Well, we start off where we left off in episode 2. Yes…..the “ye of little faith” scenario, where Anna gets accused of something she didn’t do, by Saliha, the Sultan not listening to her, then she gets sent packing. In the Sultan’s defense, Abdulmecit backs Saliha’s story up, so he had no choice but to believe. Yes, we love the Sultan and will have to forgive him for being so blind.

Anna, God Bless her, leaves the interrogation with her head up, her back ram-rod straight, and not once does she shed a tear, or look back. You just know every emotion is raging within her (anger, disappointment, sadness, etc.) but she leaves and goes to her room to pack her bags. While there, her odalisque assistant Ayperi begs her to tell the Sultan the truth, but Anna (teary-eyed) refuses.

Zehir (the chamber guard) informs the Sultan that he’s arranged for a carriage, for Anna’s departure, and tries so hard to tell the Sultan that he doesn’t think Anna is guilty of this crime, but Mahmud won’t hear of it. Zehir leaves the chamber to commiserate with Amber Aga and they both agree that Anna is innocent.

Anna says her tearful goodbyes and Amber Aga, and even Cevri Kalfa are affected by her dismissal. The only one happy is Hosyar, who gets one last dig in. Anna tells her what a pity it is that she had to use a child for her own advancement, but Hosyar has no conscience, when it comes to her fight for the Sultan. When Anna walks out of the palace, she looks up at the balcony to catch a glimpse of the Sultan, maybe hoping he will change his decision, but he just peers down at her then turns away.

Anna makes the trip home and breaks the news to Nadia (who she thinks is her friend) that she was asked to leave the palace. She still doesn’t know that Nadia works for Dimitri, her slimy uncle. Anna asks Nadia to get this news to her uncle, which will not bode well for Anna.

Meanwhile at the palace……Hosyar throws a party to celebrate Anna’s dismissal. During the celebration, Saliha’s mother (Ashuban) becomes suspicious of the two girls behavior and also of Hosyar’s involvement in Anna’s leaving. She questions the girls but Saliha makes sure that Gulfidan doesn’t talk. Later, Gulfidan wants to tell the Sultan, but once again Saliha finds a way to make Gulfidan keep her secret. She tells Gulfidan she will reveal her secret crush. Gulfidan promises not to tell.

The boys (Abdulmecit and Abdulhamet) have religion lessons the next day and the lesson is regarding lying and bearing false witness. The teacher tells them that even though people might think no one sees, Allah sees everything. Abdulmecit is so upset by this, because he thinks he’s going to burn in Hell for lying about Anna and that Allah has seen it. Oh, the sweet boy will be Anna’s saving grace! Abdulmecit runs to the Sultan about his BIG SIN and tells the Sultan he lied about Anna hitting Saliha and explains exactly what happened in the classroom. The Sultan is so sweet in dealing with Abdulmecit. After hearing the story, the Sultan tells Abdulmecit never to lie again and commands Zahir to go get Anna and bring her back to the palace. Hmmmmm, that’s not going to go well.

Zahir makes it to Anna’s house to tell her to come back but Anna tells him she refuses to come back and to tell the Sultan that he will have to apologize before that happens. A few minutes later there’s another knock on the door. This time it’s her uncle, he has found out she was dismissed from the palace, and he forces himself into the house and punishes her for breaking her promise to him. I wish the Sultan could see this…..the uncle would not live long.

The people have been starving, due to Esma’s treachery, so Amber Aga teamed up with Namik and Musa to catch the traitorous Janissaries in the act. They finally had a lead and followed a rebel Janissary to the church where all the flour was being held. Namik and Musa rounded up the Sultan and the palace guards, to take back the flour, and to arrest the rebel Janissaries. The Sultan leaves and orders the rebel Janissaries to be rounded up. Namik and Musa, along with the guards, are on the way back to the palace, but along the way something goes wrong and all of the prisoners are shot, along with Namik. The guards chase the shooters but they are unable to catch them. This is just another game of intrigue that Dimitri is playing to get on Esma’s good side, the problem is that it is backfiring on him with the shooting of her true love.

While Namik and the guards are dealing with Janissaries, the Sultan decides that he isn’t going to wait for Anna, even though he claimed if she didn’t want to come back to the palace, she didn’t have to. I don’t think Mahmud knows how to deal with someone that’s as stubborn as he is. When he knocks on the door she is surprised to actually see him standing there, so she stammers a bit and tries to talk around him, to which he replies, “you’re nice, and kind, but the nonsense you speak is going to kill me one day.”  I actually had to laugh at that. Then we get the Sultan, who doesn’t take no for an answer, and that ends up in a toss over the shoulder. END….OF….ARGUMENT.

Of course on the way back to the palace the Sultan has to calm down rioting townspeople, and of course he does it in his charming, take-charge, way of his (and EVERYONE is mesmerized – including Anna – and maybe me!). Now they are finally heading back to the palace where Hosyar gets a little shock at seeing the Sultan bringing Anna back personally. She is completely upset by this because this is not something he typically does. The Sultan tells Anna she isn’t to leave again, and she reminds him that he’s the one who asked her to go. The Sultan is amused by her reminder. Mahmud also gets word that Namik is shot and goes to check on him. Esma finds out Namik is shot and rushes to the palace as well. One of the Janissaries (Aksak Arif) made it out alive and is brought to the palace to heal. This will be very bad news for Esma, Halit and any of the Janissaries involved in the rebellion.

Esma visits Namik and he plays a little trick on her to see if she still has feelings. He’s going to pay for that one!! As she’s leaving the room, Gulfidan is waiting to see him and Esma realizes that Gulfidan has a little crush on Namik. Later, Namik tries to escape the doctor, because he can’t stand being bedridden any longer, and Gulfidan helps him do so. Namik thanks her and tells her he remembers her as a child but now she’s all grown up (and by the look of his smile…..grown up and beautiful). What do you think will happen with this little love triangle?

Namik (best friend and Privy Secretary to the Sultan) – Loves Esma? But can they overcome the past and will the Sultan let them have a relationship? Also, will he be happy with the woman that Esma is now, from the woman that she was years ago? Then there is Gulfidan, beautiful, sweet and innocent, with a crush on him but doesn’t have the status that Esma has….or the baggage.

Esma has an inkling if this crush Gulfidan has and she will crush it. Namik still seems to have feelings for Esma but doesn’t know what evil scheming she has been up to. He and Esma have a a history, and I’m assuming passion, but the innocence of this girl could hold some attraction for him. I can tell you one thing, Esma will not like it ONE BIT. This could be very interesting

Moving on to little Miss Saliha – that girl not only needs to be locked up into a garden room, with her material things taken away, but she needs a spanking like no other!! She is becoming a mini Hosyar, she’s horribly rude to her mother and Anna, and the Sultan has told her that she is NOT above anyone else. I think she’s starting to see Hosyar using her and throwing her under the bus. She doesn’t seem to like that feeling, but I think that she will have to get knocked off that high horse a few times before she really gets it. If she’s not careful the Sultan might marry her off to some old man and that will really knock her off her throne!!

Anyway, the Sultan commands that Saliha is to stay alone in the garden cottage with no belongings, no visitors and just bread and water to for her meals. Despite Saliha’s bad treatment, Anna feels bad and decides to take the other children to give Saliha company, with a lesson, because she feels the Sultan’s punishment is too harsh. The Sultan finds out that Anna disobeyed, from Hosyar, and demands to see Anna, which results in tears but then……results in something wonderful.  Let’s just see how Anna handles this wonderful moment in the next episode…..

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Written By – Dawn Meyer


  1. That was an awesome summary Dawn!!!!! Just felt like as if I was watching the episode all over again. Thank you. Sultan and Anna’s love story is progressing so beautifully…guzel. And the love triangle of Namik-Esma-Gul…I am shipping for GulNam 🙂 but I have a strong feeling this will end up in a tragedy 🙁

    Looking forward to today’s episode 🙂


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