Welcome to the summary for episode 68.  

This weeks commences with Bahar and Fazilet sat in the hospital. We then jump forward in time 3 months.

Bahar, Enver, Nisan and Doruk have gone camping. Bahar is still upset over Sarp’s death. Enver speaks with her about visits from Hatice and he asks her if she too gets visits from Hatice or Sarp. Bahar says she does. Enver seems happy and relieved, but Bahar tells him in her dreams.

Arif has been in prison for a couple of months. He has now arrived back home. Ceyda is really pleased to see him. Arif however is still blaming himself for the accident ( it was technically his fault running a red light ). Arif has also gave the cafe to his friend for payment for the car he smashed in the accident.

Sirin is concerned about her father. She goes to see Jale and tells her that he is talking to someone who isnt there and Sirin thinks that its her mum. Jale says she will have a talk with Enver. Sirin also has a job now in the cafe working for Emre. However he treats her very business like.

Fazilet is back home and in pain with her back. She tries to struggle on as Ceyda no longer works there. Ceyda has a flash back remembering when Raif told her to find something of his mums to wear. Ceyda tried a hat on when her phone rang. It was Jale telling her that Sarp had died. She rushed out with the hat still on.

Ceyda takes the hat back to Fazilet. But before she goes she makes sure her nails are free from polish and clean. Arriving at the house she totally ignores Raif and his grumpy ways. Fazilet remembers they have met before in the hospita cafe over the glass of tea. Raif catches on to the fact that Ceyda irritates his mum. He tells Ceyda they need someone to help out still if she is interested. Fazilet is not happy. 

Bahar wakes up at the camp and remembers three months earlier when the doctor gave her the news that Sarp had died. She screamed. Arif saw her and went towards her he offered her his hand but she told him not to touch her. She asked Fazilet if she could have a hug. Arif was devastated. Bahar remembers Sarps funeral too.

Emre picks them up from the camp site. He mentions about Nisan and Doruk going to a private school next year and learning English. Both children look confused and Bahar changes the subject.  Arriving back home, Arif is there. The children have missed him and hug him. Bahar is very cool towards him.

Sirin has got her first months wage from the cafe and calls her Dad to tell him she is going to Bahar’s and buying cake for them. Enver is pleased, but as she hangs up the phone we see the nasty Sirin back again. She is up to something. 

Meanwhile Enver has been and bought lots of food to cook a meal for himself and Hatice. He sets the table with napkins, candles and goes to get dressed up all the time calling Hatice telling her what he is doing.

Sirin stays the night at Bahars. She sleeps with the children and tells them that their mum and grandad are lying to them. Arif hasnt been to his village he was arrested and been in prison. The accident was his fault and he killed both their grandma and father. Both the children are shocked, Sirin has a horribe smirk on her face. She makes the children promise that they wont say anything.

Ceyda gets a call that her mum has had a stroke. She is frantic and needs to go and collect Arda. She tries calling Emre but he doesnt answer. She goes to the cafe and finds him sat drinking. She tells him about her mum and they need to go collect Arda. Emre throughs a letter at her telling her that he has had a DNA test and that he isnt Arda’s father. He tells her to go get her son alone. Ceya is stunned as she walks away.

Enver has finished his meal and he rests his head on Hatice’s lap and falls to sleep. A napkin catches fire on the candle. The house goes up in flames. Enver wakes and frantically shouts for Hatice. He collapses in the kitchen with all the memories of their time in that house.

This episodes rating slightly improved from last week. It remains to be seen if the fans will stick with it now we know Sarp has died. I think Sirin’s storyline will now be the focus for a while about her getting what she feels is revenge. Such an evil ***** bringing the children into it. 

I am hoping now that Enver thinks Hatice has gone in the fire, I presume that the house is no longer part of the series and Enver and Sirin will move to Bahar’s neighbourhood. I hope that Arif in some way stops Sirin but I feel that he too may be pasrt of her evil twisted plans.

Ceyda bless her never has luck. However if we remember Emre got the hair sample from a hair brush, so really that could have been someone elses hair. I think Emre is his father, Ceyda wouldnt have lied.

You can watch the episodes live every Tuesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on Fox Turkiye.

Written By – Rachel Labidi




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