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Last week ended as Bahar and Ceyda were about to deliver the food when they were stopped by police raiding the premises. Quick thinking Ceyda tells them that they are delivering food to someone upstairs. The police watch as they go and knock on the door.

The door is opened by an elderly lady who after a few seconds ushers them in. The police are satisfied and leave. Inside the flat, the old lady obviously is confused and thinks Ceyda and Bahar are relatives. They stay there until the coast is clear, and leave the pots of food there too.

Outside it dawns on them both what is actually in the pots and what they have being doing, carrying drugs around. Ceyda wants to go back for the pots and give them to Bersan but Bahar says to leave them and Bersan can go get them. Meanwhile, Bersan meets with Cem, he is furious that they have been raided but luckily the drugs weren’t there. He wants the pots with the drugs in back and tells Bersan he will kill her if they rent returned.

At home Ceyda and Bahar bump into Arif and Sirin. Obviously Sirin breaks her neck to tell them Arif took her to dinner to cheer her up. Bahar is too worried about other things but Ceyda looks suspicious. Sirin pretends to go back in her flat but secretly listens to Ceyda and Bahar talking. She hears them say they could get in trouble with the police.

Ceyda goes into her flat and Bersan is waiting. She tells Ceyda that the pots need to be back at the car showroom by lunchtime the next day or they are in trouble. We realise now why they could never put the pots on the heat because of the drugs inside. However, we see the elderly lady get up in the night and light the gas under all three to make something to eat.

Kismet tells Emre about Arda not being Ceyda’s either and that there was probably was a mix up at the hospital. He goes to see her as she is leaving to get the pots. He won’t let her go so Bahar says she will go get the pots. Emre tells Ceyda that he will look for his child, she explains that they will take Arda away from her. He says she cant educate him anyway. Arda who has never shown any emotional feelings or interactions before throws a plastic box at Emre that hits him on the head. He then runs to Ceyda to give her a hug.

Bahar arrives at the flat to get the pots but it’s the old lady’s daughter who answers the door. Bahar turns to walk away when she runs into the helper. They try to catch Bahar but she cannot open the door. Bahar threatens the helper as she knows she is working there illegally. The helper tells Bahar they threw the pans outside. Bahar finds them in the communal bin.

We see that Cem has hacked off Bersan’s hair ( I’m probably not the only person who laughed at this ) and he tells her to get the pots back. Bahar goes to collect the kids from Enver but she sees Cem in his shop being measured for new shirts. She goes back home and she and Ceyda try to get Yusuf to bring Enver away. When he comes back he says the shop is closed and no one is there. Enver has also left his phone.

Enver has taken Cem for a coffee to Emre’s cafe. There Cem and Sirin meet for the first time. Sirin and Cem appear to like each other. Cem goes outside and calls Bersan. She tells him the pots are burnt and he says that they all must go to the park and a car will come to pick them up. If not something bad will happen to Enver and them.

The girls decide to go to the police. When they get there Bahar realises that they have pictures of her with the pots. They decide to go to the park. Cem arrives in a car and they get in. He drives them to a secluded wooded area. He tells them that they need to pay 4 instalments of 100,000TL.

At home, Enver Sirin and Arif are waiting not knowing where Bahar and Ceyda are. They arrive home all happy with a box and a cute kitten inside. Pretending this is where they had gone.

At the end of the episode, we see Kismet being shown two potential children born on the same day at the same hospital as Arda. One is rich and has the best of everything the other is very poor. We see then that the person sat with Kismet is Cem. They smile at each other.

So the first question must be how do Kismet and Cem know each other? Has everything that Kismet told Arif about being her brother a lie? Is she mixed up as well in the drug business? Does she do some other business with Cem?

Also this week a great scene when Bahar wants Doruk and Nisan collecting from home to go to school and a woman comes and tries to make out her to be poor and in an unpleasant dangerous area. Along comes one of the neighbours and pretends he knows her husband. So funny.

Obviously it looks like Ceyda will possibly take that expensive jewellery from Fazilet to pay the drug debt. I haven’t been too enamoured by Raif and Fazilet but Ceyda taking Arda to work with her it seems that Raif isn’t such a bad guy. Great scene when Ceyda tells both Fazilet and Raif how it is and stop arguing. Arda seems taken with Raif too, especially the wheelchair.

The ratings despite Sarp leaving have remained steady, So I do hope it’s not cut off early and we get enough episodes to give the series the ending it deserves. No mention at all about it ending as of yet.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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