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It was obvious from last week that this episode was going to be a very emotional one…

The episode starts once again with Bahar stood onstage recounting her journey.

We see how Enver visited Hatice and she told him to look after Sirin and not to be mad at her. Sirin, when seeing Jale runnin to intensive care fears something me be wrong with her mum. She remembers back to Nisan and Doruk, everytime they did something good then their mother got better, and how she had bragged to them that her mum was ok and she didnt need to do anything good. Realising this she rushes to Bahars room.

Entering her room a long hurried confession blurts out. How she chased Sarp, how he pushed her away saying he only loved Bahar, she begs Bahar to forgive her so her mum will be ok. Bahar not even knowing anything about the accident is confused and thinks she is ill again.

Enver enters the room and over the pleadings of Sirin explains to Bahar about the accident but everyone is ok. Still begging her Bahar says she forgives Sirin. At that moment a very uset Jale comes in the room, she tells them that they have lost Hatice.

Sirin is distraught, Enver leaves the room and sits outside, just stunned watching people walking past. As he turns he finds Hatice sat beside him. He is so happy she is alive, he rushes to show Sirin but when he turns Hatice isnt there.

The children are visiting Arif with Ceyda when Sirin bursts into the room and starts attacking him, telling him that he murdered her mum. Nisan understands whats happened but little Doruk says Mums dont die. Jale takes the kids to talk with them. Ceyda takes Sirin to Bahar’s room. She curls up on the bed next to Bahar.

Arif is devastated. He blames himself for Hatice’s death, and tells his sister that he is lleaving the hospital he deserves to go to prison. Outside the room the police wont take him as he needs to be medically discharged by a doctor.

In a flash back we see Enver talking to Hatice, she asks him to look after Sirin, to be good with her, but despite her asking him to promise her Enver never actually says that he promises. ( thank goodness )

Fazlit calls her son, Raif, he is on his own at home and isnt happy. He has no one to look after him and he has a real temper…. a match here for Sirin I think! His mum promises she will get someone there to help him and asks Jale to arrange it. Leaving her room for some exercise, Fazilet sees Enver, Ceyda and the children sat on the corridor, she tells them she is sorry for their loss.

Sarp is restless and really wants to see Bahar. Jale tells him he is well enough to move to a regular ward but she thinks later when everyone has left would be better. Jale sends the family to the cafe and tells them to go home and rest for the night.

Down in the cafe little Doruk tells Enver not to be sad that Hatice is always there in his heart. He also tries to comfort Sirin by asking of her mum promised never to leave her. Sirin explodes at him ad tells him not to be stupid all people die not just because they promise not to. She turns to Nisan and says do you think your dad wont die?? ( this is not good I hope we arent preparing for Sarp leaving )  She leaves to go outside with Cihan, and as she leaves she is shouting calling the children stupid.

Raif hears a knock at the door and find the new carer Jale sent. He wont let her in. He asks to see her hands, she shows him , he looks and tells her to go away, shutting the door in her face.

Piril is at her fathers funeral she has been trying to get in contact with Sarp. Bahar calls her. Bahar tells her Sarp was in an accident, hes in intensive care but ok. Piril wants to know where but Bahar tells her there is no point and says she will call her when hes out.

Sirin and Enver arrive home but they find it hard to enter the house. They take a walk and remember all the things Hatice used to say to them. Telling them both to get alog together and look after eachother.

On the way home Ceyda, Cihan and the children stop at a funfair to help the children feel better. As they get home Cihan says he will stay the night. Ceyda sees Arda’s hairbrush and Cihan hides it, obviously take take a hair sample for DNA as he wants Arda to live in Istanbul where there is better medical treatment for him, but they know Ceyda’smum will never give Arda up.

Bahar visits Arif in his room. He tells her he is sorry for what he has done. She tells him it was an accident. Arif says that he has seen the files and apparently he ran through a red light. He tells her not to forgive him as that is the punishment he deserves. Bahar expressionless stands to leave. He tells her he is praying that Sarp will be ok as he doesnt want to be the murderer of Nisan and Doruks father. Bahar replies that Sarp is fine.

As she return back to her room she discovers Sarp there. They are pleased to see eachother, they hold hands and she asks him to forgive her for being angry with him when he returned. She wants them to be together again.

Enver is having a hard time losing Hatice. He sees her at night and she makes him promise that he will look after Sirin, he really doesnt want to promise as he knows what Sirin is like. Finally he says he promises to look after Sirin no matter what. Hatice disappears leaving Enver looking for her.

Piril arrives at the hospital as she walks in thr room she sees the beds pushed together and Bahar and Sarp laid sleeping side by side holding hands. Arif is passing and asks Sirpil what she is looking at, he steps forward and also sees them together, he looks devastated.

You can watch the episodes live every Tuesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on Fox Turkiye.

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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