Born April 19th 1982

Kadir was born in Mersin, Turkey, he is one of five children, his full name is Abdulkadir Dogulu. At the age of 10 he helped to support his family by working in a local bakery, doing bicycle repairs and delivering water.  In 2000 he went to Istanbul along with his brother, he worked in a restaurant as a waiter, he baked bread and did the breakfasts at the weekend. He saved the money he earned and took trips to Barcelona and Rome, and tasted the food there. He then studied Gastronomy at Okan University.

He met Turkish singer Hande Yener through his brother Kemal who is also a muscician , he worked with her for a while and appeared in her music video called Romeo. This got him noticed and he started to receive acting offers,

His first role was in the series Kucuk Sirlar and it was a lead role.. , since then he has appeared in 5 further series including Magnificent Century where he played Mehmed lll Giray

While filming the series Fatih Harbiye in 2013 he met an fell in love with his co-star Neslihan Atagul, they married in 2016,  This year they spent their holiday camping in the woods in a caravan. He has an impressive 2.4 million Instagram followers, there are lots of images of himself with Neslihan and also with his dogs..a Doberman called Vera and a Border Collie called Afet.

There has been lots of hope and speculatoin that again he will act with his wife..but nothing has been confirmed at present.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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