Welcome back. We had a couple of weeks without this amazing show and I have missed it. Its also been revealed that Kadin will only have a few more episodes left until it ends. I have mixed feelings. Happy they are not going to string it out with pointless story lines, but sad as I will miss these characters so much.

We start off where Bahar, Ceyda and the kids hear a gunshot from upstairs where Arif had gone to fetch Sirin for the celebrations. Bahar flies up the stairs and is greeted by a trail of blood into the apartment. She finds Sirin sat with Arif on the floor with the gun in her hand.

Enver arrives and is distraught thinking Sirin is dead but she has just passed out with shock. Arif tells them a theif entered the house and Sirin shot him in the arm. Ceyda also arrives and realises that is the gun that Bahar and Arif threw in the Bosphorus. She attacks Sirin wanting an explanation.

Arif goes to pick up the gun to take to his apartment for now but as he does we get a flashback of what actually happened.

Arif knocked on the door and it swung open… he hears Sirin telling the thief to leave or she will shoot him, she isn’t scared of shooting him, she has just killed her own sisters husband. Arif stops in his tracks shocked. Sirin sees him and Arif grabs the thief there is a struggle and Sirin shoots, obviously not aiming for the thief and could have hit Arif. She wounds the man in the shoulder and he runs.

Sirin stays with Enver and everyone goes back downstairs. They celebrate the New Year, the children who know whats happened ask Arif to stay the night. Bahar agrees she makes up the sofa for him. The next morning Bahar gets up and realises Arif has been awake all night. Unknown to her he is struggling with the news that Sirin killed Sarp.

Bahar sits next to him. She tells him if Sirin had killed him she would have killed Sirin. She doesn’t know what she would do without Arif. They grasp hands and lean together to kiss just as a sleepy Doruk opens the door. They jump apart like guilty teenagers.

The next morning they all open their presents. Bahar made Arif a scarf and he bought her some gloves. Ceyda is stunned when she opens her present from Raif, it a rather large ring. She looks both confused and happy.

Bahar has been talking to Arif and he asks her what things she wants in the New Year. She says health and money to live on, but then tells Arif she wants him to go back to education. As we know Arif was at university before he dropped out. Im sure he will for Bahar.

Upstairs, Sirin is throwing a strop, saying she hates everyone and throwing her bedding around in a fit of rage. Enver returns to a calm Sirin who doesn’t look happy he got presents and she didn’t. She has left him a photo of him her and Hatice. Enver sits crying and tells Hatice he cant do what he promised, Sirin has gone too far and he cant help her.

Ceyda goes to see Raif and gives him the ring back. She is having a hard time thinking that Raif could like someone like her. Meanwhile Arif tells Bahar that Arda’s court case is imminent. An upset Ceyda feels better when she realises its not the date to decide the custody its an identity hearing.

Kismet has been trying to contact Cem. She goes to his apartment and lets herself in. She finds him laid on the sofa with baby clothes and toys strewn all around the room. She sits with him. He cries and tells her he loves her and cannot manage without her. She is in tears and tells him she loves him too.

Ceyda questions Arif why he is looking accusingly at Sirin. At first he doesn’t want to say but eventually tells her what Sirin said to the thief. Ceyda knowing what Sirin can be like is shocked and doesn’t believe it, She thinks maybe she was talking about when she made Sarp fall from the ferry. Arif says Sirin said ” I have JUST killed my sisters husband “. Ceyda still really doesn’t think Sirin would do it. She tells Arif not to say anything to Bahar. Both of them continue walking but both look troubled and thoughtful.

At the cafe Sirin is worried that Arif heard her tell the thief about Sarp. She tries chatting to Arif and knows with his reactions he had heard her. She is worried but also mad and takes it out of the young boy at the cafe.

Bahar goes to sit with Fazilet to continue her story. She speaks with Raif who asks her is the reason she returned the ring is Ceyda has someone else. Before Bahar can answer Fazilet enters the room. Later Bahar meets Raif in the corridor and tells him there is no one else in Ceyda’s life. He is very happy, however Ceyda overheard everything. She pretends to be mad.

The kids are all at Enver’s shop being looked after by Arif’s friend. Sirin arrives and says she will watch them. She again starts being nasty to the children. Telling them that the gun was real and it was in fact their fathers gun. Satilmis stands up for his friends but Sirin tells him his dad doesnt want him and neither does his mum. Satilmis shows no signs of being frightened by her. He replies everyone calls her crazy and that she wanted to be with his father but he rejected her. Sirin sees red and grabs his gaming device. She shouts and threatens them waving it in the air saying she will smash it. Enver appears behind her and grabs her arm. He tells her to get out. She stares at Satilmis as if to say this isn’t over.

Satilmis overhears Ceyda and Enver talking about Arda having to go live with the other family, and they cannot raise the money to keep him. After Enver leaves Satilmis tells Ceyda he will go back to live with his old family. They will make Arda work and he wont be able to do it. Ceyda tells him some miracle will happen and Arda will stay with them.

Im sorry, having watched the next bit I just need to stop laughing before I write …

Satilmis decides to try and get some money to help Ceyda. He takes his console outside and charges his friends 1 lira to play on it. One of the boys runs off with it but Satilmis catches him. Doruk also comes out to play and Satilmis asks him if he wants to play? Diruk does but he tells him that he must work for it. He straps the console around Doruks middle so they can pay the 1 lira and play without stealing it…. hahaha genius !

Hold on Im still laughing…..

Bahar catches them out on the street, she sends them both upstairs. Both her and Ceyda are angry at them. Satilmis tells Ceyda she has been lying to him too. She didn’t buy the console. Ceyda tells him it was Raif. Satilmis asks if he is ” walking with her ” Ceyda explains Raif cannot walk. Bahar has to turn away as she is laughing.

Sirin leaves work and Arif follows her. He stops her and confronts her about what she said to the thief. She admits it was her that turned off Sarp’s IV line. She says its shocking how easy it is for someone to die. He should be thanking her for getting rid of Sarp so he can be with Bahar. However he cannot prove anything and will have to live with the knowledge silently. She walks away with a smug look on her face.

Arif is stood there. We see he has recorded everything on his phone that Sirin has confessed.

Wow what an episode! I must admit some of the scenes this week have been my favourite in the whole series. The one with Satilmas and Doruk with the console had me laughing so loudly.

Finally someone knows what Sirin did to Sarp, but I wonder what will Arif do? Will Sirin find out he has the recording and kill him?

Things are looking good between Arif and Bahar and also Ceyda and Raif, but we all know just how ruthless Turkish scriptwriters are.

The series is ending soon, I will really miss it.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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