Is it reminiscent of the King and I….yes it is.  We have a charming Sultan and a sassy and beautiful teacher, how do they meet you ask?  He’s in disguise and she insults him…..sort of.  Well, she insults the Sultan, not believing he’s the Sultan, and this of course is endearing to him.  Anna is this smart and feisty young girl, which is something that Mahmud is not used to dealing with.  He’s used to women bowing down to him, granting his every wish and becoming his every fantasy.  To have a woman not only show intelligence, but to talk back then insult the man that every woman in the palace calls the “ruler of the world” is a new feeling for him…..and it amuses him.  Anna is only introduced to this stranger because she thinks he’s a boatman and she needs his help getting to the other shore to say goodbye to a friend.  He ends up protecting her from the Janissaries (the Sultan’s guard) who are up to no good.  Yes he’s handsome, and charming, but she laughs at what she thinks are his lies about being the Sultan.  He whisks her away in a boat, getting them safely to their destination, and they part ways.

Later Anna is summoned to the palace by Mahmud and she is dazzled by the opulence, as well as being stunned to see who greets her at the throne, when she realizes that the boatman didn’t lie about who he was. She cringes, and for a mere moment, shrinks at the thought of what came out of her mouth while escaping.  Mahmud, on the other hand, is amused. She’s then given a proposal, for her skills as a teacher, that she would love to accept, but refuses, (based on pride and principle)….until she gets back home and her scheming uncle blackmails her into accepting

Back at the palace Agha Amber is the funny keeper of the Harem that names Anna “Dove”.  Cevri Kalfa, the mistress of the Harem, doesn’t like Anna and tries to break her down.  The other girls in the Harem harass her, and above all the favorite of the Sultan (Bezmi-i-Alem – Hosyar Sultan), and mother of his son, is not happy that the teacher has moved into the palace.  You just know there will be fireworks.

There is a conniving sister, rebellious children, outlaw Janissaries, a scheming uncle, an old friend who doesn’t trust anyone and a palace full of WOMEN!  So you know this is a recipe for intrigue, competition, tears and disaster….with we hope a heaping side of humor mixed in.

My favorites so far are Mahmud, Anna and Amber Agha.  I love that Mahmud is handsome, charming, can obviously take care of himself when it comes to a fight, and is swoon-worthy when he gets that impish grin on his face (when Anna does something feisty). Oh…..and did I mention he can dance. Uff ya.   Anna (the teacher) is beautiful, smart and she doesn’t put up with any disrespect  from anyone.  That’s what drew Mahmud in and what I love about her the most.  Amber Agha (the Harem keeper) is one of those characters that you can’t help but love.  He’s goofy and sweet.  He tries to take care of everyone, like a brother, and he gets talked into the craziest things.  I think he also is intrigued by Anna, but she is very exhaustive for him at times.

I love the scenery, the costumes, the palace and most of all the chemistry between Anna and Mahmud.  I look forward to seeing how this relationship unfolds because I know they will fight it and I know that there will be oh-so-many obstacles!!!  I…..can’t….wait!!!


Written By – Dawn Meyer


  1. Please translate to English or Spanish episodes 9 – 10- 11 the autotranslation is not very clear.
    I love this story.


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