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At the end of last weeks episode we saw that the girls had managed to retrieve ” The package ” from the nursing home. Delivering it to Cem he is shocked to see its his father. He questions his dad about the package which he says he has hidden until he decides what to do. Cem is nervous as he says if he doesn’t get the package he will be killed. Uncle wants to spend the night at Ceyda’s house and have a rest.

Arriving home Sirin appears from Arif’s flat as they all walk inside. She questions them and Ceyda says its her uncle but Sirin and Arif look suspicious. They ask Sirin why she was with Arif, she tells them they watched TV together. Actually Sirin forced her way in to wait for them all coming home.

The next morning Sirin waits for Arif to go to work. She is still putting questions in Arif’s head about what Bahar, Ceyda and Bersan are up to. She tells him about them selling the jewellery. He makes an excuse and leaves Sirin. He goes back home where he speaks with Bersan. He warns her not to get Bahar into any trouble. She asks him ” why aren’t you concerned about me?”, he says ” you aren’t Bahar” Bersan is upset by the remark and realises that he still loves Bahar.

Emre learns from Kismet that there were two boys also born the same day at the same hospital as Arda. He is determined to get his son back. He asks Arif if he will tell Ceyda what is happening. Arif realises that she may have to give up Arda. He agrees to tell her.

Uncle is making himself at home. After having a drink with Enver he tells Ceyda and Bersan he doesn’t want soup he wants Durum. Ceyda asks how he will eat it with no teeth, uncle pops his false teeth out to show them he has teeth. Ceyda goes to buy him some Durum and comes across Arif on the stairs. She confronts him about spending time with Sirin. He tells her nothing is going on between the, Ceyda tells him to tell Bahar that.

The next morning Bahar sees the kids onto the school bus. As it pulls away she sees Cem. He subtly reminds her that he can be a threat to her children. Bahar goes straight to Ceyda’s and asks Uncle Sadettin where the package is. We see that he had hidden it in the lining of a coat but he will not tell Bahar where it is. He also tells her not to worry Cem wouldn’t hurt women and children. Sadettin also tells her about Arif’s visit. When he said that he would kill anyone who hurts Bahar. She looks a little stunned.

As Bahar and Ceyda walk to Fazilet’s Enver stops them. He has made a new coat for Bahar ( I am so pleased that green coat I was fed up of seeing it! ) She is happy and gives him a big hug. He takes her old coat and says he will give that to someone in need. Now we realise that the package was sewn into Bahar’s old coat.

Arif tells Sirin that people are talking thinking they are together and he doesn’t want people to think that. As he walks away Sirin is happy that she is causing a stir. She goes back to Enver’s shop. She isnt happy when she learns he has made a new coat for Bahar when she has no coat at all. She snatches up Bahar’s old coat.and says she will wear that one.

As she walks to work she comes across three homeless guys. She stops and gives them money. Then she makes a deal with them. She says that she will walk the same way again tonight with her ex boyfriend following her. She wants them to attack her so that her boyfriend will help her. She tells them that they need to make it real. They agree and Sirin walks away, not seeing one of them has a knife.

That evening Sirin leaves work making sure that Arif is close behind. The boys approach her but as they do Arif goes a different way. The men attack her. Sirin is screaming for them to stop, they don’t until they realize that she is crying for real. They make her give them the money she promised before letting her go. She rips Bahars coat off leaving it in the gutter saying that the coat is cursed.

Sirin makes her way home. She bangs on the door crying. She tells Enver what has happened and he wants to call the police but Sirin wont let him. She also tells him that Bahat and Ceyda stopped Arif from walking her home that’s why it has happened. Enver goes to Bahar to get the first aid kit.

Raif has given Ceyda some puzzles for the children. He is reluctant at first as he says he keeps them like a collection. Ceyda tells him to take a photo of them so he can look at them all the time. Raif takes an photo of Ceyda instead. Ceyda sits with Arda and she does an easy puzzle for him. Nisan Doruk and Arda go to the bedroom to do puzzles but Nisan and Doruk are sleepy. Arda is left on the floor with a difficult 300 piece puzzle. He sits and stares at the image on the box and then starts to put the puzzle together.

Bahar and Ceyda go to see Sirin she accuses them of telling Arif not to walk with her. Bahar assures Enver that’s not true. She runs down to Sadettin and tells him that Cem’s men have attacked her sister. He tells her that the package is in her green coat. Bahar realises that Enver was going to give it to the needy. She runs to Envers flat and he tells her Sirin has it. Sirin tells her she threw it away on the floor as it was ripped. She tells Bahar where she threw it. Bahar rushes to get it and comes across Arif, he is concerned whats wrong she is in a hurry so he decides to go with her.

At home Nisan tries to tell Ceyda about Arda but she is too busy worried about Bahar and the coat. Nisan and Doruk sit on the bed astonished watching Arda complete the difficult puzzle. Again later they try to tell everyone but no one listens.

Arif and Bahar cant see the coat. Then the three men appear who attacked Sirin. One of them is wearing it. Arif tells Bahar he will deal with it. He gives the man 50TL but he doesn’t had over the coat. The man pulls a knife on Arif, Arif head butts him knocking him down. The other two also pull knives out and Bahar picks up a metal bar and runs at them attacking them. They run away. Bahar shouts at Arif she tells him she doesn’t want to lose him, she doesn’t want to lose someone else that she loves. Arif is stunned . They hug each eathor before getting the coat and going back home.

Near home Arif asks why she was desperate to get the coat. Thinking quickly Bahar tells him there was 100TL in the pocket but they took it. She also tells him about Sirin getting attacked. Arif gives her the 100 saying she must need it to be so panicked. However as they are entering the building Ceyda shouts asking if the package is still in the coat. Arif is suspicious he follows her upstairs and then makes Ceyda and Bahar talk.

Arif asks them whats happening. Ceyda tries to talk her way around it but Arif gets angry. He insists that they tell him what has been happening.

Also this week, Bahar starts to sit with Fazilet telling her about her story from meeting Sarp.

Kismet and Emre meet the parents of the two boys who could possibly be his son.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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