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At the end of last weeks episode we saw Arif angry with both Ceyda and Bahar and trying to find out what they have been up to. He makes it obvious that he still has feelings for Bahar.

Enver tells Sirin that he has had an offer for the land where their old house is. The house belonged to Hatice, but after her death it is shared equally between Enver, Sirin and Bahar. Sirin is furious she doesn’t want any of it for Bahar. She is adamant its just her and her fathers house. She is still blaming Bahar for her getting attacked by stopping Arif from walking with her.

Bersan calls Cem and he tells her that Bahar must deliver it to the showroom. She goes and hands over the package. Its a USB stick. Bahar asks him why he had her sister attacked. Cem says that it wasn’t him. He tells her that there is just one more job, Bahar refuses but Cem reminds her they still owe him.

Nisan and Doruk tell Bahar about Arda doing the jigsaw. She isnt sure if she believes them so when they go to school she takes Arda and the puzzle but he doesnt do anything. She makes him breakfast and then sees him doing another equally as hard jigsaw. Bahar is so happy.

She takes Arda to Fazilet’s house making the excuse she needs to talk with her. On the terrace Bahar quietly tells Fazilet what she has seen. Sh is excited as she knows after meeting Dr Ali Vefa ( Mucize Doktor ) when Doruk was sick that kids with autism can be talented like Ali. Fazilet is so happy and says she has arranged a meeting with someone regarding Arda.

Arda is sat in the lounge with Raif. He is still fascinated by his wheelchair. Raif talks to him and strokes his hair. Ceyda sees him and is touched at how Raif interacts with him.

Fazilet cant help but notice Ceyda’s clothes her leopard print leggings etc. She goes to her room and selects some clothes for Ceyda. Ceuds thanks he thinking she can give them to the needy. She sees Fazilet looks disappointed. Fazilet also tells Raif about Ceyda and the clothes. Later he sits looking on his iPad at clothes he thinks Ceyda may like. He is happy and orders something costing 2500 TL. ( 430 USD or 39 Euro )

Ceyda has the idea to get Kismet to help her with Arda. She goes to visit her at her office. She tells her aboiut how bad Emre is and what he is doing is wrong. Kismet tells her she cant help. She is already Emre’s lawyer and that they are lovers. She goes on to tell her that they have already contacted the families of the two boys who could be her son and they agreed to take the test. She puts the photos of the two boys on the table. Ceyda never looks down. She stares at Kismet and pushes the papers away not interested in them at all. She gets up and leaves.

That evening Ceyda is explaining what happened with Kismet when Bersan knocks and tells them to come to Ceyda’s flat. Inside they see the three men that attacked Sirin, they are all bruised and beaten they have come to apologise. He tells them that it was Sirin that paid them to beat her and to wait for her boyfriend but he never showed. He also gives Bahar Sirin’s purse. He tells her that the ones that beat them said also that Bahar should wear something nice for her meeting with Cem. Bahar looks furious over Sirin.

The next morning Bahar sits with Enver and Arif waiting for Sirin. She gives her the purse back and tells them that Sirin paid the guys to attack her. Sirin says they are lying and storms off, however Bahar tells them that it is true. Enver is shocked that Sirin is up to her old tricks again.

Emre has brought some old magazines into the cafe. Sirin sees an old picture of Fazilet on the cover. She is wearing the same earings and ring that she saw Bahar and Bersan selling in the bazaar. Not believing her luck to get revenge on Bahar she goes to the jeweller and takes a picture of them pretending she is interested. She then takes an envelope with Fazilet’s name and leaves it at her front door. Ceyda picks it up and puts it on her desk.

Fazilet is about to open the envelope when she gets a call with good news about Arda. She leaves the envelope unopened and goes to tell Ceyda what has happened. Ceyda is so pleased and hugs both Fazilet and Raif.

Emre arrives at Kismets office where the reults have arrived to see which of the two boys is his son. At the same time Ceyda is trying to reach him to let him know about Arda.

Bahar gets ready for her night out with Cem. She wears a smart black suit of Fazilets after Doruk spilled paint on her blouse. Outside the flat Cem rings her. He asks if Bersan and Ceyda are there too and to put it on loud speaker. Little do they realise that Sirin is at the top of the steps listening. He tells Bersan her debt is clear but she needs to look after his father. Bahar goes downstairs to get in Vem’s car and is watched from the window by a shocked Sirin. She immediately runs to tell her father about it and says she will prove Bahar is bad too,

In the car Cem tells Bahar its a charity event. He gives her a handbag. She has to go inside alone find the person with the exact same handbag, swap them over and come outside.

Ceyda is still trying to find Emre to tell him about Arda. She goes to his house and eventually he arrives. She tells him about Arda doing the puzzles and getting the special education but Emre isn’t interested. He tells her that soon they will come and take Arda away from her, and their son will live with him. He gets the photo from the car and puts it in her hand.

Fazilet has finally opened the envelope. Inside is a picture of her jewellery and on the revers there is a note that tells her to be careful who she lets in her house. She frantically rummages through the drawer but only finds the empty box with the earrings and ring gone.

At the party Bahar is having trouble getting to the woman with the same bag. Finally she spots her and starts to make her way to her across the room. The woman turns round and Bahar sees its Kismet. Kismet is shocked and sees the bag Bahar has.

Another brilliant episode this week. I had a smile when Ceyda quizzed Fazilet about Raifs accident and wanted to know just what had been affected below the waist. And also when Fazilet told Raif what she had asked. He was quite happy about it.

Poor Ceyda but could Bahar use this with Kismet working for Gem in Ceyda’s favour. Getting Kismet to help with Arda? Maybe threatening to expose her working for Cem if she doesn’t stop helping Emre and help Ceyda instead?

Sirin is still just as much a liar and a trouble causer as she was before. However it was still nice to see Bahar get the upper hand and confront her about the attack.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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