Welcome to the summary for episode 67.  

Last week we left it where both Arif and Piril were looking into the room where Sarp and Bahar lay together sleeping… Arif walks away with a look of resignation on his face.

Enver and Sirin get visitors. Two ladies from the neighbourhood bring food and pay there respects. However one flirts with Enver while the other is interested in Hatice’s clothes. After they leave Sirin goes crazy shouting in the road, Enver is mortifyed and grabs Sirin but stops when he sees a vision of Hatice looking at him disapprovingly.

Ceyda has a run in at the hospital cafe with Fazilet over a glass for her tea. Fazilet insists she has a glass and Ceyda took the last one. In her usual Ceyda style she marches to the sink washes the gass and prepares Fazilet a tea.

The children go to visit Sarp and Bahar. Ceyda notices that Sarp looks pale. After a while visiting Jale says she will take Nisan and Doruk with her for a while. The children say goodbye and then Doruk goes back to his dad and says goodbye and kisses his hand, Misan then does the same. Sarp tells the children goodbye and not to forget that he loves them both. Nisan and Doruk go out of the door, turn and wave goodbye.

Jale gets Ceyda an interview to be Raif’s carer. Ceyda arrives at the house and Raif once again is rude and obnoxious, he wants to see her hands, she shows him her hands with the nail polish chipped but before he has time to comment she slips passed him into te house and starts to clean up. She tells him she will stay until his mum gets out of hospital then his mum can fire her. Ceyda as yet doesnt know his mum is Fazilet the tea lady from earier.

Kismet has told Sarp and Bahar that Arif ran a red light causing the accident, she says that if they dont file a complaint then Arif wont be charged. She also tells them that Piril’s father has died. Sarp calls Piril but she is very offhand. She is leaving to go abroad with the twins. Arif hearing that Kismet has asked them not to file a compliaint goes to Sarp and Bahar and tells them if they file a complaint it would be better. Sarp replies he doesnt want to do anything for Arif. Arif is deavastated he really wants to be punished for what he did.

Enver and Sirin visit Bahar and Sarp. Bahar tells Sirin the best thing they could doin their mums memory is to be sisiters and Sirin be an aunt to Nisan and Doruk. Sirin hugs her but all the time loks at Sarp with that evil face,. The nurse enters the room to change Sarp’s IV fluid. Sirin is watching her. As Enver and Bahar are leaving Sirin goes and sits at the side of Sarp telling him she is sorry for ruining his life and from now one she will be good. Sarp for the sake of Bahar says Inshallah ( with Gods will ). Sirin secretly tampers with the flowrate of the IV line.

Meanwhile poor Ceyda is cooking lunch for Raif, with the ingredients there is she manages to make pasta and meatball plus salad. Raid complains about it all, you can tell Ceyda is ready to slap him. She calmly removes the plate.

Bahar returns to the room after visiting Fazilet to thank her for not pressing charges. She tells Fazilet that she is an admirerof her books. Sarp wants to tell eachother dreams that they have about the future.

Sarp dreams of him, Bahar and the children going camping, leaning the children about outdoors, while Bahar who hates the idea is being chased by a wasp.

Bahar dreams that they are all together on the beach, with Nisan, Doruk and the twins having fun. 

Bahar tells Sarp to sleep he looks tired, he says they still have a million dreams…

A while later Bahar is still recounting her dram when she notices that Sarp has fallen asleep. She kisses him but realises something isnt right. She tries to rouse him and panics calling for help. The doctor starts CPR and they take Sarp from the room. Bahar runs after the bed, screaming his name.

Bahar sits and waits for news and is joined by Fazilet. Bahars emotions are obviously all over theplace. She is sad, upset she wants to take her own life too but remembers the children. She gets angry at Sarp for leaving her, she gets angry at Nisan and Doruk as she cannot do anything infront of them incase she upsets them. Fazilet tells her there is always hope, as the doctor comes to Bahar to give her news…

Wow what an episode, probably one of the best Ive seen in this series. Ozge’s scene sat at the end waiting for news was outstanding acting. The range of emotions she expressed, and whats even more unbelievable is that it was an 8 minute scene that was all done in one take! Fantastic acting.

Also when Seray Kaya ( Sirin ) gets her next role. Even if she plays the most loving angel I will still expect her to be evil. The acting she can do to appear sweet to her family but at the same time you can see that evil intent. Thats a great actress.

Dispite all the sad storylines and it looks like Caner is leaving after a recent tweet he posted I will still be watching ( mainly as I have to do the reviews haha ) Obviously Sirin looks like she is responsible for killing Sarp so Im curious how that will work out. Also the storyline of Ceyda being the carer for Raif. I think those two personalities will give us some great scenes.

Having said all that will Caner leaving the show lose fans and the ratings take a dive? 


You can watch the episodes live every Tuesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on Fox Turkiye.

Written By – Rachel Labidi




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