Welcome again to the weekly summary. Last week ended as Arif confronted Sirin about what she said to the thief about killing her sister’s husband. Sirin confidently admits she did kill him but laughs at Arif as he has no proof. She swaggers away. We see that Arif had actually recorded the full conversation on his phone. So what will Arif do with this evidence?

As Sirin arrives home she is confronted by Ceyda. She grabs Sirin and twists her arm, furious with her for her behavior toward Satilmis. Enver shouts from upstairs so Ceyda lets go. Sirin then goads her and tells her nothing will ever happen to her. She swaggers up the stairs with that stupid giggle.

Arif goes to see Kismet. He plays the recording for her. She is shocked but tells him they cannot use that recording as evidence. He needs to get something physical like from Sarp’s hospital room. Kismet tells him she is leaving. She explains her past relationship with Cem and how he treated Bahar and Ceyda. She says that when she and Cem leave there will be no more danger. She does say that she will stay a couple of days to help him with a case against Sirin.

Sirin sees the children’s cat. She picks it up and takes it to the park. Yusuf is there doing some exercise as he appears to have a new lady friend. He sees Sirin with the cat. At home Bahar and the kids are looking for the cat. They see Yusuf who tells them that Sirin was walking around the park with it.

Bahar, Nisan and Doruk go to Emre’s cafe. They have found the cat and have him in a box. Sirin looks worried when they walk in. Emre invites them to eat and calls to Sirin. Sirin thinks she is being invited to join them but Arif wants her to serve them She is not happy. Nisan drops her hat on the floor as she bends down to pick it up she sees that her mum and Arif are holding hands under the table. She is so happy.

Ceyda arrives for work. Fazilet appears to be warming to her as she is making Raif happy. She gives Ceyda a key to the house. They all enjoy breakfast together.

Back at the cafe Nisan tells Satilmis what Sirin did to the cat. Satilmis then tells his dad that Sirin says he is ugly. Nisan and Doruk also tell everyone what Sirin said and did to them in Envers shop. Emre tells her that she needs to collect her stuff and leave. Sirin starts breaking plates and being abusive on her way out.

Later Yusuf asks Enver for some more money for the apartment. While Sirin is in the bathroom he looks in her room for money. He comes across a note but doesn’t read it and puts it in his pocket. He finds an envelope under the bed and takes some money from it.

Arif meanwhile has come to speak with Ceyda. He plays the recording for her. She immediately wants to go and kill Sirin. Arif calms her down and says they need evidence. Kismet advised them to get her admitted to a mental hospital. They would need a report from Sirin;s old doctor so that never could get her admitted. They phone Jale for the doctors number.

As Arif is leaving Bahar arrives and Enver. He tells them Jale called him about the doctors number. Arif lies and says its for a friend. Enver then insists they tell him what happened at the cafe with Sirin. They tell him and hes furious. He tells them that Sirin will pay for all the damage in the cafe.

Arif goes with Bahar into her apartment. He tells her that Kismet sent a message saying she was safe now from Cem Bahar is so relieved Arif asks her why she never told him she was in trouble. She says she didnt want him getting involved and into trouble. Arif tells her that he has been in trouble since she first stepped off that van when she moved in and he will be in trouble for the rest of his life. Bahar rushes towards him and they kiss.

The next morning Ceyda calls to ask Arif if he has heard about the doctor. Unfortunately he wont give Sirin’s information without a court order. As they are talking Sirin comes past. Ceyda makes a remark about her going to prison. This stops Sirin in her tracks. She realises that maybe they have called the police. She is paranoid while walking thinking the police are after her.

Bahar tells Enver that Fazilet has some interest in publishers for her book. She decides to go shopping. She tries on some lipstick and isnt going to buy it but after looking in the mirror she realises that she deserves it.

Meanwhile Raif asks Ceyda to go to a fish restaurant. Shes excited and asks Fazilet to go with them in typical Ceyda smile saying a slight insult without meaning it as one. Raif thinks its funny. Fazilet sees the funny side too.

At the restaurant a lady approaches and speaks with Fazilet. Fazilet introduces her son Raif and Ceyda… his girlfriend. Ceyda ia so happy she jumps up and kisses the woman’s hand and hugs her. Fazilet and Raif are in hysterics. Poor Ceyda wonders why they are laughing.

I have to make a quick comment here. I did a little cheer when she introduced her as Raifs girlfriend. The scene made me laugh. Loved it.

Arda’s biological father is grabbed by two men whilst walking down the street. They throw him into a van. Inside is Cem. He pulls a gun and makes him sign a document saying that he wont take Arda from Ceyda. They then push him out of the moving van.

Sirin goes to Bahars but its Doruk who is alone. Bahar is sleeping and Nisan is in the bathroom. Sirin notices Doruk looking through the window, someone has left a mattress on the road outside. Sirin tells Doruk wait until she gets downstairs and then to jump out of the window. Just as hes about to fall Bahar grabs him. He tells his mum that his auntie told him to and she was downstairs. Bahar looks from the window and sees a scared Sirin hurrying off.

Bahar goes chasing after Sirin followed by Ceyda and Enver who realise somethings wrong. Bahar catches her and drags her to the ground, hitting her head on the floor. Enver and Ceyda try to stop her but she breaks free and continues to kick and strangle her. Eventually Ceyda stops her and Sirin runs away, scared. Bahar tells them both what Sirin has just done.

That evening Ceyda takes Nisan and Doruk to her apartment while Arif talks to Bahar and Enver. He tells them that Sarp didn’t die of natural causes from the accident. He was killed by Sirin.

Anther great episode. Im so sad its ending. However the writers are doing a fantastic job up to now. Its not rushed and each story line is playing out nicely.

I adore Ceyda and this week loved the scenes with Raif and Fazilet. She is one character I really will miss. Sirin oh my is there anything she wouldn’t do. Pure evil. What will happen to her? Prison? Mental hospital? Will she suffer a worse fate? Remember the letter Enver found in her room that he stuffed in his pocket? Im wondering if that will some how play into Sirin’s demise/

I am a little concerned as things are working out fr Bahar and Ceyda… we arent at the end yet… I really hope this doesn’t change. I am eagerly awaiting next weeks episode.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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