Welcome to the penultimate episode. The scriptwriters have done a great job of bringing things together.

This week starts as Arif is playing the recording of Sirin’s confession to Enver and Bahar. Arif is watching both of them. Bahar is calm as she remembers one of the last times with Sarp in the hospital when he was talking about them growing old together. Enver is in shock. Out of breath Bahar asks him about his medication. She fetches him his tablets.

Bahar is eerily calm. Arif tells her Kismet says its not enough to put her n prison but maybe into a psychiatric hospital. Enver refuses saying no hospital she belongs in prison. When they see her they will take her. Bahar agrees and very calmly states, ” she needs locking away or I will kill her “

Sirin is trying to get somewhere to stay but without ID she cant. She sees police on the streets asking people if they have seen a girl. Sirin thinks its her they are looking for after hearing Ceyda say she will rot in prison.

The next morning Ceyda is so happy when she opens the envelope that tells her Arda is staying with her. She runs to tell Arif, then she tells Bahar and the kids, finally she gives the news to a very happy Enver. Arif is so happy he even gives a surprised Yusuf a hug.

Ceyda arrives at Emre’s after Satilmis told her on the phone that Emre had drank a lot and was now sleeping. She finds Emre in bed and that Satilmis has gave Arda breakfast and got water for Emre. He tells her that he thinks Kismet and Emre have broken up. When Emre wakes up Satilmis wiser than his years, tells him to forget Kismet he will find someone else. Maybe his mum who is better looking and smiles. This leaves Emre looking thoughtful.

At breakfast Ceyda tells them that Arda will be staying with her. Satilmis is pleased and hugs Arda. Arda hugs him back. Emre obviously is now thinking about Ceyda in a totally different way.

Ceyda and Emre sit and talk. He holds her hands and asks if they should try to get together. Satilmis wants them to marry. He doesnt love Ceyda but says they may learn to do in the future. Ceyda tells him its over, in the past, and he will find someone else to love. He asks her if she has found someone else to love… she has.

Meanwhile Sirin has managed to get a room in a run down seedy hotel by bribing the manager with cash. She gets food delivered as she is scared to be seen on the street.

Nisan and Doruk try to cheer Enver up and take him to the park. Doruk buys him candy floss to make him feel better. Arriving hoome Nisan sees Satilmis has arrived. Her face lights up and she makes sure her face is nice and clean.

Enver has been to see Sirin’s doctor with Jale. He told them that she is very secretive and can hide her illness and manipulate people. She could be dangerous and he had warned Hatice that she needed to take her medication and be admitted to hospital. Hatice never told Enver about the hospital. Her doctor offers to do a report if they apply for her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Now they just need to find Sirin.

Over dinner Raif and Fasilet seem to be getting on well. Fazilet is even beginning to like Ceyda. Raif wants to take a large amount of money from the bank to buy Arda to stay with Ceyda. He asks Fazilet if she will persuade Ceyda to take the money. The next morning Ceyda arrives and Fazilet tells her they will give her the money for Arda. Ceyda is touched that someone thought about her and her problem. She tells them there is no need now as the papers were signed and Arda will be living with her.

Sirin buys a disguise and makes her way back home. She tries to get back into the apartment but is trapped outside when Bahar and Enver are talking with neighbours. Yusuf sees her but doesnt get involved. Finally she sneeks her way in looking for the money, but its not where she left it. She frantically looks around. She knocks over the ironing board. Bahar hears the noise below as Enver is coming back from the shop. Sirin hides behind the door as Enver comes in…Bahar comes banging on the door thinking Sirin is there, however she sees Enver and leaves. Enver also leaves and Sirin continues her search for the money.

Yusuf visits Arif at the coffee shop and tells him that he saw Sirin going in the apartment. Arif calls Bahar and tells her to go and shut the main door downstairs as Sirin is in the building. He also calls Talat to go.

Bahar runs and closes the door and tells Enver whats happening. Arif and Talat arrive. They all go upstairs together. Thy sneak in to find the room in disarray with things scattered everywhere. Bahar panics thinking she had found the money. However Enver had hid the money in the fridge.

After cleaning the house Arif and Bahar talk. He tells her that Sirin wont come between them if Bahar doesnt allow her to. He tells her also that he will as she wished return to university to graduate. They hug.

Arif goes to the university and enrolls. He stands outside looking around pleased with being back there.

At Fazilet’s house, they are watching an old movie where a man is on one knee proposing to a lady. Ceyda thinks its romantic and then realises Raif would be unable to do that and says its not necessary. Raif is left looking thoughtful.

Bahar is with Fazilet going to the publisher. In the car for the first time we see Bahar break down over what Sirin did to Sarp as she is telling Fazilet what happened. She is upset that she was angry with him at the time and that he was going to keep all his promises.

Bahar and Fazilet show Ceyda and Raif the book cover that has been chosen. It also has Bahar’s name as the author. Something that Fazilet insisted on as its Bahar’s story and she is just the editor.

As they go to the kitchen to get glasses and champagne they hear a bang and Raif is on the floor. Fazilet and Bahar rush to help him up. He stops them as Ceyda comes in. He tells her that this is as good as his kneeling gets, and asks her to marry him. Ceyda says yes!

Sirin calls Enver. She is crying begging him to bring the money and she will leave. She wants one more chance. Enver says he will go to her. He collects the money and heads off. As he is leaving he sees Ceyda, she is suspicious as he tells her he is going for a walk. As he is walking he remembers Hatice as she was dying. She asked him to look after her and not treat Sirin badly.

He arrives at the hotel. Sirin lets him in and asks if he has the money. He tells her before she takes it he wants to know everything. She tells him frankly that she gt a sign that made her kill Sarp. She did it to make Bahar suffer. She had taken everyiine from her and everything was Bahar’s fault. She calmy admits she wanted Doruk to die by falling out of the window. She said there was a sign that made her do that too. Then she asks if she can now have the money and go? He gives her a package and she tells him she loves him and will call as soon as she is settled.

As she leaves she is approached by the police. They arrest her for the murder of Sarp and the attempted murder of Doruk. As they drag her to the police car she is shouting for her dad to help her. Enver appears and Sirin realises he has called the police when they remove a wire from him that has recorded her confession.

Kismet has been listening in with the police, she now gets in the car with Cem her job done. They will now be leaving after packing their bags.

The episode ends as Sirin is in the back of the police car still crying and screaming.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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