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Last week ended where Enver was trapped in the house which had set alight. The firefighters arrive and take Enver to safety. He tells them that his wife is still inside. I was worried that by sending the firefighters back into to search for an imaginary Hatice they would be in danger. However, Enver came to his senses and said that there was nobody else in the house.

Enver and Sirin have to move in with Bahar and the kids. Sirin sees her fathers scorched and smoky clothes and she throws them away, leaving Enver nothing to wear but a woman’s top and a sheet wrapped around. Bahar tells him Sarp’s flat has 3 months rent paid upstairs an there are clothes for him too. Enver goes to get the keys from Arif. Yusuf tells him that Arif has them and he has gone away.

Ceyda is caring for Arda after her mum had a stroke. She wakes up ill and Bahar goes to Fazilet’s house to do Ceyda’s work. She is introduced to Raif and he wants to see her hands, but makes no comment about them. While Fazilet and Bahar are talking about how Bahar is feeling after the accident, Raif is sat at the door listening.

Bahar gets the idea to do another paternity test with Jale. They need a sample of Emre’s DNA so on the way to the hospital Bahar goes to the cafe. Seeing that there is a loose hair on Emre’s jacket she gives him a hug and thanks him for helping them out and sneaks the hair for the sample.

Arif gets back home after speaking with Emre about a job. On the way, his friend tells him that he cannot run the cafe now and gives the keys back to Aif. He knocks at Bahar’s door and Nisan opens it. She stares at Arif and then slams the door in his face. She won’t tell anyone why as Sirin had threatened both her and Doruk not to tell.

Enver gets the keys to Sarp’s flat and goes with Sirin to shower and get clothes. Sirin finds a bra down the side of Sarp’s bed and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion not knowing that Bahar was there. Ceyda tells Bahar that Sarp didn’t do anything wrong. Yusuf had been renting the flat out to the local prostitutes and their clients. Bahar goes mad and confronts Yusuf about using Sarp’s home.

Sirin comes downstairs wearing one of Sarp’s shirts obviously to wind Bahar up. Ceyda grabs her and knows exactly what she is up to. She shoves her to her flat. She finds some clothes she had from her ” fat days ” and tells Sirin to pick what she wants. Obviously they are Ceyda’s nightclubbing style and Sirin is horrified. Ceyda also realises that its probably Sirin that has told the kids Arif was in prison and that he killed Sarp and Hatice. Sirin denies it but Ceyda warns her.

Sirin gets a shock when she realises that Arif will now be her boss in Emre’s coffee shop. She isn’t happy and paddy’s like a two-year-old. Arif is unsure if this will work out with her. Enver arrives with Arda obviously he hasn’t been told that Emre thinks Ardaisnt his. Enver asks Emre to look after him. He awkwardly agrees. Arda holds Emre’s hand which comes as a surprise to him. Ceyda comes to collect Arda and is angry as Emre thinks she has done this on purpose bringing Arda to him. She slaps Emre as she is so angry. Sneaky Sirin thinks it’s great and hides her sniggering at them arguing.

Sirin and Enver go to their burnt-out home, they cannot salvage anything. Enver was hoping that they may find something of Hatice’s. A neighbour approaches. He is the local cobbler and brought back a pair of Hatice’s shoes that she wanted repairing. Enver is happy he has something of Hatice’s.

Bersan shows up at Ceyda’s house. She is dressed expensively and tells Ceyda she has a good job cooking and earns a lot of money. Of course, Ceyda asks her to try and get her and Bahar a job too. Bersan looks really shifty and says she will try. As she leaves she sees Arif sat outside the cafe. She gets into an expensive car and makes a call to someone telling them she has two more idiots to help them. Arif knows somethings wrong.

Jale arrives at Ceyda’s. Bahar is there too. Jale drops a huge bombshell. Not only is Emre not Arda’s father, but Ceyda also isn’t his mother. Ceyda is stunned and doesnt believe it. Jale explains that maybe the babies were switched at birth. Ceyda isn’t interested to find out about the other child. She is scared they will take Arda away from her. Bahar talks with her explaining things but she insists that she will keep Arda as hers and tell Emre he isn’t the father.

Arif surprises Enver. He has transformed his cafe to a tailor’s shop for him. Enver shouts everyone to look. They are all happy apart from Sirin. Nisan looks at Sirin and takes her hand and they go inside. Doruk asks if he can go to Arif’s for a sandwich. He tells Bahar and Arif that Nisan doesnt like Arif since their auntie told them not to. Bahar is furious. Doruk tells Arif he loves him very much and does Arif love Nisan, he says he does, Doruk asks him if he loves his mum, Arif gets such a sad look on his face and cannot answer.

Bahar confronts Sirin about telling Nisan and Doruk about Arif. Sirin is rude back to her when Nisan comes out of the bedroom. Sirin quickly scuttles away upstairs. Bahar tells Nisan that it was an accident but Nisan won’t listen she believes what Sirin is telling her.

Sirin is in her room and is having one of her mad moods. She starts drawing. This has happened before when she fixates on someone for good or bad. This time we see she is drawing Arif. Obviously she is out for revenge.

I was worried after Sarp died where the series might go. If it would keep me interested without that storyline. I can honestly say I am intrigued again as to what will happen. The storyline with Bersan is obviously something wrong or illegal so that will be interesting to watch.

I’m not convinced with the Fazilet and Raif storyline. These scenes are when I zone out and don’t take notice.

Sirin, although I could easily grab and shake her, it is making the storyline interesting to watch. She is so evil that it’s so good. Will she ever get caught for killing Sarp? I hope so.

I think the story with Ceyda, Emre and Arda could be good too. I’m sure it will go further. It all depends now on those ratings. If we could get this season completed to around May then that leaves lots of time to really flesh out these stories.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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