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This week starts with Sirin fixated once again on someone for revenge. This time its poor Arif. After doing her sketch of him she applies her makeup and goes to work. There she makes Arif a coffee and apologises for turning the children against him. She offers her hand and asks to make peace Arif looks a little shocked and suspect but agrees.

Bersan arrives at Bahar’s with three large cooking pots. She gives her a list of foods to buy, the money for the ingredients and the recipes. Ceyda is at Fazilets working so Bahar has to do this trial on her own in a short amount of time. She manages to cook a soup and some stew transfers it to the new pots as directed and sets off to deliver them.

She arrives at an upper-class car salesroom. She is shown up two flights of stairs to see Cem. He is sat waiting for her. He is very cool and collected and a little weird. He tastes the stew and likes it. He tells her he doesnt usually pay for the trial but he gives her half the money. As she reaches for the money he holds on to it a little longer staring at her before he lets go. He tells her she will find out later if she has the job.

Ceyda lets Arif and Enver know that Emre isn’t Arda’s son. Enver asks Bahar and she confirms that he isn’t. Sirin is listening and hears this. She is excited and says that Ceyda was lying to Emre. Bahar tells her its nothing to do with her, but Sirin is happy.

Ceyda gets Raif to go outside he is really reluctant and doesnt want to go out, but Ceyda doesnt give up. She gets him out but there is a car blocking the way. Ceyda rips the wiper blades from the car in protest. Raid tells his mum he enjoyed going out. She is in shock.

Bersan arrives late at night to see Ceyda. She tells her that they have got the cooking job. Ceyda tells her she isn’t sure as Bahar thought it was something illegal. Bersan laughs and persuades Ceyda. She gives her money for the ingredients again and the list but this time they will need to collect the cooking pots first. The next day Ceya persuades a reluctant Bahar to keep the job as she has bills to pay. Bahar says they will only do it a couple of times.

The next day Bahar goes again to the car showroom and collects the pots, the money and also the address where to take the food. She delivers the food to a shady looking workshop where there are four men, They obviously are looking to see if anyone is watching before they let Bahar leave. As Bahar walks away we see that the location is under surveillance by someone as they take photographs of Bahar as she walks away.

Nisan is causing issues after listening to Sirin. She is aggressive towards her brother as he wanted to gift his drawing to Arif. Bahar tells her that it was an accident, Arif didn’t intend to hurt her father or grandmother, Nisan marches off followed by Doruk. She slams the door in his face hitting his nose. Nisan is upset. Sirin tells her it was an accident. Nisan says that what happened because of Arif was an accident too. Sirin once again convinces Nisan that Arif is the one who caused their deaths.

Ceyda confides in Arif about Arda not being her son. She asks him to call Kismet and ask her if she can look into this for her but not to tell anyone. Arif calls her, she agrees but Arif doesnt know that she is actually dating Emre.

Doruk arrives back from the hospital. Nisan runs to greet him and bumps into Arif who is leaving Ceyda’s. She apologises to him and gives him a hug. Sirin is not happy but tries to cover it. She goes into her room and gets the picture she drew of Arif and stabs the pencil into it in a frenzy.

At work, Sirin plays on Arif’s good nature and tells him she doesnt want to go home. He says they can go get something to eat together, which they do.

Bahar and Ceyda have cooked the food and go to the showroom for the pots. They fill them with the food and then go to the address they have been given. As they are about to knock on the door the police arrive after having a tip-off that there will be a delivery. The police are wanting to catch Cem. The police hold Bahar and Ceyda at gunpoint.

The episode ends as we see that Fazilet has started writing again. She starts with the title….KADIN.

I am now starting to get interested in the storyline again. Cem the new character obviously a shady guy. However, I’m not keen on Hatice keep showing as a ‘ghost ‘. Sirin is obviously playing Arif but he is too nice. Thankfully Nisan ignored Sirin’s lies and made peace with Arif.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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