved him from being killed by one of the Janissaries by Musa.  Civan Mert was able to get information about where the Janissary rebels would be meeting to discuss plans against the Sultan. Civan Mert continues to his meeting with them and finds out that the Janissary superiors are going to be meeting and that a riot is being planned, as well as the palace being raided.   Civan Mert shares this information with Musa and Namik.

Anna’s father has a carriage accident, thanks to her uncle Dimitri, and the Sultan gives her the news himself even though he’s upset with her.  He tells her that he’s ok but she can go to be with him.  While there her uncle threatens her father with worse than just a minor accident if she doesn’t start holding up her end of the deal and get intel on some ships for him.  I wish Anna would just fess up to the Sultan so he can just go kill her uncle and end Anna’s torment.  AND OURS!!

Sweet, naive, Gulfidan shows up at the garden hoping to meet up with Namik Pasha but Namik thinks he is waiting for Esma. Gulfidan comes out of hiding and as she approaches Namik, he walks right past her (not realizing she is the one that’s supposed to be there meeting him) and she’s a little dumbfounded by his lack of affection towards her.  Namik leaves the garden and goes to Esma to see why she didn’t show up and asks her about the letter. Since Esma didn’t write the letter, she’s not too happy to hear about it and wants to know who this woman is that wrote him one. Namik teases Esma letting her know there are others interested in him.  Esma is less than pleased.

Zahir and the Sultan have a heart-to-heart and Zahir tells him that he should re-think banning Anna from him because it looks as if he is letting the teachers, and staff, have affect on his decision making.  The Sultan agrees with this and tells him that he needs to find a solution.  So he decides to call Anna to sit in his chamber while he studies on his own.  Anna is like a little child being put in the corner and watching her, and then watching the Sultan watching her, is comical to see.  The only thing more perfect would be him carrying her to his bed when she falls asleep.  Oh…..the other perfect thing…..Hosyar wasn’t called to his room!  Karma Hosyar!!

When Anna wakes up in the Sultans room, she hears where the ships will be sent while spying on Namik and the Sultan.  The Sultan tells her she can go back to her room and she asks him if she’s forgiven. He told her they’d see.  She goes back to the room to write down what she heard about the ships, so she can pass the information on to her uncle.  No Anna!  Don’t do it!!

Gulfidan and Saliha visit their aunt Esma and inform her that Gulfidan is in love with Namik.  Esma’s mother tells Gulfidan (and Esma) that it’s a perfect match and tells Esma she should talk to the Sultan about it. Gulfidan’s mother doesn’t like Esma’s past, and continued love with Namik, so she wants to get him out of Esma’s life/heart.  Esma agrees to talk to the Sultan, and Gulfidan is excited that Esma has agreed to do so, but we all know that Esma is NOT going to talk to the Sultan about this.

Namik and Musa follow the Janissary superiors around, on the orders of the Sultan.  They find the meeting place where the superiors discuss the riot/raid and find out who is behind it.  They state that if Mahmud resists, he will not only lose the throne, he will lose his head.  Musa and Namik share the information with Sultan Mahmud, who decides that it’s time to take action.  So they round up all of the superiors and hang them in the village as an example for the Janissaries to see.

We end the episode with Anna placing the the piece of paper, with the information for her uncle, in the garden and a cloaked female figure finding the note.  Who could this person be?  Hosyar? I guess we will find out in the next episode.  Until then!!!

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Written By – Dawn Meyer


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