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This weeks episode starts s Satilmas father has arrived with his sons to take Arda. Ceyda and Arif are angry and a scuffle breaks out. Bahar locks Sirin in the room with the children and tells her not to say anything to them. Of course Sirin does and says that they have come to take Arda away to beg in the streets.

Meanwhile the arguments continue when Enver appears shouting waving a gun in his hand. Everyone stops. The men leave. Enver found the gun in Sarp’s cupboard the day before. Its decided that Arif will approach Kismet and ask how whats the best way to dispose of it.

The next day Bahar sees the children off to school. Satilmas has got himself up and dressed. eaten olive and bread for breakfast and let himself out of the flat while Ceyda and Arda still sleep. Arif arrives to take him to school. Satilmas watches as he sees Bahar kiss Nisan and Doruk and make sure they are ready and wave them off. As he leaves with Arif Bahar runs after them and tucks his shirt in and kisses him. Things that he has probably never had in his life before.

At school Arif givs him money for his lunch. As Arif disappears, Satilmas sneaks out of the school and runs the opposite way.

Arif arriving to see Kismet sees Cem leaving in a bad mood. Unbeknownst to Arif they have argued and Kismet has said she doesnt want to work with Cem any more. Arif goes in but Kismet says she doesnt know a Cem. After as Arif is leaving he hears the secretary tell Kismet Cem left his coat. Arif is stunned.

Sirin agains reminds Enver regarding why Ceyda and Bahar left Fazilet. Enver doesnt want to believe her but he goes to see Fazilet and ask her if its true.

We see Enver furious on his return home. He gets Arif to watch the kids while he bangs on Ceyda nad Bahar’s doors. He tells them he wants to speak with them. Upstairs Sirin lets them in and is pleased when Enver says that he has been to see Fazilet. Bahar and Ceyda are nervous..

Enver to Ceyda and Bahar’s surprise has a go at Sirin. Telling her she is shameful for accusing her sisters of stealing. The smile on Sirins face is wiped away. He later tells her the only reason he hasnt made her leave is a promise he gave to Hatice.

Enver asks Ceyda to call on Fazilet as she is sick. Ceyda does go the next day. Fazilet tells her Raif hasnt eaten or left his room since she left. She knocks and Raif opens the door so pleased to see her. He tells her that he spoke with his mum and told her that they jewellery was infact his. His father told him to give it to the woman he marries. He also tells Ceyda that its just his legs that are paralyzed in answer to her question to his mother. Ceyda is so embarrassed and goes to cool off in front of the fridge.

Bahar calls at the cafe after an interview. Arif asks her if she wants to go out for lunch. As they are about to leave Sirin screams out she has been burnt by a hot cup of coffee. Both Bahar and Arif ignore her and walk out. Saton the banks of the Bosphorus having lunch Arif comments that Bahar has put the necklace back on he bought her.

Fazilet allows Ceyda to come back to work to keep Raif happy, however Bahar isnt welcome back. She saw the CCTV that Bahar sold the jewellery. She tells Ceyda that she is back as she would do anything for her son. Ceyda blurts out thats what her and Bahar were doing by selling the jewellery, looking after their children as they had been threatened.

Satilmas has been sleepy and tired over the last few days and sneaking off school. When Emre returns to take him home Ceyda catches him putting money in a drawer. She immediately thinks he stole it. Emre speaks with him calmly. He admits he missed school and was working to raise money so that Arda could stay. Ceyda is touched by this, as is Emre. Nisan and Doruk are listening too, As Satilmas picks up his bag and walks to the door, Ceyda grabs him and hugs him tightly. We see that he has been selling water and tissues, and cleaning windscreens of cars to make money. Nisan and Doruk also hug him as Arda also comes to sit with them.

Bahar and Arif have gone to throw the gun in the Bosphorus. After making sure no one is there Arif throws it in and it sinks. They are both relieved that its now gone and out of the way….

In the final scene we see that Sirin still has the gun. She is sat holding it on the bed. Obviously she switched the parcel. Obviously she will be using this in the future for one of her sick ideas.

As always this week we had Sirin get found out but once again she has the upper hand with the gun. Will she use it or get someone in trouble with it? I actually dont think Sirin would shoot someone.

Satilmis looks like he has appreciated the care that everyone has gave him, but have we seen the last of his father and brothers?

Im pleased that Ceyda is back working with Raif. Such a funny scene with the fridge to cool down after he answered her question regarding how bad the injury affected him.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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