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After dropping what they think is the gun into the Bosphorus, Arif takes Bahar to a reunion dinner with his friends and their partners. They have a good time and on the way home stop to look at the festive lights. Bahar’s hands are cold. Arif offers to warm them for her, she is a little hesitant but eventually holds her hand out. Instead of holding her hand Arif plonks some warm chestnuts in a bag into her hand. They then take pictures of themselves and the lights. I dont like this it always feels like there will be a sad time coming where these pictures will be looked back on.

Meanwhile back at home Sirin is sat with the gun on her bed writing a note. She hears Enver coming home and slips the note under her door. He sees it and without looking shoves it straight back under to her. Sirin is furious. The next morning she leaves for work and calls to say goodbye to her dad in the shop but he totally ignores her.

Ceyda visits Satilmis at Emre’s house. Kismet is there too. Satilimis says that he likes to visit Ceyda which makes her happy. A comment is made about Kismet not knowing how to look after children. Kismet has a flashback in her past.

We see her sat at dinner with Cem, heavily pregnant and they are married. She tells Cem she doesn’t like the men they deal with and wants to leave. Cem says thats fine. Afterwards we see her loading baby items into a car when three men attack her, kicking her stomach. They are told that they have lost the baby. Kismet blames Cem for his business connections.

Ceyda is working at Fazilet’s house and discovers a Christmas tree and decorations in boxes. She puts them up in the lounge. Fazilet isnt happy and tells her to take them down before Raif sees them. Raif comes into the room covered in tinsel. He is happy to be helping Ceyda. Fazilet leaves the room and Raif tells Ceyda his accident happened Christmas Eve and maybe thats why his mum isnt happy. We see Fazilet sat in her room when she thinks back to that Christmas Eve.

She is on the balcony of the house watching Raif and his friends leave on a day out. They wave and blow kisses. She watches him walk away, not knowing this would be the last time she would see him walk.

Fazilet still thinks that it was Ceyda who stole her jewellry. Ceyda shows her a picture of herself and Raif on their night out where Ceyda is wearing the earrings proving that Raif gave them to her. Fazilet asks her to send the photo. She is in tears to see Raif that happy like in the days before his accident.

Enver tells Sirin that they have a buyer for the house and she must be there to sign the papers. He tells her if she doesnt agree he wont be her father any longer. Sirin comes across Bahar and goes on and on about how she shouldnt get a part of the house. Its her house her mum said so. Bahar tells her not to worry she wont spend any of the money. Sirin thinks that what she has said has worked and Bahar wont take any money.

When it comes time to meet and sign the papers, Bahar hasnt arrived, Sirin is happy. However Bahar does show and Sirin is furious. Afterwards Enver splits the money. Bahar says she cant take the money. Sirin’s face lights up. Bahar explains she cant take the money now as she is going shopping. Enver insists she takes it. Bahar places into her bag all the time looking straight at Sirin. Sirin is shaking with anger that Bahar is taking the money.

Raif has an old friend who comes to visit. Ceyda is jealous as Fazilet says its his ex-girlfriend. Ceyda makes tea and cake. As she serves them she is so jealous and starts to hack at the cake with a knife. Raif explains to his friend that it was Ceyda who give him the kiss to bring him back to life. Ceyda is so happy he has said that.

Ceyda is leaving Raif until the new year. He gives her a bag of presents for everyone and tells her not to open hers until midnight. Bahar arrives before Ceyda leaves and wants to speak with Fazilet. Fazilet says she would like to continue writing Bahar’s book. Bahar gives her the 100,000 TL that they got for selling the jewellry. Bahar insists that she takes it. She is so relieved that she has paid off her debt to Fazilet.

Ceyda visits Emre and Satilimis. She asks for him to come and spend New Year with them but Emre says they already have arrangements. Satilmis is disappointed. Ceyda gives him a present that Raif bought. Its a games console. He is so happy. Emre isnt.

Sirin is told by Enver that he is going to Bahar’s New Year party and she isnt invited. Sirin is upset saying that she has never spent a New Year without her father seen she was born. She leaves upset… this could be what tips Sirin over the edge.

Everyone is at Bahar’s. Arif brings presents for the children. They notice that Enver seems quiet and Bahar says its as Sirin is upstairs alone. They agree to invite her just to make Enver feel better. Arif volunteers to go and ask her. As he leaves he turns back to look at Bahar.

Arda has been looking all evening at the tree they have made from puzzle boxes. He walks towards it and starts to pull one from the bottom. There is a loud gunshot just as Arda makes the tree collapse. Bahar immediately realises what it is and where it came from. She rushes out shouting Arif’s name.

This series I thought would struggle after Sarp left and I have noticed people commenting that they stopped watching when he did. They made a big mistake. The writers have done really well to keep the story line interesting and the newer characters like Raif fit in well.

So whats happened upstairs? Did Sirin shoot Arif? Did she shoot herself and make it look like Arif did it? Did the gun go off and not injure either of them?

I has a feeling with the photos they took earlier in the episode that something would happen.

My main question from this episode is… what is in the box Raif gave Ceyda to open at midnight?

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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