Well its here. The end of an amazing journey spanning 81 episodes. Lets see how this journey comes to an end…

Sirin is sitting on a bench with a young man reading. He has plans for them to do a road trip. Thinking maybe Sirin is free we see that actually the young man is a patient at a psychiatric hospital as is Sirin. She is reading Bahar’s book.

Fazilet asks Ceyda about buying a wedding dress. Ceyda reminds them they haven’t asked for her hand yet. They agree that they will ask Enver as Ceyda doesn’t want them to go to her mum. Ceyda also tells them that she already has a dress from when they did the fake wedding with Peyami. Fazilet and Raif look horrified. Finally she agrees to a new dress leaving poor Raif wondering who Peyami is.

In a meeting Bahar and Fazilet are given the opportunity to do a TV series about her life based on the book. They show Bahar the money that she would earn. She is shocked but pulls herself together to act professional.

The family are sat discussing the TV show. They are all happy to be portrayed on the TV. Ceyda asks Bahar and Arif to come with her and Raif to look at Raif’s mountain house as a place to get married.

Enver is watching the children and takes them to Emre’s cafe where Satilmis has been trying so hard to get Arda to see the word mum. Satilmis tells Nisan and Doruk he wants to surprise his mum by Arda saying the word mum. Nisan and Doruk also try to help but Arda doesn’t say anything.

At the mountain house they have a meal and are happily singing away while cleaning the table when Raif informs them that the driver cannot get to them as the weather has caused a problem with the road so they will have to stay for the night.

Bahar and Ceyda see a snake in their room. They stuff the carpet and pillows along the bottom ofthe door. The men arrive but they too are scared. They all spend the night on the sofa. In the morning Arif and Bahar take some fresh air outside. Arif plays a trick on Bahar. He gets down on one knee. She thinks he will propose but he fastens his shoelace. Bahar appears a little disappointed as she heads off back in the house.

Everyone is getting ready for the engagement. Fazilet has had the rings made, and bought the flowers and chocolates. Bahar and the kids are baking. Ceyda is also baking when Bahar arrives with a box. She has bought her a beautiful dress for the engagement.

At the ceremony Bahar gets a surprise. Enver asks Doruk and Nisan if he can take Bahar for his son Arif. Bahar is shocked. Little Doruk has memorized what to say with the help of Nisan. Then Fazilet asks Enver for Ceyda for her son Raif. They cut the red ribbon on the rings and all congratulate each other. Its a moving time for Enver as he thinks back to his marriage but he is pleased his three children, Bahar, Ceyda and Arif will have great futures ahead of them.

Arif tells Yusuf who is repairing his roof that he will be marrying Bahar. Yusuf suddenly likes Bahar, possibly as she is now earning quite a bit of money. Yusuf also thinks maybe he will have both Ceyda and Bahar’s flats to now rent out.

Fazilet asks Ceyda about them getting a helper now that she will be the lady of the house. Ceyda doesn’t want anyone else. She will do the work. Satilmis and Arda are there too and Fazilets says she is loving having the boys there and she cannot wait for them to move in. Raif thinks his mum has lost the plot.

Doruk is worried that Bahar will have a different surname to him and Nisan when she marries Arif. While they are out eating breakfast he tells Bahar, but Arif tells him it is totally up to Bahar. As long as Bahar, Nisan and Doruk are happy thats all that matters. Bahar will keep the same same surname. Both children give Arif a hug.

Fazilet has taken both girls to try on wedding dresses. When they see each other in the dresses they are brought to tears.

Arif and the boys are having there suits made by Enver. Doruk in red, Satilmis, purple and yellow and Ceyda thinks white for Arda. However Arda has other ideas and he picks the orange material up and stands in front of the mirror. Enver and Arif are shocked. Ceyda too as Satilmis and Doruk give him a hug.

Bahar asks Enver to live with her, Arif and the children when they get married. Enver refuses saying that he needs to keep a home for when Sirin gets out of the hospital. Bahar is worried that Enver has been carrying the burden of Sirin on his own as everyone else hates her.

Arif finds a letter on his doorstep with a car key fob inside. The letter is from Kismet. She tells him that she has left her car outside for him and inside is the paperwork for the car and she is also leaving him he house and everything is in his name. She explains that they wont be coming back to Turkey.

Enver is going to visit Sirin. Bahar makes her some pastries like her mum used to make. As Enver is walking Bahar catches him up and says she will walk with him. At the gate Bahar wont go any further. Enver meets Sirin who appears doped on her medication. She tells him she is fine now and wants him to take her home. However when Enver hands over the food that Bahar has made for her that look of evil appears. Sirin walks towards the exit with her dad and she sees Bahar stood there. She screams that Bahar ruined her life and starts running towards her. She is stopped by two nurses and a doctor, and we see her screaming that its Bahar’s fault she ruined her life.

The wedding day…

The morning of the wedding and all the men are at the barbers getting shaved as is tradition. Even Doruk.

The ladies are having their hair done. Ceyda is being a bridezilla and embarrassing Fazilet in front of the hairdresser by saying maybe she might get a man soon. Fazilet makes a hasty exit. Outside the room she bumps into Enver who tells her she looks beautiful. They decide to go for coffee.

Finally the time has come for Doruk to have a word with Raif. He climbs up and sits on his knee. He tells him he was going to marry Ceyda but he couldnt grow up fast enough. He was going to be Satilmis and Arda’s dad. Raif smiles and gives him a hug and a kiss.

Ceyda and Bahar sit on the bed together. Bahar remembers all the memories they shared…

When she stood up to Hikmet and threatened to tell his wife if he beat Ceyda again, and telling Ceyda to realise what she was worth.

When they would talk and laugh with Yeliz.

When the whole family were celebrating and dancing together and the time she spent with her mother.

Ceyda and Bahar hug each other tightly. Fazilet walks in to find both have their make up all over their face from crying.

Emre and Satilmis are late and Ceyda is worried. However Fazilet says they have arrived. As they leave the room Ceyda goes back to get her bouquet. Arda sees that Emre has brought Ceyda’s mum. Arda turns and says ” mum ” Everyone is shocked. He the turns to his grandma and says ” grandma ” Satilmis smiles and tells him well done. Ceyda’s mum hugs her daughter tightly.

Meanwhile Sirin is in her room pacing backwards and forwards thinking back to what happened when she saw Bahar. She starts going mad wrecking the room. Two nurses try to restrain her but she runs and is caught in the corridor and given a sedative.

At the wedding ceremony. The official asks them in turn if they will marry. When it comes to Arif’s turn he puts the microphone down and stands up. Everyone is a little worried but he shouts ” YES!!! ” at the top of his voice.

Everyone is enjoying the party dancing away.

Bahar hugs Arif and whispers her favourite words, ” Thanks Arif “

The final words on the screen translate to…

This story is dedicated to women who do not give up and men whose hearts are full of love

Well thats it After 3 seasons, 81 episodes its ended.

I’m sad to see it end I loved every minute of this dizi. Even when everyone wasnt happy Sarp died and thought that the story line would go nowhere, I had faith that the writers would get us to the end in a manner that was befitting such a great series. And they totally did.

We got a happy ending for Bahar and Ceyda. Arif got the woman he loved. Sirin is where she belonged and its highly unlikely that she will be let out of that hospital for a long time. Im happy she stayed in there. It wouldn’t have been the truest story if they made her better and she came out all better. After what she did she deserves to be there.

Now back to reality. The cast were amazing. Especially the children. Nisan, Doruk. Satilmis and Arda. Again Turkey shows us they have the best child actors in the world.

Thank you for reading theses summaries each week. I have loved writing them and reading your comments and messages.

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WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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