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This week starts as Bahar, Ceyda and Bersan are sat trying to work out where they will get the money to pay back Cem for the drugs that were burnt. Bersan says they need to steal the money, Bahar isnt happy especially when Ceyda says that she can steal some jewellery she has seen in Fazilets bedroom. Bahar is adamant that they cant do this, so Ceyda agrees but signals to Bersan that she will do this.

At Fazilet’s Ceyda attempts to take the jewellery but the first time she is distracted by Fazilet calling her. When Fazilet goes out Ceyda sneaks in the room in the secret compartment and takes the jewellery, as she turns Raif is sat there watching her.

She tells him everything about the drugs and them being threatened. Raif hands the jewellery back to Ceyda and tells her she hasnt stolen them he has gave them to her. She sends a picture of the jewellery to Bersan who’s friend says they will give them money of they are genuine. Ceyda is so happy, she grabs Raif and hugs him as Fazilet walks in the room. Quick thinking Ceyda says she is so happy as Raif has asked to go out. Raid quickly confirms this and asks Fazilet for something Ceyda can wear.

Doruk is ill. He has a bad stomach. He needs to drink plenty of water but it makes him worse so he gives the cat the water and also asks Nisan to drink it for him. Later Nisan realises that Doruk is delirious and mumbling things. Bahar takes him with Enver to the hospital. He is released after found to be dehydrated.

Ceyda and Raif enjoy there evening at the club where Ceyda used to sing. She gets on stage and sings. Raif is impressed, even more so when Ceyda tells him that she forgets that he cant walk. On the way home Raif kisses her in the car. Ceyda is shocked.

Returning home, Bahar sees Ceyda with the jewellery on and questions her, accusing of her stealing them. Ceyda explains about her evening with Raif and that he has given er the jewellery. Finally Ceyda believes her.

The next morning Bahar goes with Bersan to sel the jewellery. Sirin who has been very curious about what the three girls are doing together quickly follows them. They go to the jeweller in the Grand Bazaar. After some bartering they get the money they need. As they are leaving Bersan spots Sirin. They tell her that they are selling the Jewellry that Bersans husband gave her. Sirin isnt convinced.

Raif tells Fazilet that they kissed last night, Ceyda is embarrassed and says he is only doing it to make his mum mad.

Nisan saw Enver talking to himself thinking he was talking to Hatice. Nisan tells Bahar and she has a word with Enver. The next day he is talking to Hatice while making tea, he spins round thinking its Hatice when infact its Doruk. He spills the hot tea on Doruks arm.

Realising that this is now causing a problem Enver takes Hatice’s shoes to the train station. He says goodbye to her there and places the shoes in the door of the train and waves her off.

The girls meet with Cem. They give him the money but he tells them that’s not enough. To pay the rest of the debt they need to go and collect a package from the nursing home for him. The girls go and finally get into see the gentlemen who has the package. They search the room but the man tells them he is the package. They manage to smuggle him out and meet up with Cem.

As Cem turns around he is shocked to see the man standing there. Its his father, obviously its not the package he was expecting.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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