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At the end of last weeks episode Bahar has seen the woman she needs to exchange the handbag with is Kismet. As she is about to approach a mum from the children’s school approaches blowing her cover. Thinking quickly Bahar drops the bag to the floor and Kismet picks it up for her exchanging the bags. Kismet then causes a distraction so Bahar can leave unchallenged.

At home Enver and Sirin are watching out of the window as she gets home. Bahar goes to Ceyda and tells her whats happened. Ceyda is also shocked and confused about Kismet.

The next morning Bahar and Enver are seeing the children on the school bus when Sirin arrives. She questions Bahar about her ” new boyfriend “. Arif also joins them and Sirin takes great pleasure in announcing that Bahar has a new boyfriend Cem and that the old man staying with Ceyda is Cems dad. A sad looking Arif leaves for work, while Bahar goes to Ceyda.

Bahar is angry at Sirin and tells Ceyda what has happened. She spots a piece of paper on the table. Ceyda tells her that she hasnt looked at it. Its a photo of her biological son. Bahar asks to look and we see that the child is the one from the poor family, whos father is just out to get money. Ceyda also looks at the photo.

Emre has tried to contact Ceyda regarding Arda. The father of the boy that is his real son does niot want Arda and Emre will pay him 10,000 TL so Arda can stay with Ceyda. Arif contacts Ceyda to let her know. She is sat with Raif and is so pleased.

Bahar visits Kismet to find out what she has to do with Cem. Kismet fabricates a story she was making a transaction for a client and doesnt know anyone called Cem. She advises Bahar to stay away from him.

Fazilet has gone to the jewellers and looked at CCTV showing who sold her jewellry. She comes home and speaks with Ceyda. First she tells her that Arda is going to get the help he needs. She then tells Ceyda that she will leave today at the end of the day and not comeback. She must not tell Raif she is leaving or she will cancel the help for Arda. Ceyda is devastated and leaves slowly looking at Raif who isnt aware she wont be back tomorrow.

At the cafe Emre’s new son arrives with his dad. He is a little demon and thinks the cafe is his. Sirin is quick to step in and watch him. He tells her Emre is paying his dad to let Arda stay with Ceyda. Of course Sirin tells them to ask for more. Ceyda thinks the world of Arda. When Emre returns with the money the man informs him he has changed his mind and wont let Arda stay. He tells Emre he wants 100.000 Dollars.

Bahar seeing Yusuf leave the flat goes to see Arif. She tells him that there is nothing going on with another man like Sirin said. She doesnt want Arif to be mad at her. Arif tells her he has never been mad at her. He said he wasnt mad she chose Sarp, he told himself that she went with Sarp for the sake of the children. He wasnt mad, but devastated.

They stand holding the borek and Ayran facing each other. As they put them on the table Bahar reaches for his hand, and they hug tightly….. we then see that it was Bahar’s imagination. They actually sit on either end of the sofa with tears in their eyes.

Ceyda is taking Arda to the new school. Raif has been calling but she has ignored him. As she leaves Raif;s driver says he is in the car and wants to talk to her. Raif asks if it was his mother that made her leave, Ceyda says no. She was offered a job as a singer with more pay. Raif asks her how she fees about him. She says she loves him as a kid. Raif tells her ” not the way I love you ” Ceyda walks away with Arda. She is telling herself she is doing this for Arda.

Raif at home confronts his mother regarding Ceyda. He tells her that he has checked and Ceyda hasnt got a job as a singer. He knows his mum is behind it all.

Bahar, Ceyda and the kids are having fun when Emre arrives with Satilmis. He runs to Ceyda and hugs her saying ” mum “. She is shocked as is everyone else. Arda looks but turns away. Emre also explains to her that the man wants more money than he can afford for Arda. Ceyda thinks he is leaving Satilmis for her to look after and taking Arda. Emre tells him that he needs to go to Germany due to a family illness and he wants Satilmis to stay with her. Ceyda isnt happy but Bahar steps in and says she will look after him.

Satilmis is a mini Sirin. He is naughty and Doruk thinks he is funny. Nisan has certainly weighed him up and knows hes a bad kid.

The family have dinner together. Ceyda accidentally picks up the magazine with Fazilet on it and the stolen earrings. Sirin finds it and does her innocent routine saying they look like the jewellery that Bahar was trying to sell. Enver at first doesnt want to hear Sirins lies but when Ceyda and Bahar dont deny it he too asks.

As Bahar is about to tell Enver a knock comes to the door. Sirin answers and takes pleasure in telling them that Arda’s dad has arrived and he has come to take his son….

I loved this episode this week. It had a bit of everything.

Bahar and Arif appear to be softening to one another again. Fantastic scene when Ceyda is trying to nod to Arif for him to look at Bahar and that she is wearing his necklace. He doesnt understand and Ceyda does what most women do… rolls her eyes and walks off. Loved that. Gokce is a brilliant actress.

The new kid Satilmis is a little tinker. Obviously brought up a bit like Oliver Twist by Fagen. Naughty, probably would steal things and on the lookout for money. Obvious to me he has a deal running with his original dad to get what he can out of them and to return with stuff. Nisan appears to be on to him, but he is influencing a very young Doruk.

Fazlilet is on her way, learning from Raif that he gave Ceyda the jewellery and he knows what happened.

My thoughts are, either she will turn up in time to stop them taking Arda and pay the money. She does have a soft spot for him. Or Bahar and Ceyda will need to do more jobs with Cem for the money.

I love the relationship between Raif and Ceyda. She deserves someone genuine who loves her and isnt bothered how she dresses or where she lives.

Finally Sirin. Ahhhhh Sirin what should we do with you ? I love it when she gets that smirk wiped off her face but she unfortunately she always has something else on the boil to make trouble. I think its now pretty obvious to Bahar and Ceyda that she has something to do with the earrings and them losing the jobs….well they will when Fazilet tells them she received a photo. the same one thats on Sirins phone.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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